60 of the Best DC Comics Tattoos to Let Your Inner Nerd Out – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

The DC Universe has a massive number of fans and it can be hard to find the best DC Comics tattoo ideas and designs to showcase how much you love the comic universe. We’ve put together 60 of the best DC comic tattoos that you can use when creating your own piece. Not only are there countless heroes and supervillains to choose from, but you can use any design you want. If you go to a reputable artist that has plenty of experience, you shouldn’t have too many issues getting the unique piece of your dreams.

60 Design Ideas for the Best DC Comics Tattoos


With the 60 tattoo designs that we’ve included, we tried to make sure we added multiple different characters in a variety of different styles. Some of these designs have a realistic style, while others look exactly how they do in comic books. You can use these ideas as inspiration for your own tattoo or you can use the designs in the pictures and add your own design elements to make it one of a kind. If you can’t decide which tattoo to get or if you have multiple favorite characters, you can create your own big piece or turn it into a full arm or leg sleeve! With that said, let’s look at these awesome tattoo designs.

1. Black Triple Threat Tattoo Design


Not only is this black and white tattoo well-done, but it’s a great option for those that love multiple characters. There are so many awesome details throughout the tattoo and all of the lines are crisp. If you wanted to add a little uniqueness, you can add logos from your favorite characters or even add a little water.

2. Comic-Style Joker Tattoo Design


If you love the look of the comic book version of The Joker, then this design could be an option. The Joker looks exactly as he does in the comics and the artist did a great job at capturing his madness. It’s a cool tattoo that any fan would love.

3. Stoic Superman Arm Tattoo Idea


The artist did an amazing job with Superman’s face and you can see the power he gives off. We also love that they made his hair and curl look so real. The outfit he’s wearing is just like the original design and all of the colors are perfect for a Superman-related tattoo.

4. Batman & Joker Mash-Up Tattoo


The design of this tattoo is a great option for those that love the relationship between Batman and The Joker. It’s mainly black and white, but the areas that have color bring an eeriness to the piece. This is even more true when you see that only the eyes are a shocking white. Overall, it’s an awesome piece.

5. Awesome Batman & Bat Signal Tattoo


If you love Batman, then there’s a good chance you get excited when he sees the bat signal and zooms into the night. This tattoo is a great representation of this and the artist did a great job at making Batman look like he’s getting ready to attack from the top of a building!

6. Life-Like Batman Portrait Design Idea


This tattoo looks exactly like Batman in the movie Batman Forever. The hero looks exactly like he should and adding the bat signal on the mask was a nice touch. The background looks just like the city at night and all of the lines are very solid.

7. Beautiful Colored Cat Woman Tattoo


This tattoo is absolutely amazing for many different reasons. For starters, the face is so well-done and could be mistaken for a real photograph. In addition, the costume looks like authentic leather and the goggles look 3D. One last thing we loved about this design is the single strand of hair falling into her face because it gives her an innocent vibe.

8. Realistic Joker & Batman Mash-Up Tattoo


Here is another tattoo that would be great for those that love Batman and The Joker. Both characters are done very well and it looks like a real portrait. We also love that the artist added all of the little details because it makes the entire piece more authentic.

9. Clark Kent Phone Booth Tattoo


While we’ve seen a lot of Superman tattoos, we haven’t seen one quite like this. Just like in the movies and comics, Clark Kent is inside a phone booth so he can change into his costume. Everything from Superman himself to his name looks exactly like the classic designs, which brings back some great memories for many people!

10. The Flash Classic Colored Tattoo


The tattoo in this picture is a great option for those that want something that’s classic and close to the style of an original comic book. All of the colors blend perfectly and we love how the artist added the speed trails behind the hero.

11. The Flash Abstract Tattoo Idea


The great thing about this tattoo is that it’s simple but has great colors and fantastic linework. We like that the colors they used matches the colors of The Flash and the lightning bolt looks really good with the abstract style. One other thing we like is that the bolt looks like it’s running and has the same speed trails as the hero.

12. Comic-Style Green Lantern Tattoo


If you’ve read any of the Green Lantern comic books, then you’ll notice that this tattoo looks like it was pulled right from a page. They did a great job on his face and the green is both bold and bright. Our favorite part of the design is the creation coming from the ring!

13. Watercolor Galaxy Superman Tattoo Design


This is the perfect design for those that love watercolor designs, Superman, and the galaxy. The colors that were chosen go together well and the logo is designed so that it looks like you could reach out and grab it. It’s well-done and would look great on many different areas of the body.

14. Life-Like Joker Quote Tattoo


The two Jokers in the tattoo are the most recent and the artist made them look almost identical to the actors. If you’re a Joker fan, chances are that you know the significance behind the quote and it’s an overall great design that would be the perfect piece to add to your collection.

15. Captivating Dark Phoenix Tattoo Idea


Dark Phoenix is another one of those characters that aren’t talked about much and many people don’t even know who she is. With that said, though, the artist did a fantastic job on this tattoo. We love that the colors are bright and Dark Phoenix is both sexy and intimidating!

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16. Super Woman & Superman Embrace Tattoo


Not only could this design be great as a matching tattoo, but you could also use it to represent how much you love both Superman and Wonder Woman. You can see the emotion in their faces and they look like they were pulled right from a comic. If you love this design but want something more unique, try adding a few background elements.

17. Comic Panel Booster Gold Tattoo


Booster Gold is one of the lesser-known members of the Justice League and the artist made this tattoo look exactly like him. We love that there’s an angry mob chasing him and the artist did a great job at showing the fear in his face. The colors also look just like they do in the comic books!

18. Awesome Watercolor Superman Tattoo Idea


While this is another Superman tattoo that’s done in a watercolor style, it’s different for a few reasons. For starters, we love that it isn’t just the logo but the actual hero. We also love that you can see the determination and intensity in his face. The colors blend well together and the fact that they aren’t within lines makes the entire piece look unique.

19. DC Comics Mega Fan Tattoo Design


The greatest thing about this tattoo is that it looks like a pile of comic books is sitting right on your skin. All of the covers are done extremely well and it’s a great way to showcase multiple favorites. You could have it done the same size as in the photo or add more covers to make it more unique.

20. Black & White Simple Batman Tattoo


While this Batman tattoo looks simple, it’s done extremely well. It has a kind of abstract vibe and the paint-like droplets were a nice touch. Even though the artist only used black and white, they did a good job at getting all of the perfect highlights. It would be a great piece for any Batman fan.

21. The Flash Comic Book Style Tattoo


This awesome design makes you feel like you’re reading an actual comic book. The colors are on-point and the added “KAPOW” is a nice touch. The Flash has solid lines and it looks exactly like him. To make your piece more unique, you could have the artist do your favorite comic panel.

22. Large Green Lantern Tattoo Idea


We seriously can’t stop looking at this tattoo design because it’s so well-done. It seems like you see more details every time you look at it and the colors that were chosen are both vibrant and fitting. The things we love the most is the design in the background and the crystals in the front.

23. Ultimate DC Comic Character Tattoo


This tattoo would be the ultimate piece for anyone that absolutely loves the DC universe. Not only does it have multiple fantastic heroes, but each one looks great. The faces aren’t close to portraits since they weren’t the main focus, but the whole design reminds us of what you’d see in a comic book.

24. Mesmerizing Daily Planet Tattoo Design


If you love Superman and you’re looking for a unique tattoo design, then you should give this one a chance. The Daily Planet page looks just like a newspaper and we love that the only color is Superman’s costume. We also love that the artist added white to the hero’s eyes because it gives off a mysterious and strong vibe.

25. DC Character Collage Design Idea


Like a few other tattoos on the list, this is a great idea for those that love multiple characters. Each area has tons of details and is packed with color. To make things more unique, you could add different heroes or change the layout around.

26. Large Dark Knight Leg Tattoo


The Dark Knight is one of the best Batman movies and this tattoo is spot-on. For starters, the artist did an amazing job making it look like a rainy night and there’s no need to guess what it is. The other things we really love are how life-like the face looks like and all of the small details in the costume.

27. Cool Flying Superman Tattoo Design


The fact that the only color in this tattoo is Superman’s costume makes it more unique and classical looking. Not only does he look like he’s actually flying, but you can see the seriousness in his face. To make it more unique, you could add more colors in other areas of the design.

28. Epic Green & Purple Tattoo Idea


The way the colors look with each other makes this tattoo look creepy and mysterious. You can see the insanity on The Joker’s face and the red drippings from his mouth make him intimidating. We also think that the one HA was a nice touch that brings everything together nicely.

29. Clark Kent to Superman Tattoo


You don’t usually see the transformation from Clark Kent to Superman when it comes to tattoos and the artist did a great job showcasing that. We love that he’s wearing both outfits together and the expression on his face makes him look solemn. The colors are great and the design looks like it was pulled directly from a comic.

30. Beautiful Superman Angel Tattoo Design


Not only is this a great option for pretty much anyone, but it can represent tons of different things. The wings are so life-like and they’re exactly what most imagine angel wings to look like. The colors of the logo are deep and the halo looks like it’s actually shining. We really love the addition of the clock hands and you could make it more unique by having them point to a certain time.

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31. Realistic Super Woman Tattoo Design


Not only is this Wonder Woman tattoo very sexy, but it has a sense of power about it. They did a great job at making the face look life-like and they were able to capture her outfit perfectly. The arm is a great location for this tattoo and the size of the design is perfect for getting every detail.

32. Classic Comic-Style Batman vs Joker Tattoo


This tattoo is set-up exactly like a comic book page and it does a fantastic job of showcasing the rivalry between Batman and The Joker. Not only is there a fight between the two going on in the background, but it shows The Joker’s insanity. The colors are great and the piece flows perfectly.

33. Fierce Life-Like Wonder Woman Tattoo


One thing that really stands out about this tattoo is the style because it looks both life-like and animated. The face is done well and Wonder Woman’s eyes look like they’re gleaming. The costume is perfectly done and the chosen colors give it a shiny look. It’s in the perfect spot but would also look good in other areas.

34. Small Bat-Shaped DC Tattoo Idea


This dainty tattoo is a great option for those that want something that has a lot of detail without being huge. Putting the characters inside of the bat signal was a nice touch and it looks exactly like the city at night. Both characters are done very well and you could make it more unique by changing them out.

35. DC Comic Characters Ripping Through Skin Tattoo


While this tattoo has both DC and Marvel, we included it because it has more DC characters. It has the same skin-ripping look as some of the other tattoos on this list, but it takes up the whole leg. All of the logos are done well and the artist did a fantastic job at making everything fit in together. It’s a great tattoo, especially for those that love both comic universes.

36. Super Woman Pin-Up Tattoo Design


We love that this piece is designed exactly like an old-school pin-up tattoo. Wonder Woman looks just like a pin-up model and they did a great job with the colors. The cloud-like details at her feet give a magical feel to the tattoo and we love that they added a little bit of red to her cheeks.

37. Abstract Super Woman with Lasso Tattoo


The abstract-style of this design gives the entire tattoo a classic and timeless feel. We like how the colors are in spots that are meant to stand out, as well as the fact that the only really dark area is the hair. Adding the blue and red around the lasso was a nice touch and draws your eyes to that spot.

38. Small Wonder Woman Logo Tattoo


This Wonder Woman tattoo is a little different than most of the others on this list because it’s just the logo. With that said, though, the logo is so well-done that it looks like it’s a printed picture. It’s a perfect size and the colors are spot-on.

39. Black and White Super Woman Triangle Tattoo


If you’re drawn to tattoos that look like they came right from a comic book, then give this one a look. It looks great without any colored ink and the bold triangle outline gives it a unique look. The artist did a great job on the face and she looks the same as she does in the comics.

40. Comic Book Close-Up of Super Woman Tattoo


Here’s another Wonder Woman tattoo that looks like it came from the comic. Like the one before this, the outline is what makes it more unique. The black and white are done well and the artist did a fantastic job of showing the fierceness and emotion in her face. You could add a little color on the headband if you wanted to make it more unique.

41. Interesting Wonder Woman Portrait Design


This design is a great representation for many different situations and it’s done extremely well. All of the lines on the face are sharp and make her look like she’s 3D. The crown looks like it’s made of real gold and your eyes are automatically drawn to the statue in her hand. It’s a great piece that looks more like a portrait than a tattoo.

42. Beautiful Superman with Flowers Tattoo


Most people associate the Superman logo with power, but the flowers and butterfly bring a bit of delicacy to the piece. While the logo doesn’t have the traditional colors, the ones they chose go great with the rest of the tattoo. You could use your own colors to make it more unique and one of a kind.

43. Cute Bat Girl Tattoo Design


If you’re a huge fan of Bat Girl, then this could be a great tattoo option for you. The design of her face is dainty yet powerful, which could be said for Bat Girl. The colorful background brings the piece together and looks perfectly blended.

44. Pin-Up Super Woman Portrait Tatoo


Like the earlier Wonder Woman tattoo, this one is also done in a pin-up style. The biggest difference is that this one is focused more on the face and surrounding frame. It looks exactly like an old-school pin-up portrait tattoo and the colors are great. We also love the rope frame because it makes you think of her lasso.

45. Elegant Chandelier Cat Woman Tattoo


We all know that Cat Woman is agile and sneaky, so stealing a diamond is completely normal. The chandelier is fancy and elegant, which helps bring everything together. The whip is simple and Cat Woman looks amazing. We really love the way she’s stretching and how much detail the diamond has.

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46. Black and White Super Woman Portrait Tattoo


A great option for those that want a more traditional Wonder Woman tattoo is this design. Even though there isn’t any color, the tattoo still looks beautiful. They did Wonder Woman well and made her look just like Lynda Carter. You could make it unique by adding a little color or other little designs.

47. Animated Super Woman Forearm Tattoo Design


The Wonder Woman tattoo in the photo is not only positioned in a fantastic spot, but it’s the perfect size to get the needed details. The colors are vibrant and the artist did a great job of making her look like she’s in battle. They made her look so life-like and she looks like the hero she is.

48. Black and White Cat Woman Tattoo


Cat Woman is one of the more underrated characters and it’s awesome to see her represented in a tattoo. One of the things we love the most about the tattoo is that the only colored area is her lips, which brings attention to that area. They did perfectly on her costume and the cat looks super cute as well.

49. Watercolor Wonder Woman Tattoo Idea


Watercolor tattoos have been all the rage in the past few years and the style works well with the Wonder Woman logo. Not only is it awesome that they stuck with the color scheme, but putting the stars in the middle helps bring everything together. Lastly, the color and linework of the logo are amazing and really stand out.

50. Gorgeous Classic Superman Tattoo Design


This is another Superman tattoo that has a classic and elegant feel. The flowers have a traditional style and the colors match the logo well. The quote makes it a great option for those looking for something to represent their relationship with their child. It’s done well and it seems to be in the perfect spot.

51. Life-Like Super Woman Portrait Tattoo


If you’re a huge fan of Wonder Woman, then this piece of Gal Gadot is a great option. If you look at the sample photo in the back, you’ll see that this tattoo is very well done. In addition to looking exactly like her, you can see the determination in her face. It’s a great piece that was done very well.

52. Wonder Woman Color Blast Tattoo Idea


There might not be many people that know this, but the actress that played Wonder Woman came out as bisexual. This means that Wonder Woman is a part of the LGBTQ+ community. They did well on both her and the bursting stars in the background. It’s nice to see Wonder Woman surrounded by vivid colors.

53. Small Wonder Woman Star Tattoo


Even though there are only two colors used, this tattoo looks awesome. For starters, the thickness makes it look bold and beautiful. In addition, it looks good in that spot and seems as if it fits perfectly. You could add some background elements to help make the piece more unique.

54. Bold Wonder Woman Outline Tattoo


Not only is this design on the simpler side, but it’s also elegant. The dark lines give it a beautiful outline and the lips are very sexy. The colors are also nice and we like that there are still spots that don’t have any color. All-in-all, it’s a cute tattoo that works well on that area of the arm.

55. Unique Wonder Woman Tattoo Design


The thing we love the most about this design is that it looks like it came out of a fashion designer’s sketchbook. Something else that helps with this style is that the colors go a little out of the lines and aren’t perfect. The lasso looks like it’s made of golden beads and the artist did a great job.

56. Simple Wonder Woman Tattoo Idea


This design might seem simple, but the artist did really well on Wonder Woman’s face. Not only does she look like she’s ready for battle, but it shows how stoic she can be. The colors that were used are the perfect shades and her hair is flowing beautifully.

57. Gorgeous Wonder Woman Weapon Tattoo


If you love Wonder Woman and wanted to get something that’s beautiful and empowering, then you should take a look at this tattoo. We love that it has her weapons, which are both very well-done. Not only are the colors bright, but the piece has solid linework. The boldness of the logo is perfect and we love how thick it is. Overall, it’s a gorgeous work of art.

58. Powerful Super Woman Arm Tattoo


We love this entire tattoo, but our favorite part is the white ink that makes Wonder Woman’s eyes pop. The way it was done makes you see both her determination and her readiness. We love the subtle blue in the background, as well as the classic style of her outfit. We also think that the defined muscles do great at showcasing her strength.

59. Watercolor Wonder Woman Logo Tattoo


The celestial watercolor look of this design is absolutely stunning. It’s also great that the colors used are the ones that are most associated with Wonder Woman. We also love that the logo looks like it’s 3D and right in front of your face. It looks great in that area of the arm, but would also do great in other locations too.

60. Gorgeous Wonder Woman Tattoo Idea


This well-done piece is sexy and fierce at the same time. They did well on both the lasso and the sword, as well as her flowing hair. One of the greatest things about this tattoo is that the highlights are in the perfect spots and really give the look of shiny metal. Overall, we absolutely love this tattoo.

60 of the Coolest and Most Memorable DC Comics Tattoo Ideas

Now that you’ve seen our list of the 60 best DC comics tattoos, you should have a better idea of what you want in your own piece. If you aren’t still aren’t entirely sure about what you want, you can talk with your artist and see if they can draw you something unique. Make sure you go to a reputable artist that has experience with this type of style and has no problem showing you their past work. Take the time to research shops and find the best one.