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60 Sexy Bow Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Medium-Size Red Bow


This medium-size tattoo of a dark red bow is the perfect tattoo if you want something simple and not too dramatic. Outlined in black, the red ribbon is nicely detailed with center ruching and makes use of a shadow effect so that it appears to lift off of the skin.

Long, Ornate Ribbon


This bow tattoo idea is ideal for making a statement! It is a very long, wide bow that begins at the base of the neck and finishes at the lower back. It features orange as the primary color, with outlines in black. It includes cursive script with a quote at the tail end of the ribbon.

Ruby-Red, Shiny Bow


This stylized bow tattoo design is a real standout, with its ruby color and surrounding black shading and dots. The ends of this ribbon curve inwards, just like a curled ribbon on a package.

Black Lace Bow


A perfect combination of feminine and gothic, this all black bow is designed to look like it’s made of lace. The left side hangs down a bit longer than the other side and has a realistic, sweeping curl.

Minimalist Outline


This is the perfect starter bow tattoo. It features a simple heavy black line which outlines the bow shape. The image is not filled in with any color. With a cute dot at its center and a small size, this would also make a great first tattoo.

Red Heartstrings


This tattoo is quite clever in its design. It features not just a red bow with life-like shading, but also has two small, curled black strings that come out from the center of the bow. They intertwine in the middle and finish with tiny hearts at the ends.

Hearts and Anchors


This red bow is literally anchored by a large black anchor! The bow, which has a heart in the center, is tied around the middle of the anchor. The ends of the bow trail over the anchor. This is a larger-size tattoo.

Don’t Forget This Tattoo!


You definitely won’t forget this tattoo! It’s simple, just a black outline of a string wrapped around the ankle, with a small, loopy black bow outlined in the center—just like those old-fashioned “reminder” images you sometimes see in the mail.

Hearts and Lace


You get two bow tattoos in one with this design. These romantic tattoos, one on each leg, feature a black bow in their centers, surrounded by a line of hearts. The hearts have a lace-like effect. These all black tattoos are perfect if you’re looking for something on the fancy side but want to stick to one color.

Cartoon-Inspired Bow


This bow tattoo idea is inspired by Disney and your favorite childhood cartoons. Sweet and bright, this large, light-red bow is full of white polka dots throughout. It features black shading at the edges, again giving the effect of lifting it off the skin.

Old-Fashioned Lace


With all-black “lace,” this bow evokes Old-Hollywood glamour. One end extends longer than the other, with a delicate curl. A perfect blend of old and new, this is ideal for girls wanting something in a vintage style.

Heart-Centered Bow


This ribbon combines lace, a central heart, and all black. It’s perfect if you can’t decide between vintage, gothic, or feminine—it has them all. The oversized heart at the center, and this bow tattoo’s large size are great for making a statement!

Black and White Lace


This highly-detailed lacy bow features intricate lace flowers inside the bow. The edges are delicately finished with white accents. This bow is so detailed it looks like embroidery, and it is finished with flowing, realistic edges on the bottom of the ribbon.

Curly Red Ribbons


These bow tattoos offer two for one! With red bows on each ankle, these will definitely stand out from the crowd. The crimson-hued bows appear to be “tied” around the ankles by thin red strings. The smaller bows on this design are nicely complemented by flowing thin, curly ribbon strings. This is one of our most life-like designs.

Black Outline with Shading


This simple outline design features dark black outlining of the main bow and nice shading details at the edges and in the central, ruched part of the bow. This is a smaller tattoo, and incorporates both darker and lighter shades of black to give a nice, raised graphic effect.

Victorian Glamour Bow


One of our most colorful bow tattoos, this design features a light green center bow with trailing ribbons. The bow is tied in place by a green band that is made to look like an elastic. A highly intricate design, the edges of the “elastic” band are artfully finished with white tips, just like real lace.

Loose Black Ribbon


This bow tattoo consists of a bow and ribbon outline in heavy black ink. It features a string tied around the wrist, and the bow itself is very loosely tied, with floating edges. This is a smaller size tattoo.

Double Bow


Another of our all-black designs, this bow tattoo is unique because the bow portion is pinched in to create the effect of the left and right sides of the bow being a double bow. The edges of this bow are straight, and it features a variety of black shadings. It is a nice combination of simple and gothic details.

Two Tiny Bows


These bow tattoos feature a small, thin black bow on each wrist. The excellent shading makes them appear to stand up on the skin. The right tail of the ribbon hangs down a bit longer than the left, giving a nice shape to this design. This is a great minimalist choice.

Pink Jewels and Black Lace


This is a really glitzy, fancy choice. It features a combination of black lace with pink “jewels.” A central pink “jewel” in the lacy black bow is framed by trailing pink ribbons coming out from the center point. Underneath the main black lace bow is a smaller pink bow. The pink jewel itself is framed by white lace accents, and the bottom edges of the black lace bow are pink where the second bow peeks through from underneath.

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