60 Best Skull Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Skull tattoo on upper arm


This intricate tattoo shows an amazing amount of detail. You can see a skull that is donning a cape. Its vacant eyes are eerie and what used to be a nose is just an empty socket. Inside the big skull’s mouth are two smaller skulls.

Skull tattoo on hand and wrist


This ornate skull tattoo begins at the wrist, where the top of the skull that is adorned with a crown starts. The crown itself has many beautiful details. The tattoo design continues to the back of the hand where the rest of the skull fits perfectly from above the knuckles to just below the wrist.

Arm sleeve tattoo


This tattoo begins at the top of the left arm and takes up quite a bit of space, ending at the elbow. It is of a smiling skull and is full of colorful detail. Atop its head sits a beautiful colored crown. The tattoo continues below the skull, showing the skeleton’s neck and ribs.

Leg skull tattoo


This is a very detailed and clear, black and white tattoo. On the skull’s head, an eye is drawn vertically, with clock hands coming from the pupil. Solitary, well-detailed roses decorate the left temple and chin of the skull. A beautiful, dotted design is drawn along the skull’s edges.

Intricate left sleeve tattoo


This is yet another tattoo design of a skull wearing a crown. The beautiful crown has amazing detail and swirling designs that resemble hair emanate from it. Below the skull, there is a clock with minute and hour hands pointing to roman numerals. Beautiful lines and designs – that look like 6’s – surround the entire skull.

Lower right leg tattoo


This tattoo starts at the calf and continues all the way down the leg. The skull is drawn so that only the right side and the front of the face are visible. The right side of the skull, however, is covered with smoke designs. The smoke originates from the mouth, where two smoking cigarettes have been drawn.

Calf skull tattoo


This calf tattoo starts below the knee and ends above the ankle. It is simple –not very detailed – but beautiful. Below the upper jaw of the skull, there is a vortex-like design with something that looks like a blue fish going into it. The tattoo is mostly black, but it has a few dashes of color that break up the monotony.

Forearm tattoo


This is an all-black tattoo of a skull with lines on the forehead. Its eyes are black orbs of nothingness, making it look sinister. Right below the nose, there is a mustache that gives off clownish vibes. The skull also has a lengthy beard with a bow-tie on it.

Right sleeve tattoo


The tattoo begins at the top of the shoulder and is mainly of trees. A few bolts of lightning seem to be appearing from the sky and the trees are bent, as if swaying in the wind. At the bottom of the tattoo, there is a man rowing a boat in water. The skull is inserted cleverly and subtly into this picture.

Animal skull tattoo design


This tattoo is of an animal’s skull, probably a deer because it has antlers coming out of it. The skull is enclosed in a square, whose corner is also enclosed in a bigger square. This is one of the best skull tattoo ideas as it is not very imposing or intimidating.

Big animal skull tattoo


The skull tattoo is part of a much larger one that encompasses the right shoulder, upper right back, and right sleeve. The skull itself is on the right sleeve. It is a deer’s skull or any other animal with antlers.

Above-the-elbow tattoo


This black tattoo is very plain and simple. Located above the right elbow, on the back of the arm, this tattoo is of a deer’s skull. The antlers take up more space than the skull itself.

Colorful arm tattoo


This is a very elaborately designed animal skull tattoo. Instead of eyes, the artist put in red roses. The skull is designed to look like a tree trunk, with all the right bark details. The antlers also look like branches.

Forearm tattoo


This is yet another deer skull tattoo with antlers. This particular one is among the good tattoo ideas. The skull is surrounded by many intricate designs, which make it stand out. The eyes of the skull are wide open and stare straight into your eyes.

Upper back tattoo


This upper back animal skull tattoo is black. The skull itself is quite simple but there is a lot of detail from the antlers, all the way up. It also has leaf-shaped ears that make it look like a plant.

Right calf tattoo


The branches and leaves of a tree form this skull. It is not one of the typical skull tattoos. It starts as a tree and as the branches come into view, they are made to look like a human skull.

Owl and human skull tattoo design


This is a very elaborate tattoo of a human skull with an owl sitting atop it. The skull has empty eye sockets and a missing nose. However, its sides are covered in the owl’s plumage, making it look eerily beautiful.

Thigh tattoo


This is a black and white tattoo of a human skull. The outline of a human skull is clearly visible, but it is filled with vertical black and white stripes. It almost looks like a human skull wearing zebra skin.

Simple wrist tattoo


This is a small skull tattoo on the inside of the wrist. Its eye sockets have been left blank, and it has ornate flowery details all over. This is one of the best skull tattoos idea for novices, as it is simple and nonthreatening.

Forearm skull tattoos


These forearm skull tattoo designs are mostly similar save for a few minor details. Both are of a smiling human skull with little details inside them. However, one has a flower design on the forehead while the other has a diamond one.


Skull tattoo designs are very common today and come in various designs. Famous celebrities have chosen to have them too. Mickey Rourke, the actor, has one located on his right arm (an Innate American Bull skull with feathers), Nicholas cage has a flaming skull design on his left arm, and Rihanna has a girly skull behind her left foot.