60 Best Skull Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Inscribed skull tattoo with a red rose


This is a great skull tattoo idea. Although in this case it is tattooed on the neck, it’s perfect for the back or shoulder as well. The vibrant red of the rose and the blue wings, make this tattoo stand out. The bleeding ink technique is rare to see and makes this tattoo truly unique.

Black and white, music inspired, skull tattoo


For this chest tattoo, the skull is placed in the background almost as if it is looking at you from behind the music. It gives an element of rock and roll without being too obvious about it. The heart and wings give the impression that even though the heart has died, the music lives on.

Stunning and realistic arm tattoo with a rose and a skull


This almost scary tattoo is captivating. The color and realism force you to notice all the details. A great idea for a tattoo on your arm, chest, or shoulder. The red rose gives the impression that this is the skull of a woman, but who knows.

Multi-colored Indian chief skull tattoo on arm


Here the bleeding ink technique is used again. The vibrant colors are smudged into each other. A great technique for any tattoo design. The chief is looking to the side, ever watching where the wearer goes. Although a tattoo of a skull, it is somehow positive.

Autumn or Halloween inspired skull tattoo on arm


This amazing tattoo covers the whole shoulder and upper arm. The realistic skull seems melancholic or deep in thought. The fallen leaf, as if fresh from the graveyard, is beautifully colored. A smaller version of this tattoo would also look great on the leg, back or shoulder. One of many great tattoo ideas.

Stamped, dark skull tattoo on leg


This is a dark tattoo. It looks as if it is stamped within the skin, rather than on it. The perfect shading makes the tattoo realistic. The cracked skull and missing jaw add another element of dread. This is a cool tattoo idea that can work anywhere on the body. It is mysterious and frightening.

Golden skull and dead tree tattoo on arm


Another realistic tattoo with plenty of details. The golden skull stands out, but the dead tree captures the imagination. The black brush strokes create a perfect frame for this piece of art. The skull tattoo design is so well done that it can stand alone without the tree and the brush strokes. Those elements, however, make this tattoo unique and interesting.

Unique spider with a skull 3D effect


A great and unique tattoo idea. This tattoo has a 3D effect. In other words, the spider looks like it is actually on the arm. The skull adds a specific morbid sense of humor as well as curiosity. This tattoo can also be done in any size and color can be added. A great tattoo for both men and women.

Japanese inspired lotus and skull tattoo on leg


This Japanese-inspired tattoo has subtle waves and a predominant lotus flower. The flower adds a calm and positive element to an otherwise somber subject. The large skull appears to be rising out of the flower and through the waves. A great tattoo idea.

Steampunk styled, detailed skull tattoo on arm


This is a great skull tattoo idea. The thick black borders make every detail stand out. From the clock to the rose, to the skull, to the key. Every aspect is dark and well shaded, except for the blue glow which makes the whole tattoo seem alive. The whole tattoo wraps masterfully around the arm.

Flesh colored skull tattoo on leg


This flesh colored skull tattoo runs down the length of the calf. From the knee down to the ankle. It’s a big skull. The flowers and petals add interest to the tattoo, but this is not for the faint-hearted. The leg almost disappears, and only a work of art remains. A well detailed and one of a kind skull tattoo design.

Dark skull over brush strokes on chest


One of the many great tattoo ideas. The skull is surrounded by shockingly realistic black brush strokes. The cracked and old skull is looking up as if searching for something. The skull itself is perfectly shaded, but the brush strokes really make a statement.

Operation skull with veins on chest


This tattoo features a realistic tattoo with added veins going through it. The scalpel and forceps make it almost medical. The detail on this tattoo is done perfectly. The more you look at it, the more detail you notice. The veins wrap around and through the skull as if it’s alive.

Steampunk poetic skull tattoo on the whole side of the chest


This large tattoo tells a story. The skull is the clock that shows time running out. Five minutes to midnight. The black ink blots can be also taken as blood stains. The poem itself is in French but any thought provoking poem can work.

Romantic skull with a rose in its teeth on a hand


The rose between the teeth of the skull creates a great tribute to romance. The skull itself appears to be smiling and looking at you because of the great shading and contouring. Here it is done on the back of the hand, but can easily be done on the arm, shoulder, leg or chest.

Japanese inspired tattoo with lotus flowers across the chest


This tattoo covers the whole chest. All three of the lotus flowers are unique giving the tattoo an organic and natural feel. The skull is tilted down, as if sleeping, and has wings coming out of it. These wings and one flower wrap around the shoulders so the tattoo doesn’t appear stamped on but rather natural. The skull is colored and shaded to appear 3-dimensional. A skilled tattoo idea.

Fire, light, large skull tattoo on arm


The large tattoo shows a skull looking to the side. The image of a home inside its eye like a memory. Something forever burned in its mind. The coloring and shading are done in such a way that it seems like fire, or a red light is coming out of the skull. A great tattoo idea for the arm.

Steampunk skull tattoo with brush strokes and Hawaiian flowers


One of many great skull tattoo ideas. This tattoo shows a skull that seems to be encased in the dark green and pink brush strokes. On one side, the Plumeria, a beautiful yet poisonous flower, and on top of the skull, two ravens feeding. The clockwork replaces and eye making this tattoo modern.

Illusion skull tattoo with clowns drinking champagne


This is a great tattoo idea. Depending on how you look at it, you will see two different images. One of a skull smiling and looking at you. Another of two clowns drinking champagne while the man begs the woman for something. An illusion which makes anyone look twice.

Screaming skull and bones tattoo that wraps around the whole arm


This dark colored tattoo depicts a screaming skull that is surrounded by the sharp edges of different bones. Done in black, blue, and red, it appears to glow. The skull appears captured or tortured. A dark, artistic piece and a great skull tattoo design.

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