Cross tattoo ideas

60 Best Cross Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

As a shape and image that’s quickly recognized by almost everyone, cross tattoos are amongst the highly popular designs that can be made unique for every individual. It’s ideal for both men and women alike, which they seek for a myriad of fascinating reasons. Not only do they favor its unsurpassed beauty when laden on the skin, but for the deeper meaning that lies within a cross. What exactly do they express and why do many people wish to have one artistically drawn on their body?

Cross tattoo ideas

Cross Tattoo Representations

Though the most apparent meaning is in regards to faith, cross tattoos actually hold various symbolisms and can mean differently for every person in today’s diversity of people. The horizontal component of the cross pertained to feminine characteristics defined by earthiness and passiveness, while the vertical component depicted its masculine representation infused with an active and eternal quality. Whether devoted or not and in respect to the one another’s own beliefs, anyone can acquire cross tattoos! To some, it serves as a cherished memory of loved one who has left this world. The cross would appear wrapped around delicate cloth bearing the name of the person dear to them or a particular significant date.

Others deem it as a symbol of the endless circle of life, in the form of the Celtic cross which is the oldest version featuring a circle right at its center. The solid black tribal styles is recognizably the Tribal cross tattoo that is associated with the rule of ancestors, connecting people from the past to the present. The Gothic cross displays the said culture and are often entwined in dragons, snakes and other interesting creatures. The Maltese cross flaunts bravery and the selfless sacrifice people make for the sake of others and dedication in performing one’s duties. These are only some of the most remarkable cross tattoos, and there are many other forms in vast colors, sizes and shapes where there’s surely one for everybody!

Carrying the Cross in Style

The Celtic and Tribal cross designs are mostly seen in men. Most guys also simply prefer the plain cross where they get the freedom to express themselves. Nothing’s stopping them from unleashing their imagination and creativity as they come up with their own works of art for a tattoo artist to manifest into their bodies! They can get it done almost anywhere, but the middle of the upper back, upper arms, lower leg are the typically most attractive places, where one can go all-out in full length if desired.

Ladies look quite sexy with tattoos on the shoulder blade, lower back, or the lower leg. One of their favorites is the Egyptian theme found mostly in jewelry that signifies life and giving life, or the union of men and women. Women fancy the Celtic cross, since it can be given a beautiful twist of a chic and stylish, sophisticated look to enhance their overall appeal. They love the cross in its finely detailed miniature scheme, but are likewise free to have cross tattoos of any size and design to suit their taste!

Cross tattoos are a favorite for many tattoo enthusiasts, whether it is actually their first time getting inked or their nth time having a design made. Incredibly versatile and perfect for both men and women, cross tattoos are often connected with religion and Christianity. You will find, however, that this is not always the case.

  • Maltese Cross – The Maltese cross is often found on firefighters and policemen. Unlike the Catholic cross, the arms of the Maltese are symmetrical with each other and look much like an edged four-leaf clover. This particular cross signifies courage and sacrifice.
  • Christian or Catholic Cross – Possibly one of the most popular designs today, the Christian cross is religious in nature. In its most basic, the cross tattoo signifies the suffering of Jesus Christ for the sins of man. For others, it is a reminder of the triumph of Jesus over death. Additional elements may be thrown in for design purposes such as a rosary, roses, crown of thorns, and the image of Jesus Christ nailed on the cross.
  • Celtic Cross – Also known as the Irish Cross, this particular design can be recognized for the circle that is located on the center of the cross. It is often portrayed in blue or black but there are those that prefer the color green in reference to its Irish descent. Traditionally, the Celtic cross represents hope, life, faith, unity, balance, honor, ascension, and temperance. It is said that each arm also represents higher wisdom with the circle a symbol of balance and the transition of the seasons.
  • Ankh Cross – The Ankh Cross is a common image in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Egyptian gods and goddesses are often portrayed holding the Ankh in their hands which symbolizes eternal life or immortality. Like the Celtic cross, this design is easily recognizable because of the bubble like figure at the top branch of the cross. At first glance, the cross looks much like a person with the bubble representing the head of an individual. The noble meaning of the symbol, however, is unquestioned and often it is done in shades of gold in deference to royalty.
  • Gothic Cross – Also gaining popularity, the Gothic Cross is identified by its sinister theme. Typically, crosses of this design have dark themes and intricate patterns. Dark themes are in the form of added elements like bats, skulls, ravens, coffin, skeletons, and others.
  • Tribal Cross – Tribal cross ink is perhaps one of the most eye-catching designs yet. There are no specific patterns to this type of cross as the layout depends entirely on the preferences of the person having the tattoo. They are often colorful and designed to catch the eye. As to meaning, tribal tattoos are generally seen as a sign of being part of a group or a community. A tribal cross therefore may follow the same reasoning. More often than not, users of this design add other elements to make the tattoo more customized for their intended meaning.

Cross tattoos may be placed on practically every part of the body from the back of the ear to the broad expanse of the back. They are highly versatile so you have the option of making it as grand as possible or keeping it simple and understated.

Gothic Cross Rib Tattoo


Covering half of the abdomen across the right side rib, this huge cross tattoo design is inspiring with its beautiful form. The finely inked borders with pointed edges surround the frame of the cross, which then again surrounds endlessly interlocking chains that are centered within a square center.

Black and Blue Cross Back Tattoo


Featuring a vivid blue center with the letter H, surrounded by an intricate round oval frame, this cross tattoo rests gracefully at the middle of the back. Delicate loops and curves further enhance and extend on four sides to create the cross frame, arriving in solid black color and thick white borders.

Red Heart and Rose Winged-Cross Tattoo


An ornate tattoo that cradles a small bright heart at the center, while a rose in full bloom carries the skillfully crafted cross. Wings spread out towards either side, looking soft and feathery white. Altogether, the whole picture on the lower arm produces an astounding lovely effect.

Celtic Winged Cross


A thick and bold cross is lined with white borders then filled with the brilliance of black. Pointed loops elaborate the edges while the patterned circle surrounds the diamond frame right at the center. This Celtic cross rules the back of the body with beautiful humongous wings draped on it.

Back Cross Masterpiece


A banner scribbled with the word strength wraps around a cross nestled on elegantly drawn wings. Its feathers are finely outlined, while black and grey shades give it depth and texture. Exquisite letterings enhance this masterpiece covering almost the entirety of the back and shoulders.

Only God Can Judge Me Tattoo


The complex details of this cross and the wings that carry it make up its unique design as one of the most attractive tattoos ideas. The cross has pointed edges and a seemingly embossed body, with a ribbon featuring a message looped gracefully around it.

Fragile Remembrance Tattoo


One of the most remarkable cross tattoo ideas to acquire on the upper arm and flaunt on sleeveless shirts is this remembrance emblem. The cross has delicately lined borders, is filled with faint lines, then wrapped with a fragile ribbon with the name and date when beloved grandad passed away.

Cross with Rosary Chain Tattoo


A thick cross gives a strong impression as it yields a striking appearance at the top right back shoulder. It centers a decorative diamond and star, then the beaded chain is looped towards the tip. It dangles downward to end with another small cross that’s part of the rosary.

Celtic Cross Gem Tattoo


A cross is elongated from the base of the nape going down the middle and towards the lower back. Centered amidst the circle is a stunning gem-like round object. This cross tattoo ideas has a simple white lining, yet elegant knots and dainty curves, a dove, and what looks like a goblet is found within.

Big Cross Wrist Tattoo


One of the most intricately inked cross tattoos is this tribal design extending from the wrist to the forearm. The cross is filled with loops, flowers of knots, and pointed tips, while the circle across the intersection is filled with the tiniest of details.

Cross Key 3D Tattoo


Very realistic in form, this 3D cross tattoos idea is created with a thin and sleek cross that stimulates a key. The tip is crafted with a combination of curved and pointed edges, while it extends downward with a skeleton bone ending with the key wards and bit.

Beautiful Rosary Foot Tattoo


Beads tart off from the calf of the foot, going down the ankle bone and attaching itself to a small black shining diamond shape. It clings on to a cross laden on the middle foot featuring fancy embellishments and ornate details that yield a sexy and sophisticated look.

Flower Cross Full Back Tattoo


Vines of roses crawl upon this large cross inked throughout the middle of the back. The frame elicits great strength with edges that look like anchors with sharp tips that curve outwards. The intersection is left unshaded, where a message is scribble in artistic lettering.

Divine Winged-Cross Remembrance


A striking sleeve tattoo with a fragile cross tinted with cracks is supported by the divine ambiance of heavily feathered wings that flutter skyward. A banner flows around the cross with a dear person’s name and significant dates written on it.

Hand Carrying A Cross Sleeve Tattoo


Raised by a hand towards the heavens is a wooden cross tattoo design, as if emitting rays of light amidst white clouds as a backdrop. It is small but very thick and looks invulnerable to anything with its glowing strength and prowess.

Filigree Gothic Cross Chest Tattoo


Sprawled from shoulder to shoulder across the blades, vines of intricate curves carry the weight of the big cross hanging at the middle of the chest. The center of the frame appears to hold a smaller ornate cross within, which endlessly forms more curves and lines throughout the filigree cross design.

Strikingly Beautiful Small Cross Tattoo


An image that could be the simplest of all cross tattoos, but may be the most noteworthy of all. A thin-bodied small cross is inked right at the center of the back, giving off a minimalist appeal that is very striking and alluring to both sexes.

Stylish Tribal Cross Chest Tattoo


This design belongs among the most good-looking tribal tattoos ideas covering about half of the chest towards the top left shoulder. The bold and heavy small cross is entwined in lines and curves as if it is floating on the body.

Stone Cross 3D Leg Tattoo


A stone cross design that looks traditional and awe-inspiring with veins of lines all over it. The 3D effects enhance the banner with the words Risen Savior scribbled on it that wraps around the top and bottom of the cross.

Small Cross Neck Tattoo


Among today’s modern cross tattoos idea is this small icon inked on the left side of the neck. The simple small cross is boldly illustrated and surrounded by a circle that’s comprised of a number of tiny lines that elicit a glowing look.

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