Anchor tattoo ideas

60 Best Anchor Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Anchor tattoos truly remind us of being on the sea, and being able to have a place to call home. Seamen used to identify so much with this symbol. Seamen included sailors, navy workers, and fishermen. This was the tradition of the seafaring ways where the men used to go out to sea and the women used to tend to the home and children. The symbol of the anchor is now reminiscent of the seafaring days, a return home, a stable and nice place to call home, and a sense of grounding amidst turmoil at times. In current times, this style of tattoo is actually becoming quite loved and very popular. The meaning has now become a symbol of strength and stability. Many women are also taking up an affinity to this seafaring tattoo.

Anchor tattoo ideas

Rockstars and teenagers in the rock and roll scene are loving this tattoo as a symbol of being cool, in the know, and being strong. Rebellion and avoiding persecution for standing up for beliefs was another popular meaning for this tattoo historically as it was believed that the holy cross was hidden within this tattoo symbol. As a result, this anchor tattoo was worn in subtle places like the ankle and wrist in small sizes in order to affirm their beliefs despite persecution. The younger generation is also loving this tattoo as it is just a pretty looking symbol that everyone can relate to at some level. It just looks cute and fashionable as well depending on the design. Some people enjoy wearing this because of it reminding them of safety under rocky conditions. Some example cool designs you can get include:

The Back Piece Anchor Symbol

This is a large anchor tattoo with dark shades, rope, and flowers coming off of it. This tattoo is large and it covers most of the person’s back. This is a strong association with the symbol that the person wearing this tattoo style has.

Twin Anchor Symbol

These tattoos are lookalike tattoos that are placed on either side of the legs or arms. They are quite big, and include intertwining ropes around the anchors to add design and style.

Feminine Tattoo

This tattoo is well designed for any female that would like to have a symbol of an anchor tattoo that is sweet looking. It has an intertwining rope like the other tattoos, but it has the colours of blue ivy and pink roses also intertwining around the anchor symbol.

3D Effect

This tattoo is great because it gives a 3D effect and shadowing to it, as if there was a small metal anchor sitting on top of the skin. It gives a visual perceptual effect that just looks quite cool!

Coloured Tattoo With Heart

This tattoo is an anchor that has multiple colours on its design. The rope is also a different colour, and a bright pink heart rests atop the centre of the tattoo.

Overall, anchor tattoos have had increasing popularity in the past few years for the rock generation, for young people wanting a bit of a fashion statement, and for traditional people who remember the seafaring days. There are so many different styles to choose from. Enjoy researching the many types of styles out there!

Basic Anchor

This is a basic anchor tattoo. It works great for individuals who want to get a very discreet tattoo, which doesn’t stand out in any way. This design is also great as a first tattoo. In this way you can get familiar with the whole experience.

Sharp Anchor

The shadows contained by this anchor tattoo idea make it remarkable. Though it is not a complex design, it manages to impress due to its aesthetic combination of shadows and light. It looks like an artistic drawing so this anchor tattoo design is by far a wise choice.

Roses On An Old Anchor

The interesting mix between a plain black anchor and colorful flowers sure draws attention when you see this anchor tattoo. It works great especially for women as it transforms the one of the oldest tattoos ideas into a feminine and graceful one. Elegance can always find a place in art.

Love Conquers All

Here the anchor is used to draw an incomplete heart shape with a cross on its end. This is one of the anchor tattoo ideas that can have a very different meaning from one person to another. It’s intriguing and you can let people guess what it means for you.

Reinterpretation of Symbol

Though this anchor tattoo design is a small and simple one, it doesn’t fail to impress. It is a simplified version of the previous one, as it puts together three well-known universal symbols: the anchor, the heart and the cross.

Fading Away

This tattooed anchor fades away by transforming into flying birds. It is one of the best clear tattoos ideas that symbolizes the desire to set yourself free and to start a new chapter in your life by forgetting about past anchors and moving away.

My Anchor

This might seem like one of the basic anchor tattoos. But, despite its simplicity, it can be loaded with meaning. The owners might make a statement with it or start their journey into the fascinating and exciting world of body art.

Signature of An Anchor

This tattoo features the customized touch of the owner and a positive message (love life) that is shapes as a signature. Its appearance also reminds us of the popular infinity symbol. A good pick for cheerful persons who enjoy life and they are proud to show it the world.

Infinity Symbol

This example combines the good old anchor theme with the famous infinity symbol. It is a good choice if you want to create a meaningful mix without going for a complicated tattoo. This one is as simple as you can get and you can use it to start out with tattoos.

Forever Anchored

Unlike other similar tattoos that feature the infinity symbol and an anchor, this one aims for a very sharp approach Both symbols are very clearly defined and they blend in with one another almost without any interruption. If you are a perfectionist, this one is an ideal match for you.

Strength That Can’t Be Broken

There can be different meanings for an anchor, but this one is clear (‘never sink’). It contains a motivational message that clearly expresses the intention of the owner. This art is meant to always give strength. It works great both for strong people and for the ones who need strength.

Beauty Grows Everywhere

Usually there is nothing romantic or particularly beautiful about an anchor and its rope. But there are anchor tattoos that manage to incorporate the beauty of flowers within rather basic items that don’t normally inspire feelings of awe.

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