60 Best Chest Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Tattoos are one of the best ways to express yourself, and many people consider the chest to be the best place to get a tattoo. This is certainly a popular area and there are many varieties of chest tattoo designs. Both men and women choosing to have chest tattoos has grown in the past few years. Why exactly have they become more popular? There are a few primary reasons why you might want to have this done.

Chest tattoos

Chest Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

The chest is actually the most important part of your body because it’s close to your heart. When you choose to ink your chest, you’re showing your dedication. Additionally, if you’ve ever had this type of tattoo, you probably know that it’s very painful to have the tattoo applied. Going through the process shows your dedication even more. For men, they may also choose chest tattoos since it offers a large area.

Both men and women like to choose tattoos that have deep meaning, especially since the tattoo will be placed over their heart. Popular choices for this area are portraits of their children, family member, or close friends. Others may choose to display a symbol of their cultural history. While all tattoos have meaning, choosing to place them on your chest means that you want to carry them close to your heart as a constant reminder.

Hidden Representation

While a tattoo does not have to be hidden away from the public eye, you may also choose this area to keep your artwork private. A tattoo placed on your arm or leg may be seen depending on the clothing you wear. However, having it placed on your chest means that it likely will not be seen unless you choose to show someone. For some, having this hidden representation is an important aspect of their tattoo. You may not want to display your tattoo to everyone you meet, but you still know that it’s always present.

Most Common Location and Size for Chest Tattoos

Other important aspects to consider are the exact placement of the tattoo and its size. Depending on your choice of tattoos, you may want it to cover part of your neck, shoulder, or stomach. Portraits of children or spouses are generally placed on the upper chest, near your heart. If you’re just starting to think about having a tattoo placed on your chest, you may want to look into different options. Popular choices include tribal tattoos, religious, angel, family, and many more. They are used to express love, respect, and other deep meanings. If you’re not entirely sure of what you want, a professional tattoo artist can help you learn more about your options.

Today, chest tattoos are becoming more popular than every. Their strong and intense meaning and symbolism make them a powerful choice. If you’re considering a chest tattoo, then be sure to look into your options and make sure you’re satisfied with your choice. This area of self-expression is a great option and can be used as a powerful representation throughout your life.

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Tribal Tattoo


This massive tribal tattoo spans the entire chest and stirs the emotion of a warrior entering in to battle. The lines of this tattoo are artfully done and are strong and bold. The solid areas create the stark contrast to the shaded area in the middle of the chest. Bringing the eye in and encouraging the viewer to come along in the story of the warrior.

World on Shoulder


The wearer of this chest tattoo is literally carrying the world on their shoulder. The absence of ink shows the continents in proportion as the darkness of the ink creates the seas around them. A chest tattoo idea for someone who shoulders a lot of responsibility easily.



This tattoo shows off the artistry of the human canvass. The real life detail of the owl literally brings it to life. The eyes of this owl are so realistic they appear to be peering in to your very soul. Imparting the wisdom that the owl carries. The detailing of the feathers with the full moon behind the image brings you into the scene as you come face to face with wisdom itself.



Flying in on this tattoo is the strong and magnificent eagle. Talons are open poised for battle. The outspread of the wings spans the chest. This tattoo is worn as a symbol of pride, of fighting for one’s country and fighting for justice.

Tribe of Wolves


Calling on Native American roots this tattoo feels as though you are invoking the tribe itself. The strong and ferocious wolf is what connects the past knowledge of the chief and spirit of the warrior. This stunning tattoo brings realism to another level as you can stare into each subject’s eyes and know who they are. This depicts a tribe still thriving through the wearer of the tattoo.

Rams Interlocked


These rams are engaged in battle across the chest. Struggling for the right to be the top, it is left to the viewer to guess which on would win. This scene is made more interesting by the skeletal outline in the ram on the right hand side of the client. Seeing the inner workings of struggle gives you another perspective on life itself.

Each Hour Wounds


This impressive tattoo is amazing to look at but bears a warning to the viewer as well. The text reads “vulnerant olmnes ultima necat” which translates to “All (hours) wound, the last kills”. This saying is found on solar clocks. A reminder to treasure each hour we have and to live life to its fullest. Beautifully illustrated with the raven and fading flowers. This tattoo has a much deeper meaning when inquired about.

Anchor with Roses


This anchor lays in the assurance of a bed of roses. The roses seem to comfort the anchor while the anchor offers protection to the softness of the flowers. Giving us a gentle reminder to stay calm amidst the trials of life. Strategically placed over the side of the chest with heart muscle one can stay anchored in self no matter what is going on. And to appreciate the beauty that life has to offer no matter the circumstance.

Sands of Time


This stunning chest tattoo depicts an hour glass clock surrounded by exquisite eagle wings with the faces of women among them. The woman’s face fades to decay upon the passage of time. Surrounded by the opulent roses we seem to be witnessing the inevitable, that we all will eventually die. A funeral seems to be playing upon the stage here, although the tattoo is so full of life as well. As the flowers are still full and blooming, we realize that time continues even after we cease to be.

Mechanical Heart


Here we see the inner workings of the heart and we get the feelings that all may not be well. This graphic design brings realism amidst symbolism. We see the heart as just a machine yet it can still be broken. Given the violence of the scene, we can only assume that the heart has been ripped out of place. We are left wondering if the wound will ever heal.

Owl with eye


This full chest tattoo shows an Owl carrying an eye in the middle of a triangle. They say that they eyes are windows to the soul and we see that here. Wrapped in wisdom we can glean the truth about all we come across. This may also be a mirror reminding us to look within to find our own answers for our life.

Flow of Blood


At first this looks like a confusing tattoo or as if the heart itself is confused. Yet it is all part of a dance of our own life blood. This tattoo depicts the ways our heart sends our blood through our bodies. Part of an intricate system that keeps us alive day to day. Our hearts are working even when we forget. This displays the wonder of our heart muscle and though it’s not on our thoughts, we are nothing short of a miracle.

Mixed Media


This graphically stunning tattoo is nothing short of breathtaking. This gives the feeling of a mixed media artist at his finest. The realism of the heart and flowers mixed with the solid dots is a masterpiece.

Phoenix Rising


The Phoenix has long been known as a symbol of rising back up after a defeat. In fact, it’s in the rising up that victory is found. This beautifully colored tattoo adorns the shoulder and reminds us to keep going in the face of adversity.

Lord have mercy

Lord Have Mercy adorns the top of this stunning chest tattoo. The shading adds realism and depth to an intricate tattoo. The guns pointing over the flowers gives a message of protection to the ones this wearer holds dear.

Steampunk Design

The incredibly realistic clock sits as a centerpiece of the magnificent tattoo. Keeping time as items of value are found around the clock itself. The pearls drape the skull as a reminder that all beautiful things must come to an end.

Script and Tribal

The mixing of the flowing script against the straight lines of the tribal tattoo serves as a reminder of the meeting of gentle and strong. The mighty will protect the weak and cover and protect the ones he loves.

Skull Covering

This fantastic realism chest tattoo is striking to view. Covering the eyes and mouth of the skull reminds us that even though we try to hide from death, we can’t hide forever.

Who has forever

The text on this tattoo reads “Who has forever anyway” while a wonderfully colored bird holds the dwindling sands of time. Giving us the feeling that we should take risks and that there is no time like the present.


There are few images that depict strength, leadership and fearlessness as the lion. This ferocious beast is ready to attack and protect the pride. A detailed and realistic tattoo lets us know the wearer means business and he is the master of his domain.

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