Anchor tattoo ideas

60 Best Anchor Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

3D Wooden Anchor

This tattoo comes with elegance and sophistication. The wooden aspect spreads all around from the stock, through the shank, and to the hooks. However, the hooks look sharp like a metallic hook but still has the wooden design, which makes it more elegant.

Word Anchor Design

This is a perfect love-based anchor design, which has the words dedicated to a special someone. The words read You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground, I’ll be wings to keep your heart in the clouds. It is one of the unique anchor tattoos ideas to apply.

Solid Anchor On The Cal

fThis tattoo is a classy design that has a wooden stock, and a metallic shank design. There is a rope that connects from the eye of the anchor and stretches through the shank to the hooks. It looks elegant on the calf.

Elegant Tattoo On The Back

This simple tattoo is applied at the base of the nape, just above the spinal cord. It is perfect for a lady, but you might have to tie your hair if you want to show it off. It is a great choice if you want a simple anchor tattoo idea.

Nautical Tattoo

Brave the stormy seas with this rugged nautical tattoo. This tattoo captures the perils of an ocean voyage and harkens back to the era of living life on the high seas. Complete with a scripted meaningful name. This tattoo embraces a man’s life on see while remembering the family back on shore.

Straight Forward Anchor Tattoo

This simple tattoo makes a strong statement. Anchored in the initials she included on her arm she pays homage to the person who always makes her feel safe and at home. The beveling in the shading allows for a more interesting anchor tattoo. The 3D effect brings this tattoo to life.

Anchor and Roses

Nestled in the roses of this tattoo lies an anchor adorned with leaves. Surrounded by clouds and stars, this tattoo has layered meaning for the client. Adding the bright bold colors of the flowers is offset by the grey clouds and sky. A deeper meaning is that when you are connected to yourself and bloom in who you are – the sky lights up around you. This is far from a simple anchor tattoo.

Sever the Rope

This tattoo has a literal and philosophical meaning. The words read “Sever the rope that holds my anchor”. The tattoo beautifully illustrates this message in the cut rope hanging from the anchor. The slight sepia color tone adds to the effects of the scroll while highlighting the depth of the message the scroll carries.

Watch and Anchor

Time waits for no man in this tattoo. You can see the anchor chained from the pocket watch to the anchor as you get the feeling there is a much deeper message to this tattoo. The beautiful red color of the roses is amplified by the contrasting void of color in the other objects. This 3D tattoo really pops off the arm and reminds us that time is a fleeting thing.

Shark and Anchor

This shark and anchor tattoo is done in vibrant colors and brings about a feeling of the tough men who tackle the seas. The shark wraps around the anchor as a reminder of the peril one can face at sea. The red color highlights the blue of the shark while the brown in the rope and anchor pops and draws the eye in.

I am the Captain

This beautifully done anchor tattoo bears the message, “I am the captain of my soul”. Though a simple tattoo it carries a profound message. Designed to highlight the message, the anchor serves as a symbol of sailing out in to the unknown of life and really pursuing what the soul loves. A message of depth carried out wonderfully by the anchor design.

Tribute Tattoo

This tribute tattoo is an impressive display that will be sure to get people’s attention. The boldness of the lines gives a dramatic background to the anchor. The masterful shading of the anchor, cloud and seas give you the feeling of looking in to a complex picture. This is a brave tattoo, worn in honor of a brave friend.

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