60 Rose Tattoos – Best Ideas and Designs for 2020

Roses are not just a beautiful flower but are popular choice for both women and men for a tattoo since the 1930’s; however what exactly does the rose represent. Your first thought could be in respect to its pure attractiveness or its representation of love, outer and inner beauty and although you would be right there also is a lot more to this beautiful and lovely flower.

Rose tattoo ideas

Rose tattoo symbolism and meanings

As a symbol of love it can be a representation of being in love especially when the rose has no thorns, or even as something to remind you that love will never come without some sacrifices while the thorns exist. Therefore even the thorns have their indicating, some state that when thorns can be found on the tattoo it signifies the person does not put a great deal of focus on outer beauty and attractiveness, whilst for other people the tattoo represents unending beauty with the thorn indicating you can look however you can’t touch it.

Red roses are in past times having been regarded as the sign of true love or passionate love particularly when offered as one stem, but they also can represent memorial or sacrifice.

  • Pink roses will represent grace, healing, gentleness, virtue, and elegance.
  • Coral roses mean your heart’s desire.
  • Blue roses were for the impossible, unattainable, or fantasy.
  • Black roses are a represent of death, darkness, and farewell.
  • Light peach ones were for friendship and modesty.
  • Orange roses were a symbol for fascination for life, excitement, and enthusiasm.
  • Purple roses were for love at first sight and enchantment.

The history of rose tattoos

Sailors selected the rose tattoo for an honorary intent, as its willowy build becoming linked to femininity, to symbolize, their mother, their wife, or their girlfriend. Life was tough on the seas for these wonderful brave men and women and their rose tattoo can bring calmness to them in a symbolic manner.

The amount of petals on a rose is usually connected with numerology. The Aphrodite (the goddess of love of Greek) was often shown with roses adorning her neck, feet, and head. And is thought to be associated with the rose bush and her blood that her slain lover’s, Adonis, spilled and this rose grew in a pool and so a popular interpretation is that the rose represents an immortal love that endures time as well as death.

In tarot, the rose is recognized as a representation of balance. The great beauty of this flower communicates promise, new beginnings, and hope. It is contrasted by thorns representing thoughtlessness, defense, and loss.

What the number of petals on roses symbolize?

Are you aware that the number of petals on a rose is related to numerology, and no matter if your rose is still in bud or has opened. The colour you select for your rose will get a unique interpretation; the Victorians adored roses and designated various meanings to the diverse colours.

Whilst it is fascinating to find out more on the importance of certain images useful for tattooing you have to choose the colour you want to see your rose; and understand that your rose has precise meaning for you.

Check out the best rose tattoos here!

Led Coult


The idea for this tattoo combines music roses and a waist clock. This tattoo can depict the passage of time. A tag like this can be used to express some much. The music notes combined with the clock could mean tragedy and with the rose it could signifies the loss of a love one or reminiscences.

Noire Ink


This tattoo combines a ship’s anchor and roses. This could signify the love of the sea or ocean or to express you marital state. Your love has been anchored. The flowers and red mist of the back ground may suggest some secrecy between loved ones. It also may signifies uncertainty and the fear of the unknown.

Times Craft


This is also a tattoo that depicts flowers and a clock. You can be certain that the clock in this tattoo signifies time and the flowers can be a representation of love. The tattoo gives the feel of love over a long period of time. The design of the tattoo looks like a picture for the early nineteenth century which may indicate a time only some can remember.

Tattoo on back of girl’s right shoulder


This tattoo is designed to have the appearance of an actual rose. It is designed to appear as if the rose is actually a three dimensional item. The tag is designed to look as if there are multiple levels of this tattoo. It appears as though the rose is magically attached to the body or the layer below it is that which keeps it floating in place.

Tattoo on the back of wrist


This tattoo idea is to give the appearance of a three dimensional rose as an actual part of the arm. The rose is wet weather from rain or the morning dew form. This tag can be used to signify a bit of a rainy spell in the romance.

Tattoo in the center of the back


This tattoo signifies a love that is hard if not impossible to see. This can signify a love that is always there but you are never able to fully face for whatever reason. This is a tattoo that anyone can get because of the location. This is a tattoo that can only be seen if the wearer decides it.

Rose on woman’s shoulder


This is another version of the rose with the droplets of water on it. This tattoo only has three water droplets on it petals. The design of the tattoo is to give the appearance of an actual three dimensional image.

Yellow rose tattoo


This is an excellent tattoo idea. It is the tag of a rose but not the conventional red or white rose. It is a tattoo of a yellow rose. This is a tat that may be suitable for someone looking for a unconventional but traditional tattoo.

Black and white rose bush


This tattoo idea incorporates not just a single rose but a portion of a rose bush. It is not colored and could be used to signify the loss of love or a relationship that is empty of love and or happiness.

Led Coult yellow rose bush


This is also a unique but very common tattoo. It is a rose bush with yellow roses. This tattoo is located on the entire calf of the left foot. This is a big tattoo that take up a lot of skin space and may have its own meaning depending on who wears the tag.

Flat black and white rose bush


This tattoo has a very elegant appearance. It has a flat design with the art style that makes the entire image look like it belong in eighteen century France. The lines of the tag are long and elegant and give the tattoo a luxurious appearance, if possible.

Piranha Studios


The design of the tattoo make it look like someone painted a rose bud on the shoulder. The tag itself looks like it could be washed off with a good bath or shower. The idea of this tag must have been thought up by a teen o someone with reasons to trick someone about whether or not their tag is real.

Side roses


The tattoo is located on the right side of a female’s torso. This is a flat tattoo that is very sexy and one that will bring attention to the smoothness of the tummy skin and the sexiness of the tummy itself.

Painted rose with water droplets


This is also a tattoo that is of a rose with water droplets on it but this one is not a three dimensional image. The tag is designed to look like a painting that was simple drawn on or painted on the skin instead to being drawn in.

Three dimensional comic rose


This tattoo looks like a rose from a comic book or some other illustrated book but it is not a two dimensional image. This tag is designed to look like a three dimensional comic rose. This tattoo appears to be floating in the thinnest layer of top skin.

Back arm tribute to grandpa


This tattoo has a design that serves only the purpose of showing love and respect to grandpa. This is a tag that was specifically designed and created with the love for grandpa in mind.

Black and red rose


The tattoo is designed to look like the red rose is actually inside the area. It is like a reverse of the tags that look like they hover above the skin. The appearance of the tag suggest a rose embedded in the tagged area.

Rose moon


This design is a flat design that incorporates certain shapes and images that may be associated with the religious practices of the Middle Eastern Indians. The tag gives of the feel of traditional India.

In loving memory


This is a rose bush that is designed to look like a rete. This tattoo is designed to represent the love you have for someone you loved but lost.

Compass rose


This tattoo incorporates a compass and a rose. It may depict the love that one has finally found or the indicate that you have already found love and it serves as a reminder.

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