Tribal tattoo ideas

60 Best Tribal Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Shoulder Guard


This is one for the upper arm. The tattoo stretches from just above the elbow, all through the upper forearm to the shoulder area. It can be likened to the shoulder guards that the ancient gladiators used to do as part of their combat attire. The tribal design is exquisite and versatile because the tattoo is not too detailed.

Tattoo Hug


This particular model can be likened to a hug. The tattoo spreads just around the shoulder blades and the edges of the tattoos nearly converge right in the middle of the spine. The tattoo is slim and just long enough to be compared to an arm. The curve at the apex is perfect in wrapping up a great design.

Half a shirt


The tattoo can be compared to half a shirt, and it takes the entire one-half of the torso, cutting right through the middle of the chest and the navel area and extends into the pubic area. The design spreads into the upper arm area where it looks like a short sleeve.

Long sleeve


The design can be compared to the sleeve of a long-sleeved shirt. It stretches from the wrist all through the arm and shoulder to the neck region. The design has lots of details to it, which further enhances the beauty that the tattoo possesses. This tattoo is a great show of personality and may suit the very positive persons.



These tattoos are one of those brands that can be likened to around collar t-shirt. In fact, when you have this tattoo, people at the office may never know because it rises from the forearms through the shoulder and the tattoo passes right over the collar bone. The tattoo does not spread below the chest.

Optical illusion


This is a very bold look that covers the entire area of the back and forearms. One arm, though, looks like it was just inked entirely while the other one has some tribal details to it. The shoulder blades are covered by two large tribal circle while the lower back has some circles that seem to be connected to each other by triangles

Shoulder Pad


The tattoo is dense. Though there are a lot of details about it, the color of the ink really stands out. This is one for the upper arm and shoulder area. There’s a shape of a man, with arms raised and they are encased in some sort of emblem. The tattoo seems to have an identity to it.



These are one of those leg tattoos that reach around the calf area. There are some excellent details about the tattoo on the mid-thigh section though is some break, and one can see more skin. The mid-calf area has been densely inked, and that completes the tattoos look because it looks like the shorts Hem.

Top half


Something for the top half of the arm. The symbol looks like two picture that is separated by a dagger diagonally. The bottom half looks like some of the shapes from the top half with the difference being that at the top they are in a particular formation but at the bottom they are disorganized

Simple and clear


Clarity is ultimately the name of the game here. The tattoo doesn’t require too much inking but has a great design to it. The top area takes the shape of a circle as the tattoo goes over and over the shoulder. The tattoos width reduces as it descends. There’s a sharp apex right where we have the indentation of the biceps.

One for the leg


These particular design has a versatility to it and looks like it may fit in other parts of the body too. Though is inked on the calf area; the tattoo is very clear. At the middle, there seems to be some statue with their palms close together almost like it’s praying the very top looks like closed eyes and the bottom is the shape of a mask.



Simplicity and authenticity are at its best here the tattoo looks like a bracelet. It’s just the size of the watch, and the ink makes it more vivid. The tattoo seems to have the same shape towards the left, but the area on the right side of the picture looks to be a bit different.

Back left


One from the top drawer. The tattoo doesn’t have a lot of details to it, but stills manage to bring out that attractive look. The tattoo stretches across the back and looks to end near the hip born. The look looks to be from waves of different sizes.

Simple and clear


Reminds me of those great architectural designs. This is one for the upper forearm and shoulder. The sides look to be consisting of two staircases that arch towards different directions. The top middle part looks like a badge. Great design all the way.



The tattoo is massive; spreading All through the back with the exception of the upper cervical area. The mid back section looks to be a part of horns and some overlapping collars. The shoulder areas look more or less like the wheat plant and a sisal rope.

Mirror Image


The tattoo has some congruency to it and even has a clear cut mid-section each section looks to be the mirror image of the other. One for the arm and shoulder. The designs are exquisite, and the clarity is perfect. Great tattoo all round.



The details are quite in many, and the tattoo doesn’t use a lot of ink. This tattoo looks to be for the people who want to avoid a lot of ink. The top part is a circle that seems to be anchored to a flat platform.

Walk the walk


This is a simple circular tattoo that is on the foot. The design is quite detailed with the middle of the tattoo looking more or less like a cross that has some optical illusion to it.



The tattoo can be compared to a jagged piece of iron. The design has been carefully crafted and looks also to have some congruency to it. The dark line on either side further enhances the tattoos appearance. Great tattoo for the hands and feet.



These are a design of contrasting tattoos. The tattoo on the left seems to be laughing either sarcastically, the one on the right is laid down and looks sad. Though their designs at the bottom are somewhat different, it’s not easy to guess.