60 Best Watercolor Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

As any other domain in the art industry, tattoos also know periods where certain things are in fashion and certain things are not. While some types of tattoos will forever be popular choices, like skulls, snakes, birds or characters in a foreign language (Chinese, Japanese and Arabic being the most popular), there will always be some people who will want something different and special. Watercolor tattoos are a new choice that has proven very popular among some categories of people in recent times, due to reasons which we will detail below.

First things first, we have to state that watercolor tattoos are certainly not for everyone. These tattoos look vivid and lively, are full of color and most of them appear joyful and happy. People do seem to have a resilience to draw something permanent on their body with that much color. There are some artists who do use the watercolor techniques which don’t abuse colors, but colored pieces are the most popular ones. A common misconception is the fact that these tattoos are somehow created differently than normal ones – they are not. Artists use the same technique, ingredients and tools.

The subjects depicted in the tattoos are also different from those one normally finds. If you browse the internet for watercolor tattoos, you will find a lot of them depicting nature scenes, animals, fantastic creatures, artistic drawings, astronomy and symbolism. These are all subject which are very well portrayed by vivid, strong colors and immediately catch the eye. The entire point behind these tattoos is that they are different, artsy and powerful. There would be no use in trying to use this technique to draw language symbols or quotes – it just doesn’t work. And it doesn’t have to.

One of the most common questions people ask about watercolor tattoos is how long will they last. Due to the colors used, they might seem like they disappear fairly quickly. Rest assured, they do not. A simple black tattoo will outlive them, but will only do so down the road – maybe 20, 25 or 30 years down the road. We’ve seen watercolor tattoos which are 5 to 10 years old and look great, with no need to a retouch. Speaking of retouches, they are not complicated to execute and behave exactly like normal retouches.

The main reason people seem to favor these tattoos is because they give the artist and the customer a new dimension to focus on : color. For usual tattoos, you usually produce effects through shading some parts and highlighting others. Color adds new depth to an art piece and can produce outstanding results. There are numerous tattoo blogs on the internet which show exactly what great works artists can create and execute on people’s bodies.

To sum up, watercolor tattoos are not that different from regular tattoos. They are designed to appeal to different groups of people, and the final works of art look different from what we’re used to seeing from tattoos. Nevertheless, the works of art created and tattooed are nothing short of spectacular and can really bring to life awe-inspiring creations. This type of tattoo can be just what you were looking for and never knew where to find it. Now you know how to create and epic design with an epic story, and live with it forever.

Cool rose tattoo on girl’s back


This cool watercolor tattoo of a rose flower is the best watercolor tattoo that anyone can have on their backs. The tattoo makes use of various colors around the rose such as pink which give the tattoo an authentic look.

Sexy watercolor tattoo on lady’s back


This simple yet sexy tattoo of simple art depiction is an ideal watercolor tattoo for anyone who wants something sexy on their backs. The tattoo depicts a stalk that is all black while it is surrounded by various shades of purple and pink around it.

Awesome bird tattoo on a guy’s upper arm


This is the ultimate watercolor tattoo for anyone who wants an awesome tattoo on their upper arm. The tattoo depicts a bird which is flying with its wings spread open. The use of watercolors has been applied on the bird’s wings which various shades of blue have been applied.

Cool watercolor tattoo on a guy’s lower arm


This is a detailed watercolor tattoo which is best suited for individuals with an interest in dancing. The tattoo is of a female ballet dancer. The dancer appears to be dancing happily. The dancer’s background has a blue color.

Sexy Music notes tattoos on girl’s wrist


This is a tattoo which is simple yet sexy. The tattoo is of a simple music notes tattoo on a lady’s wrist complete with music bars. The use of watercolors have been used to color part of the music bars. The music not drawn is a G-clef.

Awesome watercolor tattoo of a bird on a guy’s arm


This watercolor tattoo detailed with the use of different shades of colors to show different aspects of the tattoo. The tattoo is of a colorful bird that has perched on a branch. Below the bird are two stars drawn with no color or details attached to them

Awesome tattoo of a skull on a lady’s back


This is an awesome tattoo that best suits an individual who wants something with a bit of some darkness to it, tattooed on their back. The tattoo is of a skull with a rose flower attached on the skull’s side. The rose flower is splash or red color while the leaves underneath it are green in color.

Sexy flower tattoo on a girl’s back


This sexy watercolor flower tattoo depicts a simple flower on the back of girl. The flower has simple pinkish petals while its stalks are a splash of grey.

Watercolor tattoo of a paw on a girl’s shoulder


This is a simple watercolor tattoo is of an animal’s paw tattooed on girls shoulder. The paw has taken the various colors and seem to resemble all rainbow color on the animal’s footprint.

Awesome rose tattoo on a girls back


This is the ultimate tattoo idea for individuals who want something sexy on their back. The tattoo depicts a red rose flower that is attached to a green stalk. A splash of a mixture of pink and blue colors seem to be surrounding the rose flower.

Cool watercolor tattoo on guy’s arm


This is one of the best watercolor tattoos that any guy would want to have drawn on their arms. The tattoo depicts a girl holding an umbrella with rain falling all around the girl. The color that has been mostly used is a light shade of blue while a bit of some green has also been used.

Colorful paper bird tattoo on guys arm


This is the perfect watercolor tattoo design for anyone who wants something unique on their arms. The tattoo depicts two paper birds splashed with various watercolors flying towards in the same direction.

Colorful snail watercolor tattoo


This is the ultimate watercolor tattoo design that any lady who wants something unique on their backs should adopt. The tattoo depicts a very colorful snail that appears to be holding a bluish umbrella. There appears to be insects and some leaves that appear to flying about the snail. Various colors have been employed to give the tattoo a very colorful look.

Awesome watercolor tattoo on guy’s wrist


This is probably one of the best watercolor tattoos that is best suited for an individual who wants something that speaks the language of love on their arms. This tattoo depicts the word “love” written in such a way that the letter ‘L’ and ‘O’ are placed above letter ‘V’ and ‘E’. Each of these letters has their own unique watercolor. A black key has been drawn between these two sets of letters.

Cool watercolor tattoos on girl’s chest


This is one of the best watercolor tattoo that is most suitable for anyone who wants something that appreciates their love for lots of colors. The tattoo makes it seem like a paint artist was trying out several colors on a test canvas. Various colors have been used in this case.

Fox tattoo on girl’s back


This is a watercolor tattoo that does not use a host of watercolors, but instead concentrates on three colors only. The tattoo is of a fox which appears to be splashed in an orange color. A few parts of the fox have a hint of black and blue to give the fox an exquisite watercolor look.

Awesome watercolor tattoo on girls back


This is one of the best watercolor tattoo ideas that one can adopt to place on their backs. The tattoo is a flower whose pollen seeds are being blown away by the wind. Watercolors are employed here by the use of a mixture of light blue and pink to show the winds action and direction.

Circular watercolor tattoo on guy’s arm


This is one of the simplest watercolor tattoo ideas that one can decide to use on their arms. The tattoo is a simple circle drawn close to the upper arm that can easily be concealed using a long sleeved shirt. The tattoo has employed the used of various colors overlapping each other to show how when they mix different colors are created.

Cute watercolor tattoo on a lady’s shoulder


This is probably one of those watercolor tattoos ideas that would best be placed on a shoulder. The tattoo makes use various water colors to give it an authentic look. The tattoo depicts some colors that appear to circling around the shoulder.

Awesome tattoo of the world map on a guy’s feet


Of all watercolor tattoos ideas that one could possibly get, this is probably the most creative one. The tattoo employs the use of watercolors to show the map on the world in such a way that the nap starts on one foot and extends to other foot. By placing both feet together, one can view the whole map of the world.

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