Flower tattoo ideas

60 Best Flower Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Frail Flower


This tattoo might seem to be just a way to beautify your body. But it can have a deep meaning for the owner. It is one that intrigues you and that can be liked regardless whether you particularly like the lily or not.

Just One Lily


If you want to get a rather big tattoo, it is not necessary to pick a fancy design. You can always go for something that suits your personality and preferences without involving lots of elements. This lily is the best example for this method.

Half Sleeve Flowers and Wind


Not every woman dares to get herself a half sleeve, but the ones who do can opt to remain very feminine. The various kinds of flowers used for such flower tattoo ideas stick to rather pale colors so the sleeve doesn’t stand out excessively much.

My Broken Fairytale

Everything about this tattoo makes you think about a story of old times and weird events. Though it is not revolutionary, nor dark, it has that special something that impresses you right from the beginning. The withering lily gives it a gloomy appearance.

My Painted Arm


If a talented painter would have worked his magic to illustrate a lily, this would have been the result. It is a flower tattoos idea that has a touch of classic fashion. This arm tattoo is excellent for women who prefer vintage fashion.

Touch of Art


This creation is obviously the work of a good tattoo artist and drawer. It is original, creative and it doesn’t lack several additional elements that complete the look. This flower tattoo is still very feminine without going overboard and it is empowering as well.

Pink Lilies


Lilies are graceful and elegant, so these pink lilies are a good way to reveal your inner grace and to reconnect with your inner femininity. The lily is meaningful enough not to need other elements in the design. If you want to make a statement, this is a good choice.

My Flower From Out Of Space


Sci-Fi fans love this unusual interpretation of the good old lily. There are few flower tattoos that come with a totally fresh approach and this is one of them. It is something new without going overboard with anything. Just a touch of creativity and you have an innovative design.

Vintage Lilies


The woman who chooses this flower tattoo design is the one who enjoys breaking the rules without losing her femininity. It is a daring tattoo that shows off her rebellious side and it decorates her arm in a rather rugged way.

A Flower in the Mist


This flower tattoo is designed for the mysterious woman, who likes to intrigue the ones around her and to use her charisma to be a remarkable presence. The tattoo features an interesting approach to the popular lily. Even if it doesn’t contain many elements, it is not a simple design.

Orange Lilies


Lilies can have many meanings from passion and motherhood to renewal and purity. That’s why tattoo ideas for ladies often include at least one lily. These orange ones represent great choice for the arm as they are neither too bold, nor too pale.

Lilies on My Back


This is an interesting approach to the regular flower tattoos involving lilies. It is much darker and it lacks intense colors, yet the effects created by skillful shading transform it into a tattoo worth having. It preserves the pinkish shade that women like so much.

Contours and Highlights


This is a flower tattoo design that relates to two makeup concepts that are very beloved by women: contouring and highlighting. These lilies are all about that. The edges and the middle parts are nicely contoured, while the interior pops out as it emphasized through highlighting.

Intense Lily


Here we have a lily that doesn’t need much in order to complete the design. Though the art of tattooing does its job smoothly, it is a straightforward tattoo that doesn’t play too much with shades or highlights. That’s why it’s ideal for women who don’t like to play games.

Nature’s Finest Half Sleeve


If you want a charming and very brightly colored half sleeve, this one is for you. It depicts nature elements like hummingbirds or lilies using highly intense shades that cheer you up. Ladies who love nature and have a positive attitude will love this.

Flower with Shades of Blue


There is no doubt about the fact that intense blue looks stunning as part of tattoos not only because it usually steals the show, but it looks great on nearly any skin color. This tattoo features various shades that beautify the design and make it more appealing.

Black and Simple


Most women think of flowers as the most vividly colored things that nature has to offer. But some ladies think outside of the box and take out all the colors that define flowers. This black and simple flower tattoos idea is for the rebel in you.

Roses on an Anchor


The anchor is usually regarded as being a manly symbol. But not anymore as now you can attach roses and a simple anchor turns into a work of art in no time. This tattoo will do just fine on pretty much any body part.

Painting of Old


Whether you feel nostalgic or fascinated, you can’t help feeling that this tattoo strikes a chord in a way or another. It is one that can be owned by women of all ages, irrespective of their lifestyle.

Dark Flower


Not all flower tattoo ideas are nice and girly. This is a big exception from the rule. Unlike other designs that aim to reach perfection, it is an asymmetrical flower that doesn’t include any color whatsoever. The petals are uneven and overall they look rather withered.