Angel tattoo ideas

60 Best Angel Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

This Angel Is Here For Justice

This is by far one of the most unusual angel tattoos, particularly if you think of them as being pure beings that can’t do evil. This angel manages to overcome evil by himself. The surrounding clouds and the rays frame the design beautifully and soften it a bit.

Angel Girl Flying Away

This angel seems ready to fly away. Whether that refers to flying away in the sky or plunging into nothingness as she fell into decadence, it is an angel tattoo design that you don’t forget easily. The fallen feather supports the second hypothesis and gives it a gloomy touch.

Take Me Away

Unlike most other angel tattoos that stick mostly to black and grey shades, this one introduces a shade of blue, which reminds us of the clear sky where angels dwell. The angel is searching for something, which can signify owner’s own quest in life.

Blindfolded and Alone

This is a rather gothic representation of an angel, where the girl weeps bloody tears while being blindfolded. The angel tattoo idea also features a young girl staying alone. It is a tattoo with a powerful personal meaning, which can relate to traumatic experiences or negative feelings that will heal.

Complex Angel Versus Heaven and Hell Tattoo

A tattoo that covers the whole back always attracts attention. When it is one as complex as this Angel Versus Heaven and Hell Tattoo, it is obviously one to remember. Though the angel is the key element, everything blends in like a whole to create a masterpiece.

Blood Stained Fallen Angel

This angel is pictured as being dreary, alone and quite beaten-up as it most likely fell from grace. The red stains give it a gloomy appearance. It can be used during a healing process or to remember where someone started from.

Mystery and Decadence

This angel brings along more darkness than light and it definitely doesn’t belong to any classic category. It is rather a mysterious winged woman resembling an angel. She is touched by darkness and is drifting away from anything holy. Her wings mark her decadence.

Angel Hiding His Face

Is it shame or is it playfulness? This angel is hiding his face. There are few shades here, as the main focus is the angel itself not the art behind the tattoo. It could strike a chord for some individuals so it is not a bad option.

Unusual Angel Running Away

This angel has man humanly attributes. It is pictured as an undressed boy who is running away. It is designed to look more like a sketch, yet the lines emphasize his rapid movement. This being is neither holy angel, nor sinful human.

Pray For Your Soul

This is one of the tattoos ideas that reflects pure art. The tattoo artist truly created a masterpiece here. The praying angel is so beautiful that it nearly looks alive. It looks like a classic painting and it will never fail to impress. This is why tattoos are forms of art.

Majestic Warrior Angel

If you are looking for a majestic angel tattoo, you shouldn’t look any further. Here is a warrior angel that looks absolutely wonderful. It gives you the chance to get to cover your back with a real work of art that everyone will love. The details are spectacular here.

Colorful Arm Angel

This is one of the liveliest angel tattoo ideas. It looks as it was painted on the skin by a master painter. Though it surprises with the intensity of the colors, the details are remarkable too. With a sword in his hand, this angel solider is ready to defend evil.