60 Best Watercolor Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Dandelion in the Wind


The simplicity of the dandelion is completed by vivid cold and warm shades. The messages add personality and help the owner of the tattoo remember the purpose of the body art. Though there are various shades, they blend very smoothly across the design.

Beauty of Rainbow Lotus


The lotus flower is a hit between tattoos ideas as it is one of the most meaningful symbols. Whether it has to do with purity, religion, enlightenment or any other relevant interpretation, the lotus will always be stunning and the watercolor tattoo design emphasizes this nicely.

Compass and Anchor of Time


This is a watercolor tattoo idea that appeals most to individuals who have had a rocky path in life and who tried to find their way. The compass and anchor symbols can have very deep meanings on a personal level. Still, the watercolors soften the effect as the shades significantly beautify it.

Watercolor Fantasy


If you want something truly daring, this might be the choice for you. It is very colorful, striking and will never fail to impress. All of its features make it truly unforgettable to anyone who sees it. The shades combine and form a happy mix.

We Are Falling Leaves


Falling autumn leaves can have dual significance. They can either refer to the endless cycle of life and regeneration or to the frailty of life. Irrespective of the meaning that it has for you, the autumn shades of the watercolor tattoos idea will look great on your skin.

Black Paint


The tattoos ideas included here go with quite pale shades that fade away in the background due to the intensity of the black lines. However, they manage to improve the design not only by adding a bit of color, but also by giving it a more gentle touch and softening the effect.



The intense black design overshadows the blue feathers, yet the extra effects prevents them from fading away in the background. The shades of blue and yellow are mesmerizing and turn the leg into a canvas. The whole tattoo looks like a painting created by a skillful artist.

The Heart as it Really Is


We are accustomed to see the heart as the simple and eternal symbol of love. However, this watercolor tattoo shows it as it really looks like. For this the watercolor tattoo idea can be regarded to be an unconventional and creative approach.

Foxy Foxy


This bright watercolor tattoos idea brings along a new concept. As the body of the fox fades away, it transforms into watercolor marks. The tattoo is an aesthetic experience on its own. It is specially created for bold individuals who like to stand out.

Contrasting Colors


This is one of those watercolor tattoos that you always remember mostly because it is intriguing and unusual. The colors contrast nicely with each other and contribute to a visual harmony that doesn’t fail to impress. If you want a tattoo like no other, this watercolor tattoo is for you.

Cat Eyes


Most people are quite obsessed with cats nowadays. This manly design presents the feline in a different light. It is a less cuter approach than the ones we are usually accustomed with. The eyes are heavily emphasized due to the green, blue and amber shades, while rest of the cat’s head sticks with plain black.

Motivational Heart


It features an empowering motto, meant to help the individual move on and keep fighting for his or her dreams. The heart is very complex. The G-clef accompanies the rest of the tattoo. This is a personal work of art with valuable meaning for the owner.

Butterflies and Skulls


Most girls get a simple butterfly tattoo. But there is nothing simple, nor conventional about this butterfly. It is daring and surprising like no other. It fits the requirements of independent women who don’t like girly stuffs. It is obvious that it is one of the unique tattoo ideas that you can get.

Rise Like a Phoenix


This watercolor tattoo symbolizes rebirth. Unlike most others of its kind that only use black and read, this one uses a variety of shades to express the idea. It is an interesting and intriguing approach worth taking into account.

Rainbow in a Rose


The tattoo displays beautifully the elegance of shades. Though the rose design is a popular one, the watercolors give it a new twist and manage to make it a visual masterpiece not only for the fans of the flower but for anyone else as well.

Shapes and Shades


Watercolor tattoos are rarely dull. This one is no exception as it is not too far-fetched to say that it is a small work of art. The design is created through the black shapes and gently using various shades, which brings an interesting perspective.

Celebration of Color


This is one of those watercolor tattoo ideas that focuses on art rather than on meaning. It is full of rich light and dark colors that blend with one another. It is a good choice for individuals with a sense of style who are fascinated by fashion trends.

Dark Pink Rose


The rose has always been associated with femininity. This particular watercolor tattoo design that overlooks a bit the well-known elegance of the rose and focuses on creating daring contrasts and a sharper look. It is perfect for a strong woman who knows what she wants from life.

Koi Symbolism


Koi fish has been one of the most famous themes due to its plethora of meaningful interpretations. In this creation, the graceful curves combine with intense shades to create true body art. Whether there is a story behind your choice or you just enjoy Japanese art, this is a wise pick.

Shady Skull


These kinds of watercolor tattoo ideas bring a bit of color to the skull theme, which is usually only designed using black. The blue shade is the center of attention here, due to its remarkable intensity. The warmer reddish, yellowish and purple shades frame the design smoothly.

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