bow tattoo design ideas

60 Sexy Bow Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Large Black Lace Bow


This large bow tattoo is a very feminine choice. Crafted of all black “lace,” it features a double, folded bow style and nice shadowing effect, so the bow lifts off the skin. The right bottom edge of the ribbon trails down slightly longer than the left, giving this bow tattoo design a realistic and cute look.

Simple Tiny Bow with Polka Dots


This super tiny style is one of our smallest bow tattoos. Meant to go on your finger or other small area, it uses minimal ink and features a slim line black outline of a bow, which is then filled in with tiny black polka dots. It’s a chic and modern choice for your first tattoo.

Triple Bows and a Corset


This is one of the most inventive of all bow tattoo ideas. You get not one, but three red bows! Two bows on each lower limb and one bow on the center back. The back bow is accentuated by a heavy black string that is crisscrossed in a corset pattern. This is an ideal combination of romantic and edgy!

Girly Bow


This bow tattoo consists of a very small black bow outline with a center dot and ruched detail. The central ribbons trailing out of the dot are thin and swirly, making this tattoo a graceful and elegant choice. Its small size would also make it a good choice for first-timers.

Yellow Measuring Tape Ribbon


This unique bow tattoo design is an unusual combination of a measuring tape with a bow motif. The traditional bright yellow measuring tape, complete with numbers and markings, is tied into a loose bow in this idea. The bottom corners of the bow gently turn upwards, giving a flowing swing to the overall shape.

Bow with Tri-Color Dots


This bow really packs a colorful punch! The large bow has pinky-red and black dots of several different shapes and sizes. The detailed outer trim of the bow is finished with soft white and pink accents, outlined in black.

Old-Fashioned Black and White Polka Dots


This tattoo idea will remind you of something out of a black-and-white movie! It features a double bow on the upper right, with ribbons floating out sideways to the left and down to the opposite side. The bow is outlined with a thin black line, filled in with very light black shading. Darker black polka dots are then placed on top, covering the whole ribbon.

Pink and White


A super-girly choice, this bow tattoo brings to mind all of your favorite cartoons. It features two identical bows, each with a heart at the center. With long ribbons, these bows are all bright pink and filled with white polka dots. The trim of each bow is made of small white dots, framed by thin black lines.

Double Bow and Shadow Play


Again featuring two bows, this all-black tattoo idea uses varied shading techniques to create an ombre texture, starting out strongly in the center, fading to white at the outer corners and returning to dark black at the bottom edges.

Anchored Heart with Rope and Ribbon


Combining gray, red, and black, this tattoo has a faded gray anchor at its center. A bright red ribbon with black dots and black leopard spots is tied at the anchor’s center and folds underneath the anchor’s lower portion. A rope for the anchor is lightly drawn in the background and swirls down across the entire image from the top.

Orange a Whimsical Twist


This fun tattoo combines elegance with a modern, playful style. It features a light orange bow outlined in a slim black line. The left edge of the bow floats sideways and fades out, with the right side fluttering down the back. Black curly script on the lower portion completes the graceful look.

Shades of Black


Multiple shades of black combine to make this a universally-flattering tattoo. Deep black accents on the central, lower, and inner points stand out in stark contrast to the gray and white areas at the middle and ends of the bow.

Black and Blue


This image incorporates the black bow of earlier tattoos, this time placing it on a colored background of delicate blue and yellow strokes that look like they were painted with a paintbrush. Thin black lines and dots frame the design and add movement.

Heavy Lace


This heavily-inked bow tattoo is old-fashioned in its design. The very wide bow in intricate black lace looks very realistic, especially since it is finished with tiny white trim. This is an ideal medium-sized choice.

Timepiece and Blue Ribbon


This fancy tattoo features a Victorian pocket watch at its center. The gold watch is highly detailed and includes a full clock face and three clock hands. It’s hung on a dark blue, wide ribbon that swirls around the entire image. This is a good combination of gothic with elegant.

Red and Black


A new twist on the classic black bow outline, this design is highlighted by a red center and delicate ruched patterns. The ends of the ribbon intertwine over each other, giving this a realistic and graceful feel.

Red Corset


Featuring a small red bow at the top and a larger red bow at the bottom, this tattoo idea connects the two bows by a section of heavy, Victorian-style corset strings. The jewel tone, ruby-red ink is very special, and it has a shiny quality. This is ideal if you want a tattoo for a large area.

Purple Lace Circle


This simple, elegant design uses light purple ink to create a Victorian lace ribbon, complete with detailed white trim. The ends swirl around to create a circle. This tattoo is a perfect choice for understated glamour.

Loose Bow


This loose bow gives the appearance of being tied to the arm by a string. The relaxed loop creates a playful look. In an all black outline, this is a simple and minimalist image that will look great on everybody!

Classic, Simple Bow


A smaller-size design, this is a classic black bow, outlined by thin black lines and highlighted with black shading. The edges are accented with heavier black ink.