Thigh tattoo ideas

60 Sexy Thigh Tattoos For Women

A beautiful red flower on the thigh


A very beautiful rose flower on the thigh is one great idea to enhance your looks. The tattoo has been nicely crafted to appear as if growing from within the leg. It is a great design and one that will appear good for people who want to show off their thighs. The red color is a good choice is you want to attract some attention as it can be seen from a distance.

A spider web tattoo


If you though a spider web will not be a great tattoo idea, think again as the web nicely fits the thigh and looks amazing. Then there is the spider in the middle as if waiting for something to land on the web. A true creativity when it comes to tattoo ideas and designs.

A love band tattoo


This tattoo has been designed to appear as if a band has been tied around the thigh. It is a creative idea as the band seems attached to the skin through cuttings all around the skin. The knot comes out clearly and can be seen from a distance.

A camera tattoo on the thighs


This a 3 D tattoo as the camera appear to be placed on the thighs and not just painted. It is a great tattoo idea for photographers. It fits ladies well as they are more likely to be wearing those short trousers.

A combination of gazelle, birds, and flowers


The tattoo turns your leg into some nature. The tattoo is a great idea as the gazelle appears to hide in the flower bushes and looking out for predators. The birds flying over the gazelle are a true show of nature in your feet.

A crown tattoo with birds in it on the thighs


The crown is nicely painted on the thighs with tree twigs inside where birds take a rest. It is great idea where you imagine of birds resting on a tree at your backyard.

A Great magic tattoo on the leg


The tattoo has been creatively drawn on the leg with what appear to be a woman performing some magic. It is a great show of power if love those movies where witches show off their powers. One can opt to use colors that match with their common clothing.

Owl’s tattoo on the thighs


The owl tattoo is perfect fit on the leg with the image of the owl nicely painted. Those bluish eyes come out clearly with the owl appearing to stand on a twig. The twig has also been nicely drawn on the thighs to match what you usually see in forests.

A beautiful cat tattoo


We all love cats as they are man’s best friend next to dogs. Having a cat tattoo on your thighs is a great idea. The cat has been nicely imprinted to appear as if it is staring at you. The cat has been surrounded by more decorations making it look pretty cool.

A unique ribbon ties tattoo


A ribbon tie is a perfect tattoo match on the thighs of a lady. The ribbon ties are matching on both legs with similar decorations all the way down. It is a great idea for the tattoo if you don’t want something too common on your body.

Two unique animal tattoos


An owl and a gazelle are not the type of animals you find together most of the time. The tattoo is a great idea as both animals have been perfectly fitted on the legs with each having words below them. One can choose what they want written on their thighs just below the animals.

Beautiful red tattoo of birds on the thighs


Red is one color you can see from a distance. Having such a cool bird tattoo on the thighs is a great idea as the red color is seen from a distance. The intertwining tree twigs make the tattoo a complete masterpiece.

A beautiful fish tattoo on the thighs


This is a pretty small tattoo but fits well on the thighs. It is one of those rare fish and being red makes it unique and appealing on the thighs. It is a great design and one that does not fit the whole of your leg.

A bad weather tattoo on the thighs


If you have experienced all those bad weather like the typhoon, then you have the picture of trees falling. This unique tattoo idea has taken that and created an amazing tattoo of large falling tree probably from strong winds.

A cool square tattoo on the thighs


The tattoo is a simple one and looks nice on the thighs. This is one of the best tattoos you can have when you don’t want something too big o your thighs. It is a unique one but very detailed.

A detailed boat tattoo


“Homebound?” This is one of the best tattoos for those who love the Caribbean Pirates move. This is one ancient boat you with all the features to solve propel itself fitted on it. It is a great tattoo if you spend much of your time skiing or use boats a lot.

An amazing kite tattoo


We all loved kites when we grew up and having this kite tattoo on your thighs will probably remind you of the best times you had when you were a child growing up. It is a great pick that does not have to fill all the space on your thighs.

A unique carriage tattoo


The tattoo is a great idea with a carriage nicely drawn on your thighs. This is the ancient carriages seen in old movies. The carriage has hooks around it and some strings probably for attaching to the horse or whatever animal that will be pulling it.

A beautiful octopus tattoo


Octopuses are known for their high intelligence and having one on your thighs is a great way to appreciate live in the seas. The tattoo looks great as the octopus tries to spread arms on your thighs.

A nicely decorated thigh


This is a great tattoo idea where the thigh has been nicely decorated with what looks like amazing patterns hanging down from a line. The tattoo is a great idea, and one many will envy with all the unique decorations.

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