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60 Sexy Bow Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Tattooing has become one of the most popular art through which people (especially the youth) embellish their bodies. Currently, there are a myriad of celebrated tattoo designs that can look great on any part of the body but if you’re looking for a charming choice, you should consider bow tattoos for girls. Bow tattoos not only look simple and feminine but they also come out as exquisite. Because of their bright colors and subtle shapes, most women take them as the best choice when considering tattooing for the first time. And since there are more unique ideas on this type of tattoo, you can freely have one put on your arm, back, neck or thigh at any time.

Bow tattoo ideas

Bow Tattoo Meaning

If you though bow tattoos have no other meaning apart from embellishing the bod, then you must be wrong. The tattoos have quite interesting meanings and that’s why they are very popular among girls. Ideally, lace bow tattoos are commonly used to emphasize the femininity of women based on the delicacy and intricacy of the ribbon. On a larger scale, they represent a greater part of a woman’s appearance, lifestyle and attitude. Another reason why bow tattoos are loved is because they can be worn on areas that tend to be more attractive in a woman’s body which makes them even more captivating. If you want the tattoo to appear on the wrists, neck, ankle, thigh, shoulder, back of the ear of finger, you can always capture people’s attention. And whichever pattern of material used in drawing the tattoo, it always remains an undeniable symbol of femininity.

What Color Combinations Can Form A Great Tattoo?

Since a girl tattoo is used to express emotions and feelings of love, passion and open heartedness, it should be colored in bright colors. Some of the women tattoo trend colors that you can explore include yellow, red, light blue among others. However, since tastes and preferences differ, you can freely choose from the available colors that are familiar to your soul. You can also add female things on your tattoo including little hearts, butterflies, arrows, and moon and flower elements to make it even look more feminine.

Are There Any 3d Tattoo Designs On The Tattoos?

Putting on a tattoo is not only about expressing your femininity but it’s all about being real. That is why you need to consider wearing a 3D tattoo. This type of design arises a woman’s sexuality and sensual meaning, making it even more attractive. And since the ideas on the tattoos are many, you can always find one that befits your taste and look amazing at the same time.

How Much Can A Decent Tattoo Cost You?

There’s no standard price for which a tattoo can be drawn on your body. The price of a tattoo largely depends on the type of tattoo (whether conventional or 3D), the technical design options as well as its size. You can always visit the nearest tattooist and find out about the prices at which they can put a tattoo on you. Whether you want a simple yet beautiful or a more sophisticated and classy look, a bow tattoo can help you put forth your personality. Be sure to check on the trending tattoo ideas for you to choose make an informed decision on the one you want on your body.

Cool 3D bow tattoo on a girls back


This sexy 3D bow tattoo is on a girl’s back. What is really impressive about it is the level of detail that the tattoo has. The tattoo depicts a bow tattoo complete with some flowery detail and some amount of shadow below the tattoo to complete the 3D effect.

Sexy laced bow tattoo on a girls back


This sexy 3D tattoo that depicts a bow made out of a black lace rests on a girls back to give the ultimate sexy look. The tattoo depicts the lace making the bow as to having flower patterns that give it a distinct look. The 3D effect is completed with a slight shadow below the bow.

Pretty red tattoo on a girl’s thigh


This sexy red bow tattoo is one of the best tattoos that can go on a girl’s thigh. The tattoo is of a slight shade of red and appears to be tied after a red lace was tied round the girl’s thigh.

Pretty black bow tattoo on a girl’s side


This is the perfect bow tattoo idea for any girl who wants something sexy that is going to be drawn just below the breast, along the rib cage. The bow has been tattooed with heavy detail to it showing flowery patterns in its detail. There are words leading up to the bow which read, “Life is what you make it”.

Sexy skin colored bow tattoo on a girl’s arm


This sexy skin colored tattoo sits pretty on a girl’s arm. The tattoo is of a bow that has been carefully joined using a small flower with 5 petals. Other flower arrangements appear to circle the arms till they make a complete circle with the bow at the center.

Sexy Multi-colored tattoo on girl’s thigh


This is the perfect tattoo idea for any girl who likes to show her thighs. The tattoo is of a red bow that is attached to black embroidery that appears to be circling the thigh. The bow has a love shaped jewel at its center.

Cute red bow tattoo on a girl’s wrist


This is a simple tattoo of a bow that is best placed on a girl’s wrist. The tattoo depicts a neat bow tied slightly above the wrist. The bow is red with a black line running its middle.

Tiny green bow tattoo on a girl’s foot


This is a simple bow tattoo design that is best placed on a foot. The Tattoo shows a green bow tattoo design with tiny blue bubbles at its top right corner and bottom left corner. It also has a purple design at its center.

Tiny tattoo of a bow on a girl’s thumb


This is probably one of those tattoo designs that is not meant to be conspicuous. The beauty of the tattoo lies in its simplicity. The tattoo depicts a simple bow on the thumb, without any details or any form of coloring.

Simple Bow Tattoo design on a girl’s wrist


This is probably one of those tattoo designs that find their beauty in their simplicity. The tattoo almost seems like it was drawn with a ball point pen. The tattoo is black in color and has been drawn using dotted lines.

Tiny black tattoo on girl’s wrist


This is a tiny black tattoo of a bow that is best placed on a girl’s wrist. The tattoo is completely black, save for some white lines that outline the edges of the bow in areas that it has intersected with other parts of the bow.

Detailed 3D tattoo on a girls back


This black and white tattoo clearly shows a black and white bow with a lot of detail. The bow has a great amount of detail added to it in the form of flowery patterns and a hint of a shadow below the bow to give the tattoo a 3d effect.

Simple tattoo of a bow on a girls arm


This is the perfect tattoos idea for anyone who wants a tattoo design that is simple. The tattoo is of a simple bow showing only its outlines, without any colors or details added to it.

Sexy Purplish bow tattoo at the top of a lady’s back


This is a small yet sexy tattoo of a bow that takes a slight purple color with slight hints of red, pink and grey around its edges. The tattoo is small enough to be easily hidden.

Cute detailed bow tattoo on a girl’s leg


This is one of those tattoos ideas that seem to be detailed while still maintaining a good sense of simplicity. The tattoo which is best drawn just above the heel, is a small black and white bow which has some shadows just below it to give it the 3D effect.

Small Purple tattoo of a bow just behind the ankle


This simple yet elegant tattoo of a bow is one of the best tattoos ideas that anyone who wants something small that can be easily be concealed by a shoe, dress or trouser. The tattoo is fully colored purple save for some places where there are shades of white.

Cute and simple tattoo of a bow on a girl’s wrist


This simple tattoo placed on the wrist is definitely meant for those who do not want something outrageous, but rather, want something small which holds a meaning that is dear to them. This tattoo only shows the outlines of the bow without any significant coloring save for a hint of slight shading to show some dark shades on the tattoo itself.

Sexy Pink bow tattoo on a girl’s thigh


This sexy tattoo is for the kind of girl who appreciates the color pink. The tattoo depicts a medium sized bow on the side of the thigh. The bow itself takes a slight pink color with a few hints of white in selected areas.

Sexy red bow tattoos just above the heels


This tattoo clearly depicts a red tattoo of a bow that appears to have been tied around the area of the leg that is just below the calves and above the heels. The bows are a slight dark red with a hint of color black at its center. There is a heart shape at the bow’s middle.

Sexy black bow tattoos on thighs


This image is one that can give a good idea for any girl who likes wearing short dresses. The tattoo depicts two black bows tied around each thigh to give the impression that a bow has been tied around each of the girl’s thigh.

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