Flower tattoo ideas

60 Best Flower Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Tattoos are now seen as an artwork and a form of personal expression. The flower tattoo is becoming increasingly popular these days. The color, design, locations and size are being chosen to reflect a variety of personal meanings, depending on where they are being inked. This tattoo is being innovatively designed to reflect the meaning or location on the body. Flowers have been used historically in several ways to visually express love, friendship, gratitude and remembrance. Flowers usually have a feminine taste of representation, possibly one of the major reasons why they are being chosen for inking. However, it should also be noted that a lot of men go with flower designs as well with rose and cherry blossom as being one of their top choices.

Flower tattoo ideas

Flower Tattoo Symbolism

Various flowers and colors will symbolize different things. Red flower symbolize a burning passion, while white flower design symbolizes purity. Yellow flower can stand for jealousy while violet rose can mean someone who is shy and timid. There are several different colors and design available, giving plenty of meaning to those who desires flowers tattoos.

Here are some of the most common flower tattoos designs:

Rose Tattoos

Roses are the most common flower design for tattoos and have been tagged as symbols of love and passion. Roses are known for the endless beauty and love that they represent. A red rose shows true love, a pink rose represent elegance and grace. A peach rose represent friendship, and a coral rose reflects desires. A yellow rose is used as a symbol of friendship and devotion. A purple rose represents love at first sight, while an orange rose shows fascination and excitement. A white rose represents innocence and purity and a blue rose is a symbol of fascination and impossibility.

Lotus Tattoos

The Lotus flower is another common flower design for tattoos especially with women and it stands for absolute truth and purity. They are also known to symbolize beauty, peace, fortune and goodness. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the lotus flower is considered to be a symbol of the awakening of the spiritual reality of life.

Lilly Tattoos

Lilly tattoos are a symbol of partnership. The lily usually represents a long lasting relationship. It’s also a symbolic of mothers. The ancient Greece believed that the lily flower sprang from the milk of Hera (Hera is the Queen of the Gods). For that reasons the lily flower was believed to symbolize the Divine Feminine.

Hibiscus Tattoos

The hibiscus which is the state flower of Hawaii is another flower design for tattoos. The hibiscus is a symbol of beauty and it’s believed that a gift of hibiscus might mean “seize the opportunity”. In Japanese culture the hibiscus flower means gentle.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Cherry blossom is one of the most fragile flowers and is thought of as a symbol of feminine strength and love. It can also represent a fleeting moment in one’s life with its petals blossoming only for a few days. The Japanese people see this flower as a metaphor for life which represents their own mortality.

Flowers with their natural beauty will always be an interesting tattoo designs. They can be inked small or large and as bold as you wish them to be.

Gather All The Flowers


Here we have a flower tattoo that features a generous bouquet of various flowers. They have different shades and sizes, just perfect to create an unique arrangement that looks great not only in a vase, but also on one’s skin.

Violet Rules The Game


Despite the fact that the bigger flowers have a lighter color, the violet ones are the key attraction of this flower tattoo idea. The dark violet of the small flowers along with the pinkish buds steal the show and frame the big ones nicely.

A Simple One For Me


There is no need to brainstorm for highly sophisticated flower tattoo ideas if what you really want is a simple and delicate one. This piece is easy to draw and to tattoo, so it is a wise choice if you are a rookie when it comes to tattoos.

Plain and Simple


Unlike most other tattoos of this kind, these flowers are colorless. Still, thanks to the talent of the artist they look beautiful on the skin. The details are smoothly captured, while keeping in mind the original shapes and sizes. It is a good choice if you like all flowers.

An Unusual Bouquet


This bouquet looks spectacular and will impress any lady, irrespective of her preferences in terms of flowers. It is so flawlessly created that you can’t help admiring it. If you want to combine natural beauty with art, this is a great pick that will astonish anyone who looks at it.

Flowers in Bloom


Tattoos ideas featuring flowers don’t necessarily have to be very girly and colorful. This one is adequate for a bad girl who enjoys having lots of tattoos and go for feminine designs without looking too girly. The sharp edges are smoothly softened by the warm shades.

Lavender’s Perfume


When you want to get a flower tattoo that is discreet and includes natural colors, you can’t go wrong with this one. It is ideal for women who like tattoos but don’t want to get anything flamboyant. The lavender suits well a delicate soul with a bit of a rebellious attitude.

The Bird and The Flowers


This is a tattoo that involves quite many hours, but it will all be worth it when you will see the final result. It extends over half of the back and nearly half of your arm. The shades are pale and soften it gently.

Flowers Aren’t Always What They Seem To Be


Some tattoos ideas totally depend on imagination. This is a great example as only an artist could have thought about this combination of fine lines that elongates the back and makes it look classy. It is suitable for women who aim to be interesting for the ones around them.

Intense Blue Flowers


If blue is your favorite color and you like flowers, this is one of the best flower tattoos you could get. The various shades of electrifying blue that blend with one another are a real delight for fans of this color. You can combine two of your interests.

Lots Of Petals


This flower tattoo design is all about petals. The flowers are abundant in thick petals and the whole tattoo looks rich in details. It lacks colors and it has an appearance as it belongs to a black and white movie, but this doesn’t mean that it lacks charm.

Small Flower


If you want to get a nice tattoo, you can always go for something simple, especially if you are not very familiar with the tattooing experience yet. This small flower is a good start. It won’t be inconvenient in any circumstance either so you don’t have to worry about that.

Flowers and Shapes


Not all tattoos for women have to be very lady-like. Some of them can push the limits a bit and be creative. This one has an interesting twist due to the bold black petals and the multitude of grey details. It is a perfect one for bad girls.

Half Of Arm Full Of Roses


Sometimes flower tattoos can look as if they were directly painted on your skin using watercolors instead of ink. Many women appreciate that soft and smooth look. This example illustrates this concept really well. The beauty of the colors is only matched by the great design.

Rose In A Girly Frame


Colorful tattoos tend to look more vivid and realistic. So it is incredible how a rose created only out of grey shades can be so beautiful. The asymmetrical detailed frame only enhances its glamour so the artist couldn’t have picked better the addition.

Dew Drops On My Rose


Here is a flower tattoos idea that makes you think of love, relaxing mornings and nature. The tiny dew drops that were gently added to this stunning rose improve its appeal so much as if they were real drops on your skin. This design is a keeper.

A Rose Across My Back


When women pick a flower tattoo design, they would usually rather go for a larger one than for a longer design. But this girl chose to have a rose across nearly her whole spine. The lack of thorns makes it a delicate flower like any other.

Big Yellow Rose


This flower tattoos idea symbolizes the endless cycle of life. One rose is in full bloom, while the other is just a bud. The leaves are green, so they will sustain the new rose when it will be ready to blossom. Apart from that, it looks gorgeous on the arm.

The Roses and The Cup


Such an artistic type of body art takes you to an elegant English house owned by noblemen, where tea is served in exquisite cups and fresh roses fill the room. It is a good option for women who prefer vintage or retro fashion.

Four Black Roses and A Skull


This is one of the flower tattoo ideas for women with attitude. It suits a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and doesn’t shy away from a challenge. She is delicate, yet she can have a bad side that you don’t want to mess with.

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