Wrist tattoo ideas

60 Best Wrist Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

The wrist is one of the most visible parts of the human body and therefore having a tattoo on your wrist speaks a lot about your character. It is for this reason that wrist tattoos are common on both leading big shot celebrities and ordinary folks in a similar way. Well, what makes these tattoos so special to attract the attention of thousands of people?

Wrist tattoo ideas

Wrist Tattoo History

Many centuries ago, wrist and arm tattoos were used to protect against illness. It was widely believed that if you had special carvings of designs in your upper or lower limb body parts, the bewitching curses thrown at you by witches and widely responsible for causing illness would not harm you. It is this wide belief among the early inhabitants of the planet earth that led to a widespread acceptance of arm tattoos by a majority of people. Over the years, the practice of having tattoos etched on the wrists was quickly adopted by seafarers for various reasons. Among the common tattoo designs by seamen was the nautical star that they used as guide in the deep waters to keep them safe until they reached their destination. The use of these tattoos has gained greater meanings these days with many people citing inspiration as the main reason they would have a tattoo on their wrists. Inspiring images and messages are often engraved on the wrist to keep the wearer going during tough times. Other people, especially celebrities in prominent shows or sporting events use wrist and arm tattoos to send a message to their audience. In most cases, they put a beautiful image that will keep their followers talking. Tattoos on wrists are these days also used for grandeur purposes where beautiful ladies engrave attractive images and messages for the sole purpose of winning soul mates.

Is a Wrist Tattoo Painful?

Most tattoos are painful, especially those that are inscribed on places where the skin is thinner with little flesh to cushion the needle. It is therefore common to hear people talking about painful experience they underwent when they were being tattooed on their wrists. However, there are others who say the pain is less when tattooed on the wrist than in other body parts such as the thighs which has more flesh to cushion the needle. Whatever your experience, it is important to realize that tattooing any part of your body develops painful experience and necessary precautions should always be taken.

What does a Wrist Tattoo Represent?

During the 1950’s and 60s when tattoos were yet to achieve mainstream acceptance, a tattoo on the wrist was identified by gays and lesbians. During those days having tattoos on the wrist area quite often resulted into stigmatization and hence very few straight people had the audacity to engrave them on their bodies. Nowadays the association of wrist and arm tattoos to gays and lesbians is not common but you never know what message you are sending to your tattoo admirers. Modern wrist area tattoos represent inspiration images that most wearers cannot do without.

Tattoos on the wrist areas are swiftly becoming popular among young people who prefer having their body piercing uniquely different from thousands of other tattoo wearers with decorations on their chests and upper arm areas. It is therefore important to point out that one of the reasons why tattoos on the wrists are popular is because of the newness feature they bring about in comparison to conventional chest and upper arm tattoos.

Morning glory flowers tattoo


This tattoo appears nicely on the wrist creating a good impression on the wrist. It is among those tattoos that will be good to see and not to attract too much attention. The flower is likable by many and shaded in dark colors at the edges. The leaves have been clearly separated showing the flower blossoming on your hand.

Musical notes tattoo


Are you a fan of music? Well, what other better way to show your love for music other than by having this faintly painted tattoo on your wrist. The tattoo is designed with symbols of musical tones in very faint colors but appears nicely on your wrist. This is a unique one that you will not find in most people’s body.

Bracelets tattoo


The tattoo is a unique design to have on your wrist. The tattoo is made to appear as if one is wearing a bracelet on their hand. Drawn with dotted lines which usually indicate the various elements of a bracelet, the tattoo is drawn downwards to appear as if hanging from the hand. This is a very creative design, especially for women.

A maps tattoo


If you love geography or just traveling around the world, this is the ideal tattoo for you. The tattoo has a map of the world with all the continents drawn on the wrist. Dark lines are used to show the boundaries will small dots to show islands.

A wrist knot tattoo


This tattoo is made with a design of a knot on the wrist from a piece of clothing. The painting is uniquely done and can appear as if you have tried something on your hand. The loops of the piece appear hanging after the knot has been making a very good impression of the hand.

Carpe Diem tattoo


This tattoo has very encouraging words to show off to the world what you are all about. The words are telling people to enjoy the pleasures of the moment without having a lot worries about the future. It is a great design and yet a powerful message on your wrist.

The love tattoo


The word “love” is one of the most used names in the world. The words perfectly fit on the wrist and what other better way to show you are a loving person than have a love tattoo on your wrist. Drawn in italics, the words appear nicely and make you look loving and adorable.

Lisianthus flower tattoo


The Lisianthus flower is one of the many flowers that people love. Having one nicely drawn on your wrists will show your love for flowers. The tattoo makes you look tender, young and loving. It is drawn to appear as if the flower is spreading on your wrists.

The feather tattoo


This feathery tattoo is another great design where a small feather is nicely drawn on your wrist and some words added in between. The words ��life’ appears on wrist towards the end of the flower. It is a great way to show your love for birds.

A dove tattoo


If you love birds, then this is another great option to pick other than the feather. The tattoo of a flying dove in your hand is a great choice, and shows love as doves are usually associated with love.

Semiplume bird feathers tattoo


This tattoo is drawn the simple of the semiplume feathers of a bird. The feathers are among the softest. The feathers have dot developed barbicels making you appear soft and tender.

Mermaid tattoo


Well, if you love mermaids, then this mermaid tattoo will perfectly appear on your wrist. Mermaids are super cool features; half human-half fish. You can also appear super cool with the design of the tattoo.

Contours feather tattoo


These are the feathers that give color to birds. If you like birds then having this tattoo and coloring it with your favorite color will make you appear super cool.

Paper wasp tattoo


Wasps can sting and having one of the designs as your tattoo is a show you too can sting. The tattoo is drawn with the wasp flying and appears nicely on the wrist. The tattoo is the common one found in water masses and usually flies above the water. A great choice if you love biology.

Camera tattoo


The camera tattoo is a nice trick on your hands. The camera is drawn at the center of your wrist and appears just like a real camera. You can put your hand over your face in a manner that shows you are taking a photo of this tattoo. It is a great choice for those who love taking photos.

Star tattoo


Well, this tattoo has stars that seem to appear on the horizon as the sun fades away. The unique feature with this tattoo is the fact that it starts right where the wrist ends showing the stars spreading their light to the wrist. It is another very simple tattoo but a great choice.

A broken heart tattoo


This is a tattoo meant to warn you of the realities of life. It is clearly drawn with the words, “hearts and thoughts do fade, fade away.” The simple of the heart and thoughts fading away are then drawn above the words.

Carnation flower tattoo


The carnation flower is among the best wedding flowers and having them as your design for a tattoo is great. The flower is beautiful, and the tattoo has been made to appear perfectly as the genuine flower. The greener parts from the stem grow all the way to the top where the flower blossoms out.

Words tattoo


This is among the simplest tattoo one can get. You simply get to choose the words, and the tattoo experts will do the rest. “I am not afraid to walk this world alone.” This is a full sentence that has been made to fit on the wrist and a good way to encourage yourself each day you wake up.

Wristband Tattoo


The tattoo shows various bands drawn on the wrist. The dark, think circular lines on the wrist appear as if some band has been put on your wrist. They are a great tattoo, and one can choose to have the bands placed at any part of their wrist.

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