60 Cute Tattoos that Everybody will Instantly Adore on You – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Are you getting your first tattoo, and you want to find the best cute tattoos to choose from? Or, maybe you have several and you’re looking for that perfect addition to your body décor. We have some great options in mind, that range from the cutest pet designs to your favorite cartoon characters.

60 Amazing Cute Tattoo Ideas To Mark A Period In Your Life With A Meaningful Design


Whether Winnie the Pooh reminds you of the good ol’ days and hours spent watching the most precious cartoon or your role model is the ever-so-strong sailor Popeye, there are so many fantastic ways to bring your favorite character to life on your skin.

You could choose the cutest little kitty to adorn your ankle or go big and bold with your favorite gaming character on your forearm. One thing is certain; the best cute tattoos will look incredible wherever you put them and showcase your personality to those around you.

These best cute tattoo designs are perfect for anyone, whether you want to celebrate your first child being born or simply want a cute reminder of someone dear to your heart. You can express your individuality through a cute tattoo of your favorite story or mark a period in your story with a meaningful design that is as cute as it is aesthetically pleasing.

1. Artsy Panda Sitting in a Tree


Pandas really are some of the cutest animals known to this planet. Who wouldn’t want to have this charmingly adorable animal sitting on their skin? I know I’d want one. The artistry of this panda eating bamboo leaves nothing to be desired—it’s perfection in every way, from the linework to the design itself.

2. The Cutest Paw Tattoo Ever


Undoubtedly one of the best cute tattoos that exists, this little paw print on a finger is possibly the best way to honor your furry friend, whether you’re someone who’s missing them or simply adore your favorite pet. Easy-to-see but not in your face, it’s a great idea for any animal lover.

3.A Formal Good Boy Tattoo


Who’s a good boy? Apparently, this fellow is, with the cutest suit and tie. How could he not be? Of course, looks can be deceiving, but this is probably one of the cutest tattoos I have ever seen and whoever is the proud owner of it must be proud of their very good boy.

4. Hey Gamer, This Cute Tattoo Is For You


Trendy and retro, were pretty crazy about this tattoo, from the design to the colors to the content matter—it’s really a tattoo that screams talent. While it has its cute elements that we adore, it also eludes to the heart and soul of a gamer’s lifestyle. We love it; how about you?

5. Oy, Popeye, There Goes Your Woman Tattoo


Do you remember Olive Oyl? If you were a fan of Popeyes, then you definitely know about this character. Who wants to go for the normal run-of-the-mill tattoo anyway? This tattoo is a unique one, for sure, resembling an iron-patch and certainly an eye-catching one you can’t ignore.

6. Remembering Peter Rabbit: A Tattoo


For those who grew up reading Peter Rabbit, you could be looking for a cute tattoo idea like this one. It’s a clean, well-done tattoo that can help you celebrate your childhood favorite in an adult-like way, reminding yourself to always dream as Peter Rabbit did.

7. The Always Honest Garfield Tattoo


Hey now, your cute tattoo could still be full of dark humor. Take, for example, the lasagna-loving cat Garfield, who somehow relates to all of us on a deep level. Depicted in this tattoo as the lazy, relaxed personality we all grew to know and love, this Garfield tattoo may be perfect for you.

8. Don’t Forget the Looney Tunes Tattoo


Many a person has loved the Looney Tunes, and we know for certain that Marvin the Martian has been an all-time favorite character. How could you not? His little self and big personality is everything. Pair him with Porky Pig and you have yourself a truly iconic Looney Tunes tattoo.

9. Lisa Simpson and Her Cat-s Tattoo


For the die-hard Simpson fan, Lisa was a favorite. And so is her obsession with cats, which seemingly all end up with fatal endings on the show. Your morbid humor belongs here with this tattoo that celebrates the connection of Lisa with her cat Snowball (it could be any of her Snowball cats really) .

10. Subtle SpongeBob Tribute With a Pineapple


Do you love the idea of living in a pineapple? You would if you’re SpongeBob, or if you’re Polynesia, with pineapples a common motif. But, to celebrate SpongeBob without actually tattooing the character himself, use his little home to mark your body with your favorite cartoon—don’t worry, we’re not telling a soul.

11. Nothing Stranger than Stranger Things Tattoo


You could get a tattoo of Dustin Henderson or you could get a cartoon version of him tattooed on your body, just like this cute little thing that adds some humor and fun to celebrate what is undoubtedly many people’s favorite show.

12. Cute Yet Fashionable Tattoo Design


Who says a cute tattoo has to be corny? While the penguin may be one of the cutest animals to roam this planet, this tattoo is certainly a beautiful tribute to it, with its trendy dot work, designed with pleasant aesthetics in mind.

13. Ninjas in Palm Trees—Oh Yes!


Who wouldn’t want the cutest tattoo ever on their body? A ninja in a palm tree? Whether you love the movie with Chris Farley, Beverly Hills Ninjas, or simply like the idea of a little fellow in a palm tree, this has to be one of the best cute tattoos out there.

14. Hop Away With This Tattoo


Whatever a bunny symbolizes for you, if you want a tattoo of a bunny, this should be the tattoo you get. It’s cute but artistic, perfectly designed, made to stand out in a subtle and impressive way. If you’re looking for a fun yet classy tattoo, this could be ideal for you.

15. Celebrate Your Youth Tattoo


If you grew up on Disney or simply adore Mickey Mouse, why not honor this important aspect of your childhood through an artistic version of the most-loved mouse out there. Sure, you may be wearing a Disney character on you for life, but when it’s so well-done, there’s nothing to worry about.

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16. Don’t Be Afraid of Being the Cat Lady


This has to be one of the best cute tattoos because simply put, it has a cat. That’s really all we have to say because who doesn’t love a cute little kitty? Whether you have a cat in your life you want to celebrate with ink on your skin or you simply like to decorate anywhere and everywhere with cats, because you’re the cat lady, go for it. We definitely won’t judge.

17. Your Favorite Tom and Jerry Tattoo


This Tom and Jerry tattoo depicts the relationship between the two perfectly and while you may not expect to see this design on a grown man, there is probably a lot more to the story than meets the eye and we think it speaks volumes to the character of a person who celebrates a cartoon that they loved in their youth.

18. Courage Tattoo To Inspire the Brave


For those who are fans of horror + cartoons, there is a dog named Courage the Cowardly Dog who is as timid as he is paranoid, living on a farm where the bizarre is normal. If you were a fan of this cartoon in your lifetime, a tattoo of this dark humor character is perfect for you.

19. Pandas For Life—Literally, On Your Skin


If you just can’t get enough of this adorable animal going extinct, you can make sure it lasts forever on your skin—well, as long as you last. This beautiful tribute to a majestic (majestically cute) animal is one that won’t go unnoticed, and it shouldn’t, with artwork like this.

20. Full of Color, Horror, and Life


The juxtaposition of cute and scary is what makes this tattoo so eye-catching. It makes you want to say, “aww” and “eww” all in one breath. Celebrating the gaming lifestyle and our favorite characters (including Pikachu), it’s the kind of tattoo that would certainly be perfect for a gamer like you.

21. A Ship Isn’t Safe in Harbor Tattoo


Whether you love the ocean or you love to travel, this perfectly designed tattoo won’t take up much space but it can mean a lot. You could be into ocean conservation or simply love the nautical aesthetics of this tattoo. Either way, we think it’s one of the best cute tattoos out there.

22. Wildly Fun Tattoo With Taz


From the color of this tattoo to the fun it reminds us of, this is an ideal tattoo for anyone who is bored of the “trendy” designs and wants to remember the fun and excitement of youth and hours spent watching your favorite cartoons. We love how the artist made this design cooler than you would imagine while doing perfect colorwork.

23. The Trendiest Popeye Tattoo For You


Yes, this is a tattoo of a cartoon but it’s also so well-done, you’d barely notice that it’s a childhood favorite inked for forever on someone’s body. It’s the way that the colors are so subtle and grownup and the artwork so well-done that makes us love this depiction of Popeye—the perfect embodiment of strength and a great reminder to always eat our spinach.

24. Can You Say Meow? The Cutest Tattoo


Nowadays, we’re all about those little tattoos that are barely there but that make a statement in their own right. Don’t you just love this adorable kitty peeking out from below the jeans, that catches your eye yet doesn’t distract? This tattoo is for the cat lady who doesn’t care to deny it.

25. Garfield is Our Spirit Animal Tattoo


Most everyone loves Garfield and you’d have to be crazy not to. Come on! Who doesn’t love this honest little fat cat who really says out loud what everyone is thinking, most of the time? Wouldn’t you love to laze around and eat all day? Although he’s looking a little confused in this cute tattoo, he’s still perfectly endearing in our opinion.

26. Think Out of the Box with Mickey Mouse


The aesthetics of this mash-up tattoo are beyond amazing. With Iron Giant and Mickey Mouse in one tattoo, I’d say that this tattoo is really a reminder to always believe in yourself, but it could also be just a fun way to remember some of your favorite cartoon characters.

27. Remember the Aliens Tattoo


Reminiscent of the days when aliens and floral crowns were all the rage, this tattoo brings memories to life with it’s color and warmth. From the detailed work to the colors that somehow combine so perfectly, we’re really loving the way this tattoo was designed and it’s certainly something to consider putting on you.

28. Your Favorite Characters in One Tattoo


We don’t know who your favorite cartoon characters were but with a design like this one, you can include them all. A sleeve made up of the cartoons that made an impact is something so unique, you won’t see everyone walking around with it—and you won’t want to. It’s all about you, whether it’s one with Taz or not.

29. Mario in a Living Color Tattoo


Once a fan of Mario and you’re a fan of Mario forever and with a tattoo like this, you can show off your love for what is possibly one of the best games in the history of gaming. This eye-catching design is so aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t even matter what the contents of it are, but this water-color tattoo art is perfect if you’re a die-hard Mario fan.

30. Honor Ratatouille With a Tattoo


We just don’t know why anybody wouldn’t want to have a tattoo of a rat on their skin. This is possibly one of the cutest-and most endearing-rats to ever grace the cartoon screen. Remember one of the most special moments of the cartoon with this lovely-looking work of art on your skin.

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31. Peek-a-Boo Tattoo For You


Cats are a theme for us because who can deny just how cute they are? For the minimalistic tattoo connoisseur, this is the perfect tattoo for you. It doesn’t take a lot of money or a super detailed artist for your little kitty cat to be inked on your body.

32. Cherry Tree Climbing Panda Tattoo


What a dreamy little tattoo that has all the right components. From the twinkling start to the panda sitting in a tree to the flowers that delicately adorn it all, we think that this very well deserves the title of “one of the best cute tattoos.” Whether you place it on your ankle or forearm, its delicacy is perfectly eye-catching in the best way possible.

33. Cute Panda Tattoo With Flowers


Whether your older sister’s pet nickname for you was “Panda” or you simply love these cute animals, this endearing panda holding pretty purple flowers is something that would look perfect almost anywhere you place it on your body—it’s subtle yet eye-catching, perfect for your collection of tattoos.

34. Remember Family with Stitch


There’s just something so endearing about cartoons that always leave us with special reminders about what’s important in this life. This Stitch tattoo is delicate and artistic yet it is a cute and gentle reminder of what’s important in his life.

35. There’s Something Beautiful About Bird Tattoos


Bird tattoos can symbolize a broad variety of things, so whatever your meaning is for them, this delicate design of two birds near a high-wire is certainly one to consider. It’s beautifully delicate and is the perfect addition to your body art, that won’t take away from but will rather add to your collection.

36. The Cutest Winnie the Pooh


We all watched Winnie the Pooh as a child, and most of the time, we were left with warm feelings, thanks to the friendships of all of the Hundred-Acre-Wood friends. Cute and delicate, this tiny yet eye-catching tattoo will bring back all those warm feelings when you see it.

37. Floral Décor For Your Skin


There’s a reason why many homes and places have flowers to add life to them. Add life to your body by adding a cute flower to your wrist or ankle. The tulip is a delicate option that can stand alone or in a bouquet, equally as beautiful in every instance.

38. Artistic Meow On Your Neck


There’s just something so charming about tattoos on the back of your neck. If you have a feline friend, this delicate tattoo can honor your friends without being too bold or stamp-like. It’s delicate enough to deserve placement on your neck.

39. Giraffe Smelling Flowers Tattoo


A giraffe deserves to stop and smell the flowers as well. If you happen to be one of the many people who love giraffes, this cute tattoo is certainly a great option for a classically beautiful tattoo that will look perfect on your skin.

40. In Celebration of Winnie the Pooh


Winnie the Pooh is often a mother’s favorite option for décor in their children’s room. We often reminisce on the good times of our childhood when remembering this lovable little bear. This cute tattoo is delicate and sweet—perfect for celebrating your childhood or the beginning of your little ones.

41. The Absolute Perfect Travel Tattoo


When we love to travel, it can often be difficult to put into words what it does for us. But, no one needs to know the words as to why you love the absolute thrill of going somewhere new, smelling new smells, tasting new flavors, and trying new experiences. You can celebrate this experience with a tiny, cute little tattoo like this airplane. It says it all.

42. Delicate Fawn on Your Arm


Is there anything sweeter than a fawn on your arm? We think not, which is what makes this tattoo so sweet and charming. Whatever the reason for tattooing a deer on your arm, we think it’s perfect. Delicate and dear to our hearts, this is an adorable tattoo idea for those looking for something simple and sweet.

43. How About A Despicable Me Tattoo?


We love this sweet tattoo of Agnes from Despicable Me, with her little unicorn, “It’s so fluffy!” Whether you’ve seen the film or not, this is an adorable tattoo, whichever way you look at it, so if you’re looking at ideas for the best cute tattoos, consider one like this work of art.

44. Celebrate Your Sistership Tattoo


If you have a sisterhood you celebrate, consider a beautiful tattoo idea like this one, charming and delicate that can help you remember your tie, no matter how far apart you may be in person. Reminding us of the good times in childhood, this is a great piece of work for the sisters that want something to remember each other by.

45. For the Lovers of the Ocean


Is there anything as majestic as a whale in the ocean? The deep blue has some beautiful animals to be found there and unspoken mysteries. Add some of that beauty to your skin through a tattoo like this one, delicate and cute, yet also awe-inspiring.

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46.The Cutest Kitten Tattoo You Ever Did See


These are the cutest tattoo kittens you’ll ever see. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and keep looking. Who wouldn’t love two tumbling kittens inked on their skin? Life is too short to be sad and boring. Be playful and get a tattoo just like this one.

47. This Puppy Tattoo Is Going Places


If you want a tattoo that can serve as a daily reminder that “you’ve got this!” this puppy is everything you need. Small and determined, with a wag to boot, it’s the kind of daily pick-me-up you never knew you needed. Now you do and you’re welcome. If you’ve got big goals, this tiny tattoo is for you.

48. A Tattoo To Keep you Smiling


On the hard days, it’s nice to have a little reminder that keeps you smiling. If you want that reminder to be a little tattoo, what could be better than a tiny little smile on your finger? Inconspicuous and just there, it won’t take up a lot of bandwidth but will certainly keep a smile on you.

49. Start-Catching Kitty Tattoo Is Everything


Be like this kitty catching starlight in his jar. This dreamy tattoo is for dreamers who need the reminder to keep reaching for the stars and we’re all about it. Soft and delicate yet expertly artistic, it’s a beautiful tattoo for the person who doesn’t want to commit to something large in size but something huge in meaning.

50. Life Gives us Lemons Tattoo


It’s a fashion statement, a positive reminder, and a cute tattoo all in one spot. The placement of this lemon and the artistry behind it is so on-point, we can’t say anything else than that it’s a great tattoo that would look classically beautiful to anyone.

51. What’s Cuter Than a Sleeping Kitten Tattoo?


Whatever the story is behind this adorable tattoo, we don’t even care to know. We’re just happy this tattoo design exists, as it’s the perfect example of one of the best cute tattoos one could have on their body. Whether you love your little kitty and want to honor them or you simply consider yourself a cat-lover, this is a great cat tattoo.

52. The Universe in This Kitty’s Hands


Our world would probably be a little brighter if it were in the hands of a kitty. Why not keep these cherry thoughts by inking a tattoo like this one onto your body? It’s got to be the cutest idea out there. Look at that smile! Who wouldn’t want that kind of happiness as a permanent part of their body?

53. Cutest Tattoo Idea Around


Off they go, these little bunnies with their bags of who-knows-what? We have to give this tattoo points for its originality, as well as the perfect aesthetics thanks to the repetition of the same character. Simple yet concise, it’s probably one of the most fun tattoos out there.

54. Dreamy As Can Be For the Wanderer


We don’t know what’s best about this tattoo, whether it’s the dreamy design itself or the implementation of it. The art is on point, the colors blended so effortlessly, and the concept so expertly executed. Dreams do come true, and this tattoo is proof.

55. Delicate and Playful Fish Tattoo


Whether you’ve recently had to say goodbye to your pet fish or you love underwater creatures, we love this tattoo in its entirety. From the design to the colors that blend so well, to the fine detailed work the artist performed, it’s perfectly pleasing to the eye.

56. For The Traveler: A Perfect Tattoo


Want to showcase your love for travel without going overboard? Do so with this jet tattoo that expertly uses color for the trail that jets leave behind—most certainly something that every traveler notices in the sky when they aren’t traveling.

57. Bring Your Colors to Life Tattoo


Are you looking for a unique rainbow tattoo? Need one that both brings to life the colors you want but also does it in a way that is original and aesthetically pleasing? This is the tattoo for you. The white helps to give off a perspective of neon lights while delicately blending with the base colors.

58. Dreamer, Don’t Stop Dreaming Tattoo


If you’re looking for a cute tattoo to celebrate you reaching for your dreams or you simply like the aesthetics of stardust, this lovely tattoo will delicately adorn your body, wherever you place it. It’s simple yet eye-catching, making for a very attractive tattoo.

59. Little Yet Fierce Dragon Tattoo


This tiny little fire-breathing dragon is a bold reminder that though you be yet little you can still be fierce. Nothing is out of your reach and this tattoo can help you remember that you can do whatever you set out to do. Or, it can simply be a really cute little tattoo on your body.

60. Your Secret Harry Potter Tattoo


You’re a secret Harry Potter fan? Or you simply want a fresh look for your Hogwarts tattoo? This design is pretty neat, combining the most important elements yet in a way that isn’t too “in your face.” Simple yet to the point, remember your favorite book with a tattoo like this one.

60 Meaningful Cute Tattoo Designs Trending This Year

There’s something for everyone on this list. Whether you have favorite cartoon characters or favorite animals from your childhood books or simply love your pets, we’ve put together the best cute tattoos we could find to give you an idea of what you could have inked on you.

From bigger tattoos that are as equally as cute as the smaller ones, we think you’ll find the perfect option for you on our list of 60 best cute tattoos. Have any more ideas you’d like to share with us? We’d love to see them.