Elephant tattoo ideas

60 Best Elephant Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Animal tattoos have become very popular in the recent past as they portray characteristics and meanings that most people identify with. Although most animal tattoos are those of pets and jungle cats like the lion and cheetah, elephant tattoos are increasingly becoming popular. Elephants are some of the most adored animals, especially in African and Indian cultures. Their large sizes combined with high strength are legendary and make them a favorite choice for lovers of animal tattoos. Elephants just like other animals represent unique character traits such as kindness and divinity.

Elephant tattoo ideas

How are elephant tattoos different from symbols of other animals?

Unlike most animal tattoos, the design and color of symbols of elephants are not always subject to the opinions and choice of the person having the tattoo drawn on them. This is because the colors and designs of these tattoos are characteristic in their meanings and traits. For instance, an albino elephant represents a sacred being such as a god and is mainly designed for people who wish to have favor and luck in their lives. On the other hand, dark colored tattoos of elephants may be used to represent loyalty and friendliness. The symbols may represent other character traits like fidelity and longevity, especially among friends and family members. Some of the typical elephant tattoo designs are such as:

Small size artistic elephant drawings on wrists

A favorite design for girls, this tattoo design, represents a fiercely protective trait, especially among single moms. The best thing about this tattoo is that it can be drawn in different color variations depending on the color tone of your skin. For people with dark skin tones, a bright color such as red may be used to make the tattoo clearly visible.

Two elephants making a heart symbol with their trunks

This tattoo design is very feminine and is used as a symbol of love between either couples or siblings. The tattoo looks perfect when inked on the thighs or the arms. The size of the tattoo needs not be too small as the interlocking of the trumps, and the heart symbol should be seen clearly. You can also have the tattoo inked on the back of the neck. The ideal location of this tattoo is hugely dependent on the preference of the client.

Multi-colored elephant inking on the chest

This design is majorly masculine and is used as a symbol for strength and power. More specifically, the tattoo is a perfect choice for heads of families or first-born sons. Legends are also fond of this tattoo design. The colors that you want to use in the inking should portray boldness and strength. These are colors such as black, blue and dark brown colors. Just like in other types of elephant tattoos, your skin tone plays a very important role in deciding the best colors to use in the tattoo.
If you want a stylish and good-looking animal tattoo, it is paramount to choose a professional tattoo artist with tons of experience and exposure in designing and inking elephant tattoos. Creativity is also important as it helps in identifying a sophisticated design that is not only unique but also exclusive in comparison to other tattoos.

Check Out The Best Elephant Tattoos

A big nicely decorated elephant on the arm


This is a typical guy’s tattoo on the arm with the elephant filling much of the upper arm. If you want a tattoo idea to fill your arm completely, this is the right one. The elephant is nicely decorated with flowers all round making the arm appear beautiful.

A half face fading tattoo on the wrist


The half face tattoo on the wrist is another great tattoo idea that fits nicely fits on the wrist. We only get to see one part of the tattoo as the elephant face seems to fade on one side. It is a great design as the fading face is on the lower side of the wrist.

Three family elephant tattoo on the arm


These are a great family tattoo and a great way to show the union in the elephant family. They all decrease in size with the leading elephant being the big one. The tattoo is a great choice as it perfectly fits the arm without much ink.

A beautifully decorated elephant tattoo on the lady’s chest


This is another great tattoo design for ladies as it nicely fits on the chest showing the beautiful skin of the lady. The tattoo has been nicely decorated with white markings making it stand out and make you the adorable. It is a great tattoo idea if you like wearing sleeveless tops.

A beautiful tattoo holding a balloon in its trunk


This is a very simple but beautiful tattoo of a tattoo holding a balloon in its trunk. The balloon appears going high up in the air with the string attached to the trunk of the elephant. It is a great option on the wrist making your wrist appears beautiful.

A simple elephant tattoo on the finger


Fitting an elephant tattoo on the finger seems a difficult task but appears beautifully when imprinted. The big elephant has been nicely fitted on the finger with the trunk matching the finger nicely.

A tiny elephant tattoo on the wrist


If you need some minute tattoo, then having the biggest mammal as the animal miniature tattoo on your wrist creates a perfect comparison. The tattoo is very tiny but creates a good impression on the wrist.

A large elephant tattoo on the wrist


This one will be seen from a distance and forms a great tattoo idea if you like creating attention. The elephant has been beautifully painted making the elephant appear very beautiful on the hand. It is a great design and one to create much attention as it can be easily seen.

A beautifully decorated tattoo on the shoulder of a lady


The tattoo is strategically located where one can easily hide it or show it off depending on what has been worn. It is a great tattoo idea with the elephant been decorated with very pretty patterns.

A small elephant tattoo on the leg


The tattoo is very small but nicely decorated with different designs to make it appear beautiful. It is a great elephant tattoo design to leave a good mark on your leg. You can match it with having a similar tattoo on the other leg to make it a perfect matching tattoo.

Several darkly colored tattoos on the arm


The elephant tattoos have been nicely drawn on the arm. The big mature elephants have been made to fit properly on the arm making the arm appear nicely from a distance. The tattoo on the arm appears nicely like the scene you would expect on the national park

A beautiful elephant tattoo on the hand and finger


This elephant tattoo has been nicely drawn to match the shape of the hand with the trunk being fitted on the finger. The tattoo is nicely decorated with all different kinds of paints making your hand adorable.

A large elephant feeding tattoo on the back


The tattoo on the back of this lady is what you commonly see in Indian traditions. The elephant has been nicely decorated in the same way Indian women decorated their skins making the back of this woman beautiful and appealing to look at.

A small elephant tattoo on the finger


Fitting the elephant image on the finger makes the finger appear beautiful. The tattoo has been nicely fitted to appear as if the ring is fitted to the finger. It is a great tattoo design for people and a great way to show off those beautiful fingers.

A patterned elephant tattoo on the side belly


The elephant is nicely decorated with black and white paint making it highly visible. The location of the tattoo is also perfect as one can hide it anytime when they don’t want it to be seen.

A leafy elephant tattoo on the arm


This is a beautiful tattoo in the elephant image. The elephant has been drawn to appear as if it is made up of leaves that have been joined. It is a great work of art with the coloring making the arm stand out.

A simple elephant tattoo on the wrist


This is another great option if you don’t want a lot of colors and decorations on your arm. It is quite simple and a great way to show your love for nature without too much ink on your wrist.

A large elephant tattoo on the thighs


This is a perfect lady tattoo idea where the elephant image has been nicely fitted on the thighs. The tattoo has been hugely decorated with all forms of art making the thighs appear beautiful.

A beautifully decorated on the arm


If you love colors, then this will be a great tattoo idea. The elephant has been nicely decorated with different flower plants. The elephant has been decorated with different colors making the arm look beautiful and appealing.

A thinly elephant tattoo on the side belly


This one will leave people wondering what the idea of the tattoo is all about. The elephant tattoo has been nicely decorated with lines making it appear unique. The elephant appears as if running and a great way to show of what happens in the parks.

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