Foot tattoo ideas

60 Best Foot Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Foot tattoos are gaining popularity day by day. The trends are especially popular among girls and women as due to the colorful nature and striking appearance of these tattoos. The smooth feet of women provide a perfect surface for the tattoo and any design stands out in a unique manner.

Foot tattoo ideas

What a Foot Tattoos Represents?

The tattoos on the feet represent beauty and look very cute if maintained properly. Foot tattoo designs can be colorful for women in the form of flowers, butterflies, quotes etc. The designs may also be subtle and dark but it is generally preferred less. Getting a tattoo on feet may be inspired through different ways:

Getting a tattoo on foot causes some intense pain. Getting inked at a place with bones underneath is pretty painful as the needle digs into your bone. The region of the foot consists of various nerve endings and also has very less tissues to cushion the damage. People often get their feet tattooed to show their dedication for art.

A tattoo on the foot is very easy to conceal. Even if you are working at a job where inking is not allowed, your tattoo won’t create any problems. Women love foot tattoos due to their discreetness.

A tattooed foot quickly grabs attention. A nice tattoo on foot can be easily used by people to gain spotlight during parties. These tattoos can be easily used to show off beauty or femininity.

These tattoos are quite small in size. This relates to two things, firstly you won’t be too much disappointed even if the tattoo goes a bit wrong. Secondly, a small tattoo requires very less budget so girls with limited funds can live their dream of getting inked pretty easily.

What Are the Most Used Foot Tattoo Motives?

Flowers are often used by people in these tattoos as they represent joy and are quite easy to draw. Flowers can be drawn in various shapes and sizes; they can also be filled with a plethora of colors to make them look more beautiful. People can also choose butterflies to symbolize a new start in their life and stars for indicating destiny. Random floral designs or tribal art can also be included for getting attractive looks from the tattoo. Quotations used in tattoos are generally self-explanatory and also a symbol of simplicity. You can also get your tattoo design to be uniquely customized by experts. There are various professionals offering tattoo design services for creating the perfect tattoo according to you.

People should try getting a tattoo on the upper side of their feet rather than the sides or edges. The upper portion of the foot can be easily isolated. Tattoos may fade with time and rubbing effects. Using a lotion constantly helps the tattoos to retain their colors for longer. Be prepared to fight off infections at all times as feet are often in contact with dirt and germs. The healing period for a tattoo in this area is also greater than normal so no shoes until the tattoo heals properly.

Go get yourself the perfect tattoo to represent you. Just remember to maintain and upkeep the tattoo regularly and you are ready to flaunt your beauty to the world.

Check Out The Best Foot Tattoos

Beautiful Flora Drawings on a Woman’s Feet


The striking flora drawings make this foot tattoo idea solely for beauty purposes. Although the design of the drawings on the right foot (a budding flower) is completely different from that on the left foot (a leaf shooting from a twig), the main purpose of enhancing beauty is highly achieved by this foot tattoo idea.

An Arrow on a Foot


A rather manly tattoo with an arrow shooting from the heel towards the toes sends out a strong message of beauty mixed with a bit of sturdiness in this foot tattoo design. It is a clear show of beauty and the beast blended together to form an amazing stunner!

Writings on Foot


A beautifully crafted written message with a feminine touch is illustrated by this foot tattoo in a splendid way. The barbwire-like design encircling the foot just above the ankle gives this tattoo a striking appearance that makes it even much more beautiful.

A Chandelier on a Foot


This foot tattoo defies the odds by allowing the wearer to mount a chandelier on the face of her foot. The decoration is superbly warm and full of beauty. It is a simple foot tattoo design that speaks powerfully of the sense of daintiness the wearer possesses.

Powerful Message for All


Two doves and inscribed words stating, “Not all those who wander are lost” is a clear statement that the tattoo wearer is getting a lot of inspiration from the design. The positioning of the message also shows that the message is not only for the tattoo wearer but for everyone who sees and reads it.

Flowery Foot


A delightfully designed floral tattoo on foot that covers most of the foot’s forefront is a bold statement of grandeur beauty. Although this foot tattoo looks feminine, it is actually something that both sexes can find attractive.

He Walks With Me


A religious foot tattoo with the Lord’s cross and a “He walks with me…” message inscribed on the foot tells a lot about the strong faith the wearer of the tattoo is. Most foot tattoos ideas with a religious touch have a kind of matchless inspirational force that many other designs do not provide.

A Rose on Foot


A gallant rose rising from the foot upwards to your leg is a bold statement of love aspirations. Although not colored, the grey rose flower stills passes on a strong message to the viewer about love story.

Looking for Direction?


Beautify your feet with enchanting images of ancient compass scopes that broadly cover the forefront of your feet. These manly foot tattoos have telepathic values to some wearers who feel usually complain of not feeling whole when they cover the tattoo designs in shoes.

One Half for the Other


An amazing foot tattoo design of a sunflower decoration on the underside part of the feet is uniquely great. The two decorations make the sunflower drawing only complete when the two feet are joined together. Foot tattoos designed on the underside of the feet always produce a special effect.

I Love you too Kid


Show love for the young ones by inscribing this special image of young girl throwing an inflated love-shaped balloon in the air. The tattoo covers both feet with the kid on one side and the balloon with a visible string on the other.

The Cat Woman


Colorful images of cat heads on both feet are a strong beauty statement that you should try out. This tattoo, although looking a bit scary, is very compelling and can work well for anyone seeking attention. The mixture of colors and decorations is also superb in this foot tattoo.

Fishing Big


A beautiful decoration of the dolphin, or is it a shark, diving deep into the waters on both feet is attractive and provides a strong message of artistic value. The design and idea behind the decoration in this foot tattoo makes it uniquely awesome for a broad range of users.

The Bats are Here


Attractive sketches of bats on the right foot with the real drawings of colorful bats on the left foot are a superb combination for anyone in need of unique foot tattoo ideas. This beautiful tattoo with numerous bats flying towards the back of your foot makes admirers want to know the exact place the bats are going!

Compassionate Love Message


A lovely tattoo with a clear message saying, “The heart sees what’s invisible to the eye” sends out an important communication to thousands of your admirers. It is also very inspirational and can help you move on after a major heartbreak.

Let’s Get Playful my Kid


This is a colorful foot tattoo with a strong message for kids. The images are surely set to provide some unforgettable memories to your family in the future. In addition, this foot tattoo idea shows how much you value your kids and family in general.

Blossoming Flowers


Floral tattoos have great impression when decorated on feet. This is especially true when the images cover a broad section of the feet’s forefront leaving only a small space just like these two blossoming flowers do in this foot tattoo. The aesthetic value of these colorful flowers adds a lot to the wearer’s beauty.

Don’t Break the Conversation


This colorful tattoo sends out a strong message on the need of communication at home especially in marriages, at work and in everything we do. The two people trying to reach one another can be separated further if the feet are set apart. However, when the tattoo wearer brings the feet together, there is a successful connection on the link cable.

The jungle Woman


This colorful tattoo with two beautifully decorated animals on both sides of the feet indicates a love for animal on the tattoo wearer’s side. The images also show boldness to a rather fragile feminine stance. This foot tattoo idea therefore uniquely serves multiple purposes depending on how you look at it.

A Rose Flower for You


The beautifully decorated flower rising from the face of the foot upwards to the main leg makes this tattoo very attractive to the naked eye. The floral drawings mixed with the tattoo size are just amazingly beautiful for any woman.

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