Rose tattoo ideas

60 Rose Tattoos – Best Ideas and Designs

Basic Rose


Sometimes simple and elegant is all you need. This simple outline of a rose done in black is the perfect rose tattoo idea for your new tattoo. This simple rose tattoo features a single rose blossom accent by two single leaves.

Red Long Stem


A single long stemmed rose is a thing of beauty. Inked on a woman’s neck, this elegant long stemmed rose features a bright red bloom, and long stem with green leaves. This rose tattoo idea is offers inspiration for your next tattoo.

Abstract Rose


This tattoo of a single red rose in bloom is proof that you don’t have to stay in the lines in order to create an exciting and beatutiful tattoo. The bold bright colors that are inked outside of the outline give this rose tattoo design a unique look, and offer some inspiration for your next tattoo.

Roses in Bloom


This simple rose tattoo is elegantly shaded. Brilliantly and beautifully shaded and inked only with black and a very light pink this tattoo features the blooms of three roses in a circle and one long stemmed rose that ekes out from the top of the boquet of roses. The brilliant shading and unique design are sure to give you some great rose tattoo designs.

Pair of Roses


This rose tattoo idea is simple, and has rather minimal shading. It features two single rose blooms surrounded by expertly drawn leaves. This simple tattoo is clean and crisp, which is sure to provide some great inspiration and rose tattoo ideas.

Small Rose in Bloom


This simple single rose tattoo tucked behind the ear is more proof that sometimes, less is more. This rose tattoo features a single rose in full bloom, complete with stem and leaves. Simply shaded with only black ink, this single rose tattoo is both elegant and beautiful, with its winding stem and leaves.

Four Pink Roses


This rose tattoo on a man’s arm features four intricately detailed pink roses with green leaves scattered throughout. There are some good rose tattoo ideas in the placing of the roses and the way the third rose from the bottom steals focuse by being the largest. The detailed shading adds a nice touch and makes this tattoo more impressive.

Guitar with Long Stemmed Rose


The main focus of this tattoo is the intricately detailed black acustic guitar, but the red long stemmed rose intertwined around the stem of the guitar gives it a nice touch. The red long stemmed rose is expertly shaded, and has very detailed green leaves around the stem.

Simple Black and White Bloom


This rose tattoo idea is a perfect example of how a simple tattoo can still be beautiful. This tattoo features a single rose that is shaded and outlined in black ink. It features two simple leaves that have also been shaded in black ink.

Single Pink and Purple Rose


This rose tattoo is proof that not all roses have to be the traditional red or pink. The coloring on this rose tattoo really stands out and offers some great rose tattoo ideas. This elegantly shaded rose tattoo features a bright purple rose with pink shading. It also has a bright green stem and white accents.

Single Rose on Shoulder

This rose tattoo features a simple single large rose. The large rose takes up the entire shoulder and is only lightly outlined with black ink. The leaves that are on either side of this simple rose tattoo are much darker. They are almost completely filled with black ink.


Rose Arm Sleeve


This very detailed black an white tattoo of two roses is very detailed and fills up the entire top half of the woman’s arm. The rich detailing offers some great rose tattoo ideas. This tattoo has very faint, light pink accenting, but is otherwise inked entirely in black.

Simple Black Outilined Rose on Shoulder


This tattoo stands out because of the sharp black outlining on this rose tattoo. It has a smooth, almost decopaged look that makes this tattoo stand out on the woman’s shoulder. Despite being inked entirely in black, this simple rose tattoo with a few leaves really stands out.

Etched Single Rose


This simple, tattoo of a a single rose features a long stemmed single rose. The rose tattoo is very simple. It is inked on the person’s finger with a very thin deep line of black ink that makes it appear as this tattoo has been etched into the person’s skin.

Sun Shining on Rose


This highly detailed tattoo takes up almost the entire bottom half of the man’s forearm and wrist. The sun shining down on the rose is a great rose tattoo design that can give you some great tattoo ideas. The dark, detailed shading help to make this a very impressive tattoo that stands out.

Long Stemmed Neck Rose


This bold neck tattoo of a long stemmed neck provides some great inspiration for your next tattoo. Inked entirely in black, this highly detailed tattoo is a remarkable image of a rose. It has lots of highly detailed leaves both surrounding the bud of the rose and on the stem of the rose.

Single Bright Rosebud


Rosebuds come in many different colors, even purple. This colorful rose tattoo offers great inspiration because of the detailed shading and large variety of bright colors. The single, large rosebud has a pink center and purple petals on the outside. You can also see a green stem peeking out from the bottom of the rose.

Single Rosebud with Waterdroplet


The detailing of this rosebud tattoo is so intricate that the water droplets that have been inked onto one of the petals look as if they could roll off the rosebud. The simple black outline of this rose tattoo is so detailed that it looks as if this tattoo could be picked right off the person’s hand.

Three Rosebuds


This simple rose tattoo features three single rosebuds that have been shaded and drawn in black. The rosebuds are very highly detailed and they almost look as if they could be real. The leaves that surround each bud give the tattoo a highly stylized look and offer great rose tattoo ideas.

Two Roses With Butterfly


This intricately detailed tattoo of two rosebuds and a butterfly is a perfect example of a great tattoo design. The detailing of the water droplets on the roses make this tattoo look almost real, and the subtle butterfly in the top right corner really adds something unique