Wrist tattoo ideas

60 Best Wrist Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

A Cool metal Wrist watch Tattoo for Men


A men’s classic watch looking tattoo. This wrist tattoo is both cool and amazing at the same time. From afar most people will believe you to be wearing a real watch, and even up-close, it is still very realistic. A very fun idea indeed.

Angel’s Wing Tattoo on a lady’s arm


An Angel’s wing wrist tattoo idea. A quite simple but meaningful tattoo idea for people who feel that they are angels in one way or the other. It also reminds one of the winged messenger of the gods in greek mythology. Generally, it’s more fitting for women.

The Mount Everest Wrist Tattoo


A wrist tattoo idea for mountain climbing enthusiasts. One of the coolest wrist tattoos idea for people who have set a goal to climb a mountain, physically or metaphorically. It can also be used as a reminder of your past glory, so you can glance at it time and again.

Girlie Bow Tattoo on the arm of a Woman


This is a very feminine wrist tattoo, it almost looks like a fashion accessory on its own. Definitely for the girlie girl who has no problems expressing her femininity. One of the coolest tattoos ideas on the wrist for girls who are confident about themselves.

Colourful Wrist watch Tattoo in Red and Blue


An artistically inspired wrist watch design tattoo. A bold statement and expression of aliveness. A lovely wrist tattoo design for people who want something a little extra-ordinary. Showcasing magic, with a colourful explosion, this tattoo is definitely for fun loving people. You will definitely get people staring.

The Infinity interlocking Triangle Tattoo


A lovely tattoo for both its artistic and scientific nature. This is definitely for the smart guy who also has a deeper understanding of nature and spirituality. Interlocking triangles depicting the attraction of opposites, which is considered the fundamental force of nature. This tattoo is for the initiate.

The secret meaning Wrist Tattoo


This tattoo is a very weird tattoo, which is very perfect for very weird people, or for people who consider themselves non-traditional. With multiple layers of possible hidden secret meanings, you will have a lot of explaining to do at parties and other social encounters.

Attitude is Everything Motivation and Reminder Tattoo


The perfect reminder tattoo. Stylish, cool and well designed, this tattoo is one of the most meaningful wrist tattoo ideas ever, especially for people who are into self-development, or who have come to understand in one way or another, the importance of inner game. A steady reminder to be awesome.

The Secret of life Triangle Tattoo


A very beautifully conceived and designed tattoo. This tattoo is a lovely work of art with a deep and hidden meaning. Although it can mean many things to many people, the triangle will symbolize the forces of nature, out of which life, in this case plants, are kept alive.

Beautiful Butterfly and Flower Tattoo


A very lovely wrist tattoos idea for women. Butterfly tattoos are very popular among women. A way to showcase one’s beautiful nature and to express one’s tenderness, butterfly tattoos are also very perfect as wrist tattoos. Here, the butterfly is depicted around a flower, nice, lovely scenario.

A big black Bird Tattoo


A very cool wrist tattoos concept, this bird tattoo could be depicting an eagle or a falcon. The important symbolism though is that of the freedom in the skies. This tattoo is perfect for skydivers, para-gliders e.t.c It can also work for bird lovers.

Mountain top Wrist Tattoo


This is one the frequently reoccurring wrist tattoo ideas among mountain climbers and hikers and all the people who are in love with the outdoors. It is a show of love and commitment to one�s favourite hobby and a constant reminder of the time spent doing what you love.

The Atomic Wrist Tatto


A simple but straight to the point tattoo. The perfect idea for nerds, or any other persons with interest in physics. In the middle is the nucleus, made up of neutrons and protons, and the lines circling the nucleus depict the orbit of electrons spinning around the nucleus.

The Needle and Thread Wrist Tattoo


This is a very artistic tattoo depicting a needle and thread using perfect curves, this tattoo is one of the most expressive tattoos ideas for women of men, who are into knitting, sewing or any other related activity. It is a nice work of art depicting another artist’s love.

Breathe simple words Wrist Tattoo


A simple tattoo with the words “breathe”. It is a constant reminder of one of the greatest gifts in life, which is air. As grownups, we breathe unconsciously most of the time, and especially when we are so focused on a topic, we often do forget to breathe.

Flying high Wrist Tattoo


A quite stylish and cool in a simple way tattoo, it depicts birds flying high up in the sky. A good idea for people who are into bird-watching or have a love for birds in another form. It is also a good tattoo idea for base-jumpers.

Sophisticated Dot-matrix Wrist Tattoo


A very nerdy tattoo, it depicts a dot matrix which gradually fades away in a nice optical illusion. The dot matrix is very important in digital technology. It is the foundation of digital displays like the Lcd and Plasma displays. This is a tattoo for technically minded people.

Romantic Owl on a Branch Tattoo


This tattoo is for people in love. With an owl on the branch and two hearts hanging from the same branch, with the initials of the two lovers� names, this tattoo signifies a lasting romantic commitment to a lover. A subtle, but yet strong declaration of love.

The modified Tao Wrist Tattoo


A weird tattoo with deep mystical symbolism. Though not exactly the symbol of the Tao, it does represent the Tao still, in its own way. A depiction of the attraction of opposites, male and female, up and down, e.t.c A good idea for those with esoteric interests.

The digital Player Mp3 Wrist Tattoo


This tattoo is cool, modern, creative and hilarious. Depicting the controls of a digital music player on a person’s arm, it somehow paints a picture of the future, in the maybe not so distant future, when mp3 players will be integrated into the human body. Very nerdy.

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