Tribal tattoo ideas

60 Best Tribal Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

A small Tribal Tattoo on a woman’s back


This small tattoo on the middle of a woman’s back is made up of straight lines and sharp curves. This tattoo has an American Indian feel to it. It will also look good on other parts of the body, like on the arms of a huge man.

A multi Coloured and very beautiful Tribal Tattoo on a man’s arm


This tattoo is multi coloured, multi patterned, and very sophisticated. It has an Asian feel to it, and looks like a tattoo that could have belonged to a high status individual. The red colours blend in perfectly with the pale green and black to create a lovely tribal tattoo.

A bold and imposing Maori Tribal Tattoo on a man’s hand


This bold tattoo is the warrior like tattoo of the Maori tribe of New Zealand. It is mostly in black, with a few patches done in red. The tattoo has bold symbols and patterns and was typically meant for a man, to showcase his courage, bravery and social status.

Maori style Tribal Tattoo on a hand


A mix of of the classical Maori style tattoo and colour tattoos depicting flowers. A good combination when it comes to tattoos ideas, this tattoo will look good on both men and women as a very lovely tribal tattoo design. It is very elegant and beautiful.

Modern Tribal Tattoo concept on a man’s body


This particular tattoo is one of the coolest tribal tattoo ideas. It is both trendy and artistic, simple and yet elegant, a very lovely tribal tattoo. The curves are reminiscent of a dragon, which makes this design one of the best tribal tattoo ideas.

A typical Maori style Tribal Leg Tattoo


This one is a typical Maori tribal tattoo on the leg. Mostly for men in the west, this design endows masculinity, making the man seem more solid and tough. The bold figures and patterns give the illusion of a warrior, someone to respect.

A full back curvy Tribal Tattoo


This complex tattoo pattern covering the back is among the coolest tattoos ideas. The complex weave of patterns and curves create a mysterious aura for the wearer and will make the person seem extra-ordinary. Truly beautiful piece, a nice work of art.

A Tribal Tattoo depicting a carved face


[This type of a carved face tattoo has been known to exist for ages both among the Maori of New Zealand and American Indian tribes. It is befitting of a warrior or any man of high status. It is among the most valued type of tribal tattoos.

A curved pattern Tribal arm Tattoo


[This is a trendy and modern tattoo type with curved pattern purely in black. It is more of an artistic expression than a symbolism. This kind of tattoo is more suited to the party-goer type of personality, expressing a life filled with fun and beauty.

A very Cool and traditional Tribal Tattoo on a man’s hand


This cool tribal tattoo has a design very common in Maori tribal tattoos. It is purely in black, made up of different patterns and incorporates a mask face. This design is among the best of a tribal tattoos idea. Definitely for the manly man, it makes you imposing.

Tribal Tattoo on a shoulder


A unique tribal tattoo design, incorporating many elements of traditional tribal tattoos. In the center is the sun, which has been the object of worship for many cultures throughout history. Everything else revolves around the sun, as is depicted also in this beautiful tattoo.

A full back Tribal Tattoo


This tattoo is a very beautiful and magnificent work of art. Incorporating patterns of the Maori as well as American Indian patterns, this tattoo also has a pattern dividing the middle which creates the illusion of a left and right design. A wonderful concept when designing tribal tattoos.

Full back and arms Tribal Tattoo


This almost full body tattoo is made up of two types of tattoos. On the back is a tribal style tattoo completely in black, but the arms have tattoos which contain colours. The incorporation of colours in the full black tribal tattoo on the back would be awesome.

Full back Tribal Tattoo


Although it might look simple at first, this tribal tattoo does have its design complexities. A modern adaptation of traditional tribal tattoos, this is among the popular themes for young men and it remains a very aesthetic tribal tattoos idea for trendy people.

Tribal Tattoo on a man’s Chest


This tribal tattoo design contains both elements of traditional tribal tattoos and those of more modern adaptations. The curvy lines all seem to originate from the heart area but then continue to the center of each chest. The sides of the curvy lines too have been artistically modified

Arm style Tribal Tattoo


A very classic tribal tattoo design, this particular tattoo is so beautiful both in the use of colour and the detailed work. The fine lines, the tiny dots, they all add to the superiority of this tattoo. A wonderful art-piece, this is one the most beautiful tribal tattoos.

Two arms covering Tribal Tattoo


This tribal tattoo is completely in black. It has detailed work incorporated, but the patterns are not standard tribal tattoo patterns. Also, the boundaries of the tattoo with the body are very precisely defined. Anyway, at the end, it’s these differences that make this tattoo quite unique.

Two coloured Tribal Tattoo on a Hand


A black and red coloured tattoo which incorporates both traditional tribal elements and more modern three dimensional design. The curvy lines and flames seem to intertwine on multiple levels, one on top of the other, producing a nice optical illusion. A further addition of green would be amazing.

A modern Tribal Tattoo on the back of a man


Fully in black, this tattoo belongs to the more popular tribal style among young people. With bold lines and curvy elements of a trendy and artistic design, this tattoo will be fit for any young man who wants to be identified with current trends.

A Tribal inspired Tattoo with a Lion’s Head on a shoulder


Imposing and aggressive looking, this tattoo mixes elements of the thick flames of modern tribal tattoos with a very aggressive looking lion. The end effect is that of a man who definitely is a manly man type of person, an alpha male.

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