60 Best Chest Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Two Angry Birds

A good artist can create a great tattoo without even touching colors. This is a relevant example. The feathers of the two birds make them look animated and energetic. The symbol in the middle deepens the personal meaning of the creation.

Flying Owl

People think that owls are pretty much inactive. Not this one. It is very active and alive, as if it was ready to right. It is a simple, yet big design that covers both parts of the chest equally. The sharp edges of the feathers include individual details.

I See You

This is a tattoo where black rules the game. It is very intense and it is based on the contrasts between skin’s color and pitch black in order to create quite an aesthetic effect. It is ideal for men who want a bold tattoo with few details.

Decaying Stag

This is a chest tattoo for a strong man who is not afraid to shock. It portrays a partially decayed stag, along with a trapped raven. The multiple dark shades give it dimension and sharpness. It might look grim for some, but it can have a serious underlying meaning.

Colorful Raven At Sunset

Ravens are usually pitch black. But this chest tattoos idea brings a new perspective. However, despite the softness of the blue shades and the sunset behind it, the raven preserves the well-known aggressive behavior and looks as if it is ready to attack.

Geometrical Heart

Though heart tattoos are not uncommon, this shape manages to bring something totally new. The rough geometrical resembles a rock. This could easily mean a heart of stone or a frozen one. The owner couldn’t have found a better place for such tattoos ideas.

Lines Of Life

The three horizontal lines are divided by a vertical one that starts at the neck ends up on the cleavage with a spear-like tip. It resembles tribal tattoos and it impresses not only due to its size and simplicity, but also due to the visual illusion that it inflicts.

Colorful Butterfly

Tattoos ideas for ladies are always more colorful and vivid. This one is no exception. The chest tattoo design features a colorful butterfly. The butterfly is highly requested in most countries for all body parts. This one focuses on multiple colors.

Irregular Chest Design

Chest tattoos are some of the most creative ones, thanks to the large amount of space available. This one is certainly a one of a kind chest tattoo design that involves lots of creativity from the tattoo artist, evne if it used just black and red.

Cleavage Peacock

Peacocks display so many stunning colors that they are the favorite birds of many ladies. As in reality, there isn’t any particular color that stands out the most. All of them form a beautiful bright creation that covers the chest in a feminine way.

Yellow Brown and Black

When it comes to ladies, designs involving insects usually stick to colorful patterns. Here the artist uses less than usual. Still, though it lacks the multitude of rainbow colors, this is still one of the lively chest tattoos ideas that work for women.

Artistic Owl

When the tattoo involves taking a real thing and totally transforming it, you know we are talking about pure art. The new perspective is rendered here through a new interpretation of the owl. Even if it is not realistically portrayed, it still manages to preserve the original shape.

Abstract Monochromatic Tattoo

There are chest tattoo ideas that are simply unlike anything you have ever seen before. This is one of them. This piece is monochromatic and abstract, yet it is somehow able to be interesting and to catch the eye. It covers not only the chest, but a part of the ab too.

Colorful Bird For A Lady

Ladies’ tattoos are sometimes all about the mirage of colors. Here is an example that doesn’t prove us wrong. The aesthetic effect of the bird is exquisite and it frames the neck beautifully. It also manages good on the collarbones and this is essential for a chest tattoo for ladies.

Insect Drawing

Some individuals just like insects and are ready to show their preference. Whether this design has a particular meaning or it just looks cool to you, you can place it between your pectoral muscles without having to fill it in.

My Royal Crown With Two Roses

This is one tattoo that can make you feel like royalty. The sparkling crown is accompanied by two roses that feature different shading alternatives. The artist succeeded in making all three elements highly realistic and integrating them perfectly on the chest. They are ideally placed and this only enhances the effect.

Ship At Sunset

There are few body art options that can be more stunning than this one. The flawless ship that sails away features amazing details, while the sky is looks as if it was painted by a skillful master. If you want one of the most astonishing chest tattoos idea, you want this.

Dark Bat

Bats fascinate quite many people. If you are one of them you will enjoy this big bat on your chest. Despite the fact that it is a dark one, it doesn’t lack details and shades that make it more realistic. Also, the grim effect is kept to a minimum.

Dragon’s Scream

This dragon’s head is so artistically created that you can almost hear the scream. It is fantastic to see what an artist can do even without using colors. The sharp teeth and the scales give it a dangerous look. If you are keen on dragons, this will work nicely on your chest.

Half A Spiral

Such chest tattoos ideas have to be connected with an arm tattoo. Here is one that involved a lot of work and it provides a highly extensive coverage of one chest part. It suits an ambitious man who knows exactly what he wants from life.