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60 Stunning Bow Tattoo Ideas: Unraveling Elegance and Meaning

By: Pacho Pacho Last updated: Feb 12, 2024

Currently, there are a myriad of celebrated tattoo designs that can look great on any part of the body, but if you’re looking for a charming choice, you should consider bow tattoos for girls. Bow tattoo designs look simple and feminine and come out as exquisite. Because of their bright colors and subtle shapes, most women consider them the best choice when tattooing for the first time. And since there are more unique ideas for this type of tattoo, you can freely put one on your arm, back, neck, or thigh at any time.

Bow Tattoo Meaning

If you thought bow and arrow tattoos designs have no other meaning apart from embellishing the bod, then you must be wrong. The tattoos have quite interesting meanings, and that’s why they are trendy among girls. Ideally, lace bow tattoos are commonly used to emphasize the femininity of women based on the delicacy and intricacy of the ribbon. On a larger scale, they represent a greater part of a woman’s appearance, lifestyle, and attitude. Another reason bow tattoo design ideas are loved is that they can be worn on areas that tend to be more attractive in a woman’s body, making them even more captivating. If you want the tattoo to appear on the wrists, neck, ankle, thigh, shoulder, back of the ear, or finger, you can always capture people’s attention. And whichever pattern of material is used in drawing the tattoo, it always remains an undeniable symbol of femininity.

What Color Combinations Can Form A Great Tattoo?

Since a girl tattoo is used to express emotions and feelings of love, passion, and open-heartedness, it should be colored in bright colors. Some of the women’s tattoo trend colors that you can explore include yellow, red, and light blue, among others. However, since tastes and preferences differ, you can choose from the colors familiar to your soul. You can also add female things on your love tattoo including little hearts, butterflies, arrows, and moon and floral elements to make it even look more feminine.

Are There Any 3d Tattoo Designs On The Tattoos?

Putting on a tattoo is not only about expressing your femininity , but it’s all about being real. That is why you need to consider wearing a 3D tattoo. This type of design creates a woman’s sexuality and sensual meaning, making it even more attractive. And since the ideas on the tattoos are many, you can always find one that befits your taste and looks amazing at the same time.

How Much Can A Decent Tattoo Cost You?

There’s no standard price for a tattoo to be drawn on your body. The price of a tattoo largely depends on the type of tattoo (whether conventional or 3D), the technical design options, as well as its size (half sleeve tattoos, tend to be a bit pricier for example). You can always visit the nearest tattooist and learn about the prices at which they can put a tattoo on you. Whether you want a simple yet beautiful or a more sophisticated and classy look, a bow tattoo can help you develop your personality. Be sure to check the trending tattoo ideas to decide on the one you want on your body.

1. Cool 3D bow tattoo

Bow tattoo symbolism

2. Sexy laced bow tattoo

Red bow tattoo designs

3. Pretty red tattoo on a girl’s thigh

Tattoo artist collection

4. Pretty black bow tattoo

Small bow tattoo ideas

5. Skin-colored bow tattoo on an arm

Pink bow on wrist

6. Flirty multi-colored tattoo on a thigh

Ribbon tattoos for women

7. Cute Red Wrist Tattoo with Bow Design

Lace bow tattoo style

8. Tiny green bow tattoo

Thigh bow ink passion

9. Tiny tattoo of a bow on a thumb

Purple ribbon bow art

10. Simple bow tattoo design on a wrist

Small bow on wrist

11. Tiny black bow tattoo on girl’s wrist

Tiny black bow tattoo on girl’s wrist

12. Detailed 3D tattoo

Thigh bow tattoo art

13. Simple tattoo of a bow

Cute ribbon tattoos

14. Purplish bow tattoo

Bow designs for women

15. Cute detailed bow tattoo on a leg

Bow and heart tattoo

16. Small purple tattoo of a bow just behind the ankle

Pink bow and lace

17. Cute and simple tattoo of a bow on a wrist

Bow tattoos on foot

18. Pink bow tattoo on a thigh

Bow ink on finger

19. Red bow tattoo design just above the heels

Worn bow tattoo design

20. Black, cute design on thighs

Tattooed bows on neck

21. Medium-Size Red Bow

Thighs with ribbon tattoos

22. Long, Cute Design with Ornate Ribbon Neck Tattoo

Pink bow tattoo on hip

23. Ruby-Red, Shiny Bow

Decorative bow designs

24. Black Lace Bow

Bow tattoo meanings

25. Minimalist Outline

Bow bracelet tattoos

26. Red Heartstrings

Pink bow awareness

27. Hearts and Anchors

Skull and bow tattoo

28. Don’t Forget This Tattoo

Bow tattoos for survivors

29. Hearts and Lace

Bow tattoo course ideas

30. Cartoon-Inspired Bow

Small bows on ankle

31. Old-Fashioned Lace

Bow tattoos on lower back

32. Heart-Centered Bow Design

Tattoo designs for girls

33. Black and White Lace

Bows with hearts ink

34. Curly Red Ribbons

Bow tattoo on finger

35. Black Outline with Shading

Red bow for cancer

36. Victorian Glamour Bow Design

Bow tattoo love piece

37. Loose Black Ribbon

Tattoo ideas for women

38. Double Bow Unique Tattoos Design

Bow tattoo color share

39. Two Tiny Bows

Ribbon tattoos for men

40. Pink Ribbon and Black Lace

Sexy bow on thigh

41. Large Black Lace Bow Design

Bow tattoo quotes

42. Simple Tiny Bow Design with Polka Dots

Unique bow tattoo designs

43. Triple Bows and a Corset

Ribbon tattoos on foot

44. Girly Bow

Red bow tattoo passion

45. Yellow Measuring Tape Ribbon

Bow tattoo meaningful art

46. Bow with Tri-Color Dots

Pink bow on lower back

This bow really packs a colorful punch! The large bow has pinky-red and black dots of several different shapes and sizes. The detailed outer trim of the bow is finished with soft white and pink accents, outlined in black.

47. Old-Fashioned Black and White Polka Dots

Bow tattoo for July

48. Pink and White

Bow and heart on wrist

49. Double Bow and Shadow Play

Red bow and black ink

50. Anchored Heart with Rope and Ribbon

Bow tattoo for melanoma

51. Orange a Whimsical Twist

Thigh bow tattoo love

52. Shades of Black

Pink ribbon on ankle

53. Black and Blue

Bow and eyes tattoo

54. Heavy Lace Bows

Simple bow tattoo idea

55. Timepiece and Blue Ribbon

Lace bow tattoo on thigh

56. Red and Black Bow Design

Bow tattoos over the years

57. Red Corset

Tattooed bows for awareness

58. Purple Lace Circle

Pink bow and heart design

59. Loose Bow Arm Tattoo Design

Beautiful bow tattoo piece

60. Classic, Simple Bow Design

Bow tattoos: share and remember

Bow tattoo ideas

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