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60 Best 3D Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

3D tattoos are increasingly becoming popular in the current generation because of their unique style. The technique used by tattooist is creating an illusion that something is part of your skin or rather sitting on top of the skin. To achieve this, the tattoo artists usually round the subject of design with highlights, shading and adding shadows to both the object and skin. Because of their characteristic of appearing real, they have become popular among celebrities like music artists, wrestlers, movie actors and more. Currently, there are a myriad of 3D tattoo designs that you can choose from if you want to put on one. So long as you visit a tattoo artist who is skilled in the job, you’ll have an amazing tattoo drawn on any part of the body based on your specifications.

3D tattoo ideas

What Meaning Do The 3D Tattoos Have?

All the 3Dimensional tattoos are designed with as much meaning as depicted in the conventional 2 Dimensional tattoos. A 2D butterfly or dragon tattoo would have the same meaning as those drawn in 3D design. The only significant difference is in the life-like effect with majority of 3D designs appearing more real to the tattoo owner. In essence, these tattoos go beyond the traditional ink-on-skin to give people an illusion of the object of design being part of the body. There are artists that can ‘remove’ parts of the skin to reveal the muscles and tendons lying within the skin while there’re others with the skill of drawing a tattoo that reveals the interior or inside of aliens and robots. Such tattoos can be great to look at and by extension, the can symbolize inner strength or give an impression of one being machine-like or can be someone questioning their own humanity. Based on your creativity, you can always share your idea with a tattoo artist to ensure its put on your skin.

What are some of the popular 3D Tattoo Designs?

When it comes to choosing the best tattoo to put on your skin, there are countless number of designs that you can choose from. You can put on a 3D lion tattoo on your arm to show pride, skull tattoo to celebrate the day of the dead, lace tattoo to celebrate the femininity of women or an iron man tattoo to symbolize skin deep superheroes. An alien 3D tattoos lunging beneath the skin can result in a remarkable and spectacular look, making you stand out from the rest. A 3 dimensional spider tattoo drawn visibly with its prominent shadow behind the legs can look shocking but it’s one of the amazing tattoos depicting a spider walking on the skin. If you’re a woman who wants a cool tattoo on the body, a 3D butterfly tattoo can be the best. The tattoo appears feminine, stylish and appreciated by everyone and can simply be done by shading the tattoo.

Are The Most Popular Tattoo Designs Expensive?

The cost of drawing a tattoo usually varies largely depending on the complexity of the design in question and the type of tattoo artist doing the job. So whether you want to put on a dragon tattoo on your back, a 3D chameleon tattoo on your arm, converse tattoo on your foot or a 3D eye tattoo on the rear part of your arm, the cost of doing it will depend on how you want it to appear and the price the artist will suggest. Otherwise having a tattoo drawn on your body can be relatively cheaper than you thought and it will give you the opportunity of expressing your deepest feelings, emotions as well as thoughts.

Amazing 3D five corned pattern tattoo on the shoulder


This tattoo has applied some creativity to come up with a unique design of Pentagon image patterns on the shoulders. The tattoo is nicely crafted in a 3D image such that it appears like some part of the skin has been peeled off. A great tattoo idea bound to attract some attention.

A beautiful 3D butterfly tattoo on the back


The 3 D tattoo of the butterfly has nicely being imprinted on the back. The butterfly appears as if it is flying or just resting on the back. The butterfly is nicely painted with beautiful colors making the back of the person look beautiful.

A 3D butterfly tattoo on the leg


The tattoo is unique design as the butterfly appears as if it has landed on the leg. The tattoo is a great idea for individuals who prefer to wear open shoes or shoes where the top part of the feet is left open.

A scary 3D muscle tattoo


This is a pretty scary muscle tattoo. The 3 D tattoo has been nicely crafted on the hand making the hand appear as if some skin has been peeled off and some words written on the skin. A pretty scary image but a great tattoo design. The peeling of the skin is very systematic to what you would expect if one was involved in an accident.

A hole in the leg scary 3D tattoo


The tattoo is another great idea showing a cat hiding in a hole in the leg. There is a huge hole in the leg where the bones have been separated apart and given some space to the cat to hide inside. The outer part of the leg where the skin has been peeled has been nicely presented.

A beautiful 3D flower tattoo


If you love flowers, then this beautiful 3D flower tattoo will create a good impression on your leg. The tattoo appears to stem from the leg as if it has been planted on the leg. A great tattoo design and one that will appear nicely on any part of the body.

A beautiful 3D tattoo on the back


The 3D tattoo is pretty simple but makes the back appear beautiful with all the butterfly colors nicely painted. The tattoo has been made to appear as if the butterfly has just landed on the back. It is a great option for those who do not want something too big on their bodies.

A 3D star tattoo on a guy’s hand


If you love those scary 3D tattoo images, then this one will appear nicely on your hand. The tattoo has been nicely crafted in the shape of a star with what appear to be a skin cut off in the shape of a star. Several different words have then been written inside the star to mean something to the person having the star.

A beautiful leaf tattoo on the back


The leaf tattoo is a unique tattoo idea where the design of the leaf has been nicely painted at the back. This is not the common green leaves you know as Green will not be an ideal color on the body. It fits nicely and a great way to show love for nature.

An amazing peeping 3D tattoo on the stomach


This will leave your friends laughing with what appears to be a man peeping from a door on your stomach. It is a great idea that has been executed perfectly.

A sewing needle attached to the leg 3D tattoo


The tattoo must have taken a lot of time to accomplish, but the results are amazing. The tattoo has what looks like and needle and a thread attached to the leg by a piece of clothing holding it around the leg.

A 3D spider tattoo on the neck


If you like spiders or love biology then having a 3D spider tattoo on your neck will be amazing. The spider appears as if it is biting into the skin but it is the creative work of the artists.

A 3D stitching tattoo on the leg


This is another scary tattoo on the leg. The leg seems to be stitched to cover a cut, but it is just a creation of the artist. The tattoo has what appears to be a needle piercing through the skin to pass the thread through.

A crying eye tattoo on the hand


This is an amazing eye tattoo on the hand. The artists have nicely managed to put together a crying eye on the hand near the shoulder region. What appears to be tears rolling down from the eye have also been nicely placed making the tattoo a great choice to attract attention.

A 3D handle tattoo on the hand


This is a creative tattoo idea where the hand has been made to look like having a handle. The black color lining on the hand has been made to appear as if they have separated the hand and we have a handle on the hand.

A 3D baboon tattoo on the shoulder


If you want to sky people away, the baboon face on the shoulder is a great way to show off the ugly looks of baboons. The tattoo will make you appear serious and scary

A 3D robotic tattoo on a female’s leg


The tattoo idea will make you appear like a robot. It has what appear to be chains inside the leg instead of the normal veins and muscle ligaments.

A 3D Zip tattoo on the hand


The zip tattoo is a great tattoo design and makes your hand appear to be like some bag. The tattoo has been made to have a zip opening on your hand with fingers stemming from inside.

A 3D Robotic tattoo on the back


The tattoo makes your whole back to appear as if made from machines. The back has been imprinted with all kinds of machines fitted together to look like a functional unit.

A beautiful butterfly tattoo on the chest


The beautiful butterfly tattoo is a great pick and appears nicely on the chest. It is a great tattoo idea for women and will for sure leave men staring.

A 3D cobra tattoo on a human hand


If you hate snakes, then this is not your ideal tattoo. The 3D tattoo has been drawn to appear as if it has got its way on the human hand and got out on the other side. It is a great idea if you want to appear scary to people.

A 3D horror tattoo on the hand


The tattoo has been designed with the idea of a horror hole in the hand. The dark painted patterns have designed to make the hand appear as if spiraling with a hole in the middle. A great choice that will keep people’s eyes glued to you.

A 3D footprint tattoo


This is a creative idea where a footprint has been designed on the leg. It looks like someone just stepped on the leg and left the footprint marked there. It is a creative idea to have such a unique tattoo appears like a true foot print. It is a great option to go for if you love wearing short trousers.

A 3D skull tattoo on the leg


The skull has been made to fit perfectly on the leg and can be seen from a distance. The eyeballs and jaws can be clearly seen from a distance making the tattoo and scary option but a great design. There are some missing teeth to show the skull has been lying on the ground for some time now.

A 3D inserted guitar tattoo on a man’s hand


Well, the tattoo is a great idea for music lovers as it is a great way to show their love for music. The guitar is nicely drawn and seems to be inside the skin of the hand. The strings of the tattoo match well with the veins of the hand making the tattoo a great idea.

A 3D jigsaw puzzle tattoo


If you love puzzles, then this is a great 3D tattoo for your feet. It will leave people staring and as they try to fix the puzzle on your feet. Make sure you a fan of wearing open shoes if you want this tattoo on your foot.

A 3D torn skin tattoo


Well, great options for ladies who want appear scary. The tattoo seems to make the skin appear as if it has been torn several times with birds flying on what appears to be a sky inside the torn area.

An old kingdom 3D tattoo on the hand


A tattoo is a great option for people who love ancient things and would love to show off to the world. At the bottom, it appears as if there are two kings fighting for powers.

A buttoned stomach 3D tattoo


This will leave you mesmerized with how it has been made possible. The tattoo has been creatively designed with the stomach appearing to have a buttoned shirt on it.

An amazing snake tattoo on the leg


The tattoo appears as if the snake has made its way into the tissues of the leg as the person sleeps. It is another great deception as people will keep wondering how a snake can make its way through the skin to suck blood.

A beautiful beetle tattoo on the neck of a lady


A unique idea as the tattoo has come up with some of the rarest insects. The beetle is very beautiful and makes the woman look beautiful with the beetle appearing to walk on his neck.

A torn world map on the back tattoo


This will take time to print and come up with the design but is a great option for people who need much of their skin covered with tattoos. It appears as if the two skins have been separated with the inner part appearing to have countries and Islands.

A beautiful butterfly tattoo on the hand


This is another great 3D tattoo for people who love insects. The butterfly seems to spread its wings fully around the hand making the hand look beautiful. There are further small butterflies on the hand making the hand appear something like a natural habitat for the butterflies.

A cracked skeleton tattoos on the back


The tattoo shows the skin to have cracked all the way up exposing the spinal code. The skin seems to crack like soil that has dried up and cracking due to the hot weather.

A tiger face tattoo on the leg


The tiger will make your leg appear both beautiful and scary as the tiger opens its mouth wide. The tattoo will take the time to draw and one that covers the whole leg all around. A great option if you love these big cats.

A robot 3D tattoo on the shoulder


This is a robotic tattoo on the hand with all the wheels and machines appearing to cut through the skin. There is what seems to a human eye at the top making the tattoo attract some attention.

A clock tattoo on the arm


The tattoo has the image of an antique clock nicely drawn on the arm. The clock comes with a hook and a string attached around it. It is a great way to show people how time conscious you can be.

A robot tattoo on the leg


This tattoo completely transforms the leg into a machine. The tattoo has been nicely drawn making the leg appear like a machine with the main bone at the center attached to small connecting parts. It is more like what you see in the movies.

A skinned shoulder tattoo


The tattoo shows the shoulder of a man skinned with the outer skin fully removed. The peeled skin seems to hang off the main skin as the inner part is tied with what looks like belts all around it. A great tattoo idea if you want your skin to appear as if it has peeled off.

A super girl tattoos on the hand


This is a pretty simple tattoo and an ease one to execute. The tattoo shows our super girl trying to fly by holding her hand high just like it happens in the movies. It is a great tattoo idea to have if you don’t want something too big on your skin.

A Mechanical Machine 3D Tattoo on a Leg


A very detailed mechanical machine 3D tattoo on a leg.This tattoo shows a cross-section view of a machine inside a human body, giving the impression of looking directly into the leg of a cyborg. The choice of colours and mechanical parts make this 3D tattoo very beautiful.

The Spiderman 3D tattoo on man’s Chest


This is a very creative 3D tattoos idea which creates the lifelike illusion of a man wearing the spiderman costume inside his body. Although the body seems in decay, then showing the costume, its still very nice. A very beautiful 3D tattoo design perfect for all fans of spiderman.

A Jigsaw and Eyes inside 3D Tattoo


This is quite a weird tattoo, showing a jigsaw cut-off section on a man’s hand, but then with green, almost alien looking eyes inside. This tattoo is definitely meant to be used to scare people in one way or the other. A good 3D tattoos idea for fun loving people.

Wounded and Bloody Jigsaw 3D Tattoo


A closer look at this tattoo will definitely create disgust in some people, but for others who love bizarre stuff, this is probably one of the best 3D tattoo ideas they have ever seen. The artistic representation of the bleeding human back muscle is so perfect here.

An abstract 3D Geometry Tattoo for science Geeks


This very tattoo is so abstract and perfect at the same time. Showcasing both a love and a mastery for geometry, this is as geeky as it can get with 3D tattoos. With such a tattoo with its complex meaning, every geek would be delighted to offer some scientific explanation.

A Perfect Illusion Toy-story 3D Tattoo on a man’s Hand


This is one of the most ingenious tattoo ideas there is in 3D tattoos. With a part of the tattoo saying ‘Dad’ near the palm, the wearer is definitely a father to a young fan of Toy-story, and he probably uses this tattoo to mesmerize his little kid.

A red-hot branding Illusion 3D Tattoo on a shoulder


This one looks as weird as it looks interesting. Representing a branding with hot iron which has burned parts of the flesh away to expose the inner body, this 3D tattoo is beautiful for its attention to detail, including the change in colour around the edges.

The mystical hand on the Back 3D Tattoo


A very interesting tattoo concept, this tattoo depicts a touch by someone who is either abnormally very electrically charged or is full of a certain kind of energy which instantly burned the flesh away during the touch. A very lovely artistic expression.

The Cyborg Man 3D Tattoo on a man’s Hand and Shoulder


This tattoo belongs to one of the most beautiful 3D tattoos. It depicts a cutout view of a man’s hand which shows the inner workings of his body. Showcasing a cyborg, the body is both mechanical and biological. This is a very fitting tattoo for the physically strong.

A Stone-view 3D Tattoo on a Man’s Chest


A shocking tattoo that showcases a man built of stones beneath his body. It makes him look like the ‘monstrous thing’ from the fantastic four comic series and movie. Obviously, the wearer of this tattoo is a fan of the fantastic four comic series.

Scary 3D Tattoo showing a huge Spider on a man’s Neck


This man’s tattoo on the neck is a very unique case and quite unforgettable. It shows a large spider whose shadow helps make people to believe that it is real. A very beautiful work of art, this idea is perfect for people who love to play pranks.

The giant Eye with Houseflies around 3D Tattoo


A beautiful, as well as slightly shocking and disgusting picture, this 3D tattoo really does turn the stomach. It depicts flies flying around a human eye whose eyelids have been pulled both up and down to open. It is the introduction of the houseflies which give it a bad taste.

An Anatomical 3D Tattoo showing inside a Human Body


This tattoo uses very nice colours to depict the human interior in a very wonderful way. The bones, as part of the skeleton, join very well with the muscles and thereby provide a structure where the digestive system is housed. A very lovely and detailed artistic work.

Fading into Time artistic 3D Clock Tattoo


This tattoo showcases a beautiful mechanical clock which is slowly fading away as if been blown by the winds of time. The edges of the clock where it joins the human body is also very nicely done, making this one of the coolest 3D tattoo ideas.

Zip it Up 3D Tattoo on an Arm


This tattoo is one of the sleekest and at the same time very creative tattoos ideas. It depicts a simple zipper on the left hand which looks as if you could unzip it anytime and then see what lies beneath the skin. This is a very lovely 3D illusion tattoo.

Cosmic Full Back 3D Tattoo


A very colourful expression, this 3D tattoo showcases the cosmos. With a theme of celestial bodies and a background of the night-sky, this tattoo definitely belongs to a female fan of the mystics and maybe magic. Its perfect for someone with esoteric leanings.

The Mechanical Heart 3D Tattoo Design


This tattoo is a very inspiring artistic work, showcasing a man made of metal inside, and particularly his heart which is a metallic pump. The beauty of the artistic work is in its simplicity. The goal here was not to make believe, but rather to inspire one to think.

A Giant Colourful Eye 3D Tattoo on a Woman’s Lap


This 3D tattoo is a very colourful work done in such vibrant colours and style of painting as to remind of the ‘Flower Power’ culture of the 1960s. This is a perfect tattoo for people who like to have fun and live the good life, no matter what it takes.

A puzzle Cross-section 3D Tattoo on a Leg


This 3D tattoo design follows the beautiful concept of exposing the underlying muscles of the body, after the skin has been cut out in a jigsaw puzzle shape. Bound to attract attention, this tattoo is perfect for its use of colour and attention to detail.

Full Arm 3D Tattoo design showing Muscles


A lovely 3D tattoo design showing the underlying muscles of a person’s full hand. This tattoo is beautiful for its correct use of colour and detailed expression of the muscular system in a human arm. This one is definitely for the science geeks. For more ideas check out our mosaic tattoos!

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