Wrist tattoo ideas

60 Best Wrist Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Cool wrist arrow tattoo


This is an amazing arrow tattoo that looks fine on both men and women. The arrow appears to be hooked to a string that hangs the wrist downwards. A great tattoo design idea for those looking for something not so announcing.

A clock tattoo on the wrist


The clock tattoo above is a great tattoo idea on the wrist. The round clock is a nice fit and appears cool on the wrist. The hook for attaching the clock to the wall is also nicely imprinted making the clock appear a natural fit.

Beautiful butterfly tattoo on a ladies wrist


The butterfly tattoo is a great tattoo design and an excellent choice for women. We all know how beautiful butterflies look and having one on your wrist is a sure sign of beauty. The tattoo nicely fits into the center of the wrist will all wings spread out wide.

A beautiful flying dove tattoo


For those looking for a simple tattoo on their wrist, this dove tattoo is one of the best wrist tattoos you can get. It does not require a lot but still appears great on your wrist.

A cool campus direction tattoo


The campus direction tattoo is appearing beautiful on the wrist with all the latitudes and longitudes clearly drawn. The tattoo is a great pick for those looking for something good and simple. You can both side of the campus on your wrists.

A beautiful flower tattoo on a ladies wrist


The beautiful flower tattoo is an excellent choice for the wrist with flowers and leaves nicely imprinted. The leaves and flowers spread over the wrist correctly making the wrist look beautiful from a distance. It is another great tattoo idea for men and women although it is best suited for women.

A great rounded tattoo on a guy’s wrist


The tattoo is designed to circular images that represent strength. It is ideal for men, and one can use symbols that mean something to them. A great choice if you don’t need something the so conspicuous on your wrist.

Thinly painted arrows’ tattoo on the wrist


Arrows can be used to mean a lot and the thinly painted arrows’ tattoos are great on this arm wrist. The tattoos point towards the palm of the hand. It appears great on the hand when bangles or some bracelets are worn to match with the arrows.

A beautiful butterfly tattoo on the ladies wrist


The butterfly tattoo is a great pick nicely matching with the sweater worn. The butterfly is beautifully drawn with dotted lines as seen in the actual tattoo on the wings. The butterfly appears flying and one can choose the color of the butterfly they want to match with their clothing.

A simple, words tattoo on the wrist


If you need a simple tattoo idea, then the words tattoo above is a great pick for both men and women. The words, “let it be” are meant to encourage you on your dreams each day. Very simple and one and choose what the words they want to be written on their wrist.

A beautiful bee tattoo


If looking for a perfect insect as a tattoo idea apart from the commonly used butterflies, then the bee tattoo is a great choice. The tattoo of a bee on the wrist sounds fun but then it appears nicely and a great way to show to the world what you are all about.

The prince crown tattoo


Well, if you want to feel like a princess, then the prince crown tattoo is a great idea for a tattoo. The crown is beautifully imprinted on the hand with dotted lines at the top and bottom to make it look more appealing. It is a great tattoo design for young ladies.

A great scales tattoo


The tattoo will make your hand appear as if you have scales in your hand. Stemming from the start of the wrist downwards, the scales are imprinted one over another appearing like what you see on the fish. It is a great pick and appears conspicuously from far making it a great choice for those who love attention.

A crown tattoo with decorations tattoo


The tattoo of a crown on the wrist is a great choice with decorations al around the crown to make it look beautiful and amazing. The tattoo design appears as if it is placed on some top with feathers and other small crowns all around it.

The Love Tattoo


This is another simple tattoo idea that is easy to imprint and a great choice for those who like to pass a message around. The word “Love” is nicely imprinted in italics with the V being into the shape of scissors. A great idea and passes a good message around without having lot writing on your hands.

A unique crown finger tattoo


This is a unique idea for a tattoo where a crown is made in the shape of the hand. The fingers spread out with two small fingers at the end. It is nicely decorated all round and will leave onlookers wondering what it means.

The beautiful oceanic view tattoo


The tattoo incorporates all the features one can imagine when on a trip to the beach. The tattoo has all those palm trees found near the beach with stars appearing in the sky to show the time. It is a great choice to show where you love spending your time.

A tiger’s face tattoo


Probably a good fit for men, the tiger’s face is a great choice for men on the wrist. The tattoo is nicely fitted on the wrist with the eyes looking frightening as the tiger looks in the jungle.

The elephant tattoo with a balloon


The imagination of an elephant carrying a balloon floating in the air is a great idea for this tattoo. The elephant holds a balloon of love high in the air further showing love is in the air.

A motivational tattoo


Faith, Love and Hope are all the word people need to have each day to make it through life. Well, what better way to share that with the world than having a tattoo with the words perfectly fitting on your arms.