Foot tattoo ideas

60 Best Foot Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Awesome Foot Tattoo


This intricate foot tattoo design depicts the all-seeing eye at the very center. While the leaves around it represent growth and prosperity, it is the eye itself which symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. Moreover, the unique placement of the tattoo ensures that it makes for an easy cover-up during the more formal occasions.

Mountain Tattoo for the Adventurers

Done entirely in black ink, this simplistic tattoo design is for the mountain lover. So if you enjoy snow, hiking, trekking, and all that those incredulous peaks have to offer – here is the design for you. Inked on the foot, it shows how your feet have the power to take you anywhere.

Lotus Tattoo for the Spiritual Folk

This delicate little lotus design depicts spirituality and prosperity. Done in black ink, it stands out against the bare skin. Moreover, the foot tattoo is the perfect depiction of how you can succeed despite all odds just as the flower blooms, even in the murkiest waters.

The Spiritual Tattoo

The sun and the moon are frequently seen as two halves that make a whole. So this is one of those foot tattoos with a deeper meaning. Done entirely in black ink, both the celestial objects are created with an intricate design. They represent balancing powers that are necessary for a healthy and happy life.

Skull Foot Tattoo

With the skull at the center, the tattoo looks more morbid that joyous. However, the flowers surrounding the human skull depict beauty in death. The little bow on the head as well as petals peeking out from behind serve to depict death as just another stage of our existence.

Stunning Foot Tattoo Design

If you’re someone who despises the norm, here is a foot tattoo design to make your day. This unique style is guaranteed to adorn your feet beautifully – even without any fancy sandals! Done in black ink, the intricate design is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Incredible Foot Tattoo Design

Done entirely in black, this is one of those foot tattoos that looks stunning due to the contrast it creates with the bare skin. While the design is extremely intricate, it beautifully adorns the feet to give rise to a work of art. Each creation is unique, as can be seen from the two different styles each foot.

Colorful Foot Tattoo for the Free-Bird

Undoubtedly one of the best foot tattoo ideas out there, this one depicts the unique design of a bird on one foot and it’s tail which is continued on the other foot. When the two feet are placed side by side, the image is complete. Done in stunning shades of blue, brown, and pink – it represents the creature’s ability to fly, thereby symbolizing freedom.

Cool feather foot tattoo idea


While feathers symbolize a connection with the celestial beings, they also represent freedom. It’s no wonder that these have become increasingly popular. So here is one of the more unique feather tattoo ideas depicting them dangling below the ankle. Done in black ink, their delicate hues ensure that this creation comes to life.

Beautiful Foot Tattoo for the Lovesick


This colorful little tattoo depicts a butterfly alongside a pink, heart shaped lock. While the creature itself is a symbol of love, life, and transformation, the lock ensures that nothing is left ambiguous. However, the black ribbon in the background represents something more ominous – perhaps the end of love.

Anklet Foot Tattoo on Woman’s Foot


While foot tattoos depicting anklets and other pieces of jewellery are becoming popular, they are also extremely intricate. For example, this beautiful black ink design depicts some pearls on a thread that come together on the heart in the very center. Dropping down from this is another row of pearls that culminates in some stunning feathers.

Dream Catcher Inspired Foot Tattoo


This foot tattoo depicts the dream catcher – a Native American symbol of protection against bad dreams and negativity as these get entangled within its net. Done entirely in black, the intricate design is stunning and it represents positivity and good fortune for the wearer.

Marvelous foot Tattoo Design

This foot tattoo idea sports black lines that highlight the beauty of your feet. Their intricate intertwining along with the delicate curves ensure that the creation looks mesmerizing. Moreover, the bold black lines stand out beautifully against the bare skin, creating the perfect contrast.

Breathtaking Foot Tattoo for the Creative Genius

This awesome foot tattoo idea is one of the best by far. Done in black and blue, it looks aglow with the lighter hues. Here, the intricate design inked predominantly in black is highlighted with lighter tones of blue to make the color pop. Moreover, by using white as a highlight, it ensures that the final result looks incredible.

A Foot Tattoo for the Traveler

Done in black ink, this is one of the best foot tattoo ideas for the wanderer at heart. Depicting a mountainous scene, it represents countless adventurers that are just waiting to happen. However, it could also symbolize the obstacles that need to be overcome in life.

A Tattoo for the Believers


This simple little cross at the heel of the foot is perfect for the theists. It represents Christianity and therefore the faith one has in the Almighty. Done in black ink, it stands out perfectly against bare skin – ensuring that one’s belief’s stand tall forever.

The Evergreen Tree Foot Tattoo


Done in black ink, this unique tattoo idea depicts the pine tree. It represents permanence, constancy, and loyalty as this is one of the few trees that remains ever-green. Here, the delicate little creations stands out in stark contrast against the surrounding skin.

Beautiful Design on Woman’s Foot

This is one of the few tattoo ideas that will accentuate your feet to make them look prettier. Situated a little above the edge of the foot, it almost frames it such that every movement appears delicate. Done in black ink, it is bound to stand out against the unmarked skin surrounding it.

FLoral Tattoo on a Lady’s Foot

This beautiful sunflower tattoo represents loyalty, beauty, and luck. The flower is also a symbol of the magical. Inked on in yellow and green, the darker shading in the background gives the design a 3-D feel. So you can add a touch of the surreal to your life with this incredible tattoo.

Unique Foot Tattoo Idea


If you’re looking for something different – here you have it! Done entirely in black, this tattoo is inked on the soles of the feet. With half on each, it is only as the feet come together that the tattoo is completed. While the dark colors ensure that it stands out, it is located such that it isn’t easily noticeable – making it extremely personal.