Finger tattoo ideas

60 Best Finger Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Finger tattoos can be some of the most beautiful and concise body art, conveying symbolism and meaning in a small package. Whether you chose a simple image or a more complex piece of art in miniature, you have a wonderful way to convey your passions, beliefs, and sense of beauty right in front of you.

Finger tattoo ideas

The Popularity of Finger Tattoos

Why are they so popular? What better place to remind yourself what is important to you as you pick up pen or paintbrush, use a keyboard, or wield a tool? As you stretch out your hand in greeting you also share a part of yourself. With these knuckle tats, you can show your passion, profession, interests and art that is meaningful to you. You can even have an inked wedding band that you never can lose.

Finger tattoos are a rather intimate way of sharing yourself publicly and have become very popular with celebrities. They can be simple tribal markings, inked jewels to enhance your rings, or miniatures of your beloved pet. They can be remembrances of lost loved ones or represent nature in the form of feathers, stars, or flowers. How about representations of what you love to do? An artist’s easel, a soccer ball, musical notes, or a book can tell a lot about you.

What Are The Most Common Finger Tattoo Motives?

When choosing a tattoo, it is important to consider the meaning of the inked image. Some of the earliest tattoos were those of Celtic warriors. The Celtic cross is popular today and combines the Christian cross and the sun, which was sacred to the druids. Other Celtic images include the butterfly, representing transformation and rebirth, and intertwined knots symbolizing the love between two people.

The skull is one of the most popular finger tattoo images and is also one of the most misunderstood. In Japan and Mexico the skull represents reverence for and remembrance of lost loved ones. In goth culture it has negative energy and feelings. For some who ink a skull, it shows that they have overcome a serious disease or recovered from an accident.

The anchor is a very early Christian symbol and can be found in the Roman catacombs. The anchor was a way to disguise the cross for persecuted Christians and it is enjoyed as a symbol of Christianity in tattoo art today. Some tattoos have multiple meanings. An anchor can alternatively represent the US Navy and is popular with service men and women, indicating devotion and a connection to the Navy. Angel wing tattoos guard and protect their wearers, but can also symbolize lost loved ones. Feather tattoos can relate to angel symbolism on a deeper level or they can represent the freedom of a bird.

Animals, both real and mythical have a prominent place in tattoo art. In traditional Japanese tattoo art, dragons are benevolent, generous creatures with positive connotations. In European cultures, dragons are a destructive force symbolizing wealth, greed and ferocity. Tigers represent power and dignity in many Asian cultures, but are also seen as protectors of the dead.

Whatever your style, life story or passions there is a beautiful tattoo just waiting to adorn your fingers!

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Small Shapes


This is a very basic design pattern that is actually very popular. Many people love the simplicity and easy look of the design. It is almost akin to things Native Americans would draw, and modern tattoo afficionados have found these shapes very attractive indeed.

Finger Symbols


These small symbols: eyes, triangles, slices of pizza, hearts, waves, triangles, arrows—appeal to a great number of tattoo enthusiasts in terms of the simple joy they produce in the wearer as well as the wonderful reactions they get from those who see them.

Crescent Moon


The crescent moon is a pure and simple, yet elegant design for a finger tattoo. This is beautiful for people who like tattoos with themes of nature incorporated into them or for those who have a special fascination with the moon. It is a very hipster cool design.

Owl Tattoo


This is a very cool tattoo. The owl is a significant symbol for a lot of people. This owl has a very cool and beautiful design. The owl symbolizes wisdom, hope, charity, and a bridge to other worlds and many more things as well. This is such a cool tattoo because of all the imbued meaning it has from so many different cultures.

Space Tattoo


These designs are so incredibly wonderful for people like cool space imagery. You can get a rocket ship or the planet Saturn to show off to your friends and loved ones. Who wouldn’t enjoy such an awesome theme integrated into their body art?

Ancient Symbols


Tattoos of ancient symbolism are of ever increasing popularity. Whether it’s the all-seeing eye or different kinds of symbolic triangles, there is so much cool stuff you can do with all the ancient religious and pagan symbolism. These tattoos are very beautiful and make great statements about who you are as an individual.



The wolf finger tattoo is quite a popular one. Wolves are in these days, and this is among the more beautiful of our animal tattoo designs. The wolf is a majestic animal and suggests a person who is loyal and also fierce, just like the wolf. This is a good design to consider when you are looking over finger tattoo designs.



Among finger tattoos this is one of the coolest. This finger tattoo design is very modern and unique, you don’t see a lot of them out there. That is why I think it is one of the coolest. And it implies a certain freedom about the person who wears it.



This is a great finger tattoo idea. Of course cat lovers will love it especially. But it is a great tattoo idea for any kind of person. This is very cool finger tattoo design idea because most people like cats and it may remind the wearer of their own cat. Really, who wouldn’t want one of their pets tattooed where they could always look at it?

Cat Whiskers


Cat whiskers is another great among the finger tattoo design ideas out there. This one is colorful, robust, and full of spunk. If those words describe you, then this is a tattoo for you.

Crosses and Jewels


If you love jewels so much that you’d want them tattooed on your fingers then this is these are the finger tattoo design ideas for you. Beautiful and elegant jewels with a mix of crosses can be quite beautiful. Of course you can pick out which particular combination of crosses and jewels you want.



You can even get a pencil. Why not? This is a unique and interesting design that looks quite nice on any manner of person. It is definitely a great conversation starter, and an economical design that looks quite nice and spunky. It’s a pencil. Why not?

Abstract Flower


This highly abstract design looks something like a flower. It is beautiful with elegant shading, and is certain to be a conversation starter as intriguing as it looks. A piece of art, this is a great tattoo idea, one of the most interesting among tattoo ideas out there.

Elegant Lines


These simple yet amazing tattoos have a quiet elegance about them. They really work in harmony with the natural shape of the hand and body. They draw the attention of the eye to the natural beauty and shape of the person wearing them.

Musical note


The music note is one of the most intriguing and cute tattoos a person can. A natural decision for someone who loves music, whether they are a composer or just an avid listener. This is a tattoo of rare elegance and great meaning for anyone who wears it.

Native American


The Native American style of symbols that make up these tattoos are quite interesting. They have a great design and are very interesting and appealing to many people, giving off a free spirit vibe. A unique set, they make for stunning body art on all different types of fingers.

Card Symbols


You can wear a King of Hearts or a Queen of Hearts on your fingers. Really they can mean so many things, whether you are an avid card player or not. The make for a nice artistic design as well with their beautiful font and elegant design. Who wouldn’t want to wear them?



What a beautiful word. Of course you can get any word for your finger tattoo designs, by why not love? Get the word that means the most to you of course. When seeing this tattoo, one is apt to think, whoever loved who loved not at first sight?

Simple Arrows


Of course these lines can be anything one wants them to be, they draw the eye in a certain direction and are quite unobtrusive yet present enough to have a kind of charm about them. That is why this is the perfect tattoo for someone who is looking for their first design. It is also a great complementary design to someone who has many.

The Elephant


How cute! This is a very beautiful little animal design of an animal that means so much to so many. It is a simple and small representation of an animal that means so much to so many people. Why not add this to your collection of finger tattoos.

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