60 Best Chest Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Skullhead Death Moth Tattoo

Captivating beauty is what this death moth holds with its skull head and widespread wings. The insect’s antenna and wings follow the contour of the shoulder blades, while its body rests at the center. Vines with abundant leaves extend at the back and crawl at the sides to enhance the image.

Tree on Earth Tattoo

Embrace nature with this brilliant black chest tattoo design featuring a tree that’s brimming with life. Its roots cling on to the rounded frame that resembles the earth’s shape, the strong and sturdy trunk rises high above ground while its branches and leaves arrive in abundance with numerous birds fluttering to the sky.

Lovebirds with Precious Heart Gem Tattoo

Fall in love with the loveliest of chest tattoos featuring a sparkling red heart gem at the center that’s embellished by a blue bow. Two birds rest on each side facing each other amidst vines and flowers that are widespread across the chest from shoulder to shoulder.

Three Lovely Roses Tattoo

Red roses make up one of the most attractive chest tattoo ideas. The biggest rose rests at the center while two smaller flowers sit on either side to form a chain. They are crafted in the finest detail with one soft red-white petal growing out of the other and the roses cradled by lush, thick green leaves.

Black Stag Skull Tattoo

This chest tattoo creates a striking impression fit for a hunter and every strong masculine form. The stag’s face is found centered on the chest while its horns extend long to either end of the shoulder blades. The effects of the black ink are utterly astounding.

Meditating Skeleton Tattoo

A cool tattoo presenting a skeleton that fascinatingly sits to meditate under the black moon shining its brilliance from the center of the chest. The skull appears to have smiling teeth and is relaxing as the moonlight strikes its fragile bones while it stays still in an upright sitting position.

Sexy Curvy Shoulder-to-Chest Tattoo

One of the simplest chest tattoos idea that produces the most beautiful and sexiest form. Long slender curves trace the neck and shoulders until it reaches the top of the breasts, then the curvatures are endowed with the tiniest details and small dainty patterns.

Artistic Winged Hourglass Tattoo

An ornate hourglass with bloody red liquid is cradled atop a wreath of laurel leaves centered on a man’s muscular chest. Tremendous wings bestowed with black, white and red shades spread majestically at the back while a ribbon with a quote written on it flows at the bottom.

Key To My Heart Flowery Tattoo

Simple yet elegant, glamorous, and chic. This chest tattoo design is made up of intricately inked petals to form delicate roses, lines that form leaves and vines that crawl from shoulder to shoulder, all connected to the huge fancy heart that dangles a long and thin key right at the center.

Growling Wolf-Skull Tattoo

This amazing work of art inked at the top left chest displays a humongous wolf with a thick coat and flowy hair. It’s mouth is wide open with whiskers, sharp teeth and fangs prominent , apparently swallowing an entire skull with similarly wide open mouth and hollow eyes.

Decorative Hearts and Roses Tattoo

Two big vivid red roses rest at the top of each shoulder. Ornate classy beads and embellishments hang low and gracefully in big curves, meeting at the center where a big heart lies. The heart contains 3 small red roses which is enhanced with more beads and decorative designs.

Vintage Clock with Roses Tattoo

This classy chained vintage clock belongs to the most stunning chest tattoo ideas. It is glowing at the center of the chest while it rests on a hollow skull that’s surrounded by big roses. Two white doves spread their wings on either side while ribbons wrap loosely around them.

Whole Chest Nautical Tattoo

Fit for the marine and strong muscular body and every man who loves the water, this unique chest tattoo features elements of the sea. A large ship sails the vigorous waves amidst the stormy skies and lightning, while a massive-sized star compass serves as a guide in the darkness and challenges.

Top Left Chest Bible Verse Tattoo

This chest tattoo covers the top left part of the body including the upper arm. A white cross is set upon the arm, with cloudy skies and rays of sunlight glowing through it. The bible verse along with the full length of the quote is scribbled in nice fluid script writing amidst the beautiful backdrop.

Neck-Chest Masculine Tattoo

Stephen James flaunts one of the most elaborate chest tattoos idea that elicits a beautiful masculine appeal. A flower in bloom is inked on the base of the neck. Curves and lines flow to form complex designs filled with the tiniest details, dots, and various attractive patterns spread on the chest.

Full Chest Bat Tattoo

A furry bat is explicitly seen at the center of the chest from its head down to its forearm and wrist, to its feet with finely detailed toes and sharp claws, ending with its tail. The wings of this animal is widespread with every membrane exquisitely illustrated.

Shoulder Chest Wing and Word Tattoo

One of the simplest tattoos ideas that can be placed on the bare chest, yet among the most striking and eye catchy designs. Beautifully written words line the leftmost shoulder blade, while a half wing with each feather finely detailed and bolder towards the tip is gracefully curved on the rightmost chest.

Winged Tiger Tattoo

This wonderful masterpiece appears like a marvelous painting with a striking image of a tiger at the center. Its stripes match the black color of the wings, made brighter with the color yellow. The picture is enhanced with attractive women on either side with roses on their ears.

Abstract Realistic Woman Face Tattoo

The realistic face of a woman with seemingly long hair exhibits a one-of-a-kind image of the best chest tattoos. A squawking soft-feathered bird in front and the varied splashes of abstract colors and sharp rays with pointy tips enhance the overall tattoo picture.

Decorated Skull Black and White Tattoo

This skull with hollow eyes and nose with gritted teeth that is centered on the chest creates one of the most glamorous tattoos ideas. The bony face is enveloped in flowy decorative vines that yield an elaborate eye-catchy look.

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