Matching tattoo ideas

60 Best Matching Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Two small cross tattoos


The two small cross tattoos on the finger are strategically located as the finger is the perfect size for the tattoos. Having the two tattoos on the same finger in different hands makes them match well. They are small enough and are a sign of your faith.

Two flower and band matching tattoos on the hand


Both hands have been nicely printed with similar flowers and circular thick lines. The tattoos are great on the hand and match well with the shape of the hand. They are a great tattoo idea and can be a perfect match for couples looking for matching tattoo ideas.

Excellent matching tattoos on the hand


These unique matching tattoos have been nicely set out on the hand exactly at the same location. The tattoos are very similar to finger touching each other as if making a bet on something. They are a great choice for couples who have made a promise to each other.

Two simple matching tattoos on the thumb finger


The tattoos are among the easiest to draw on your finger as they don’t entail a lot of details. They appear great on the finger with what looks like leaves of a certain plant. They are very pretty and a good way to have a tattoo without having to much color on your skin.

A VIII Matching tattoo on the wrist


The tattoos above are in roman numbers with the number eight probably meaning something special to the couples. The tattoo is a great idea for couples remembering their wedding days, the day the met or simply the birthday of the kids.

Matching campus direction tattoos on the wrist


The campus direction tattoos are great for students of geography and are a unique way to show their love for geography. They are located at the wrist where they can easily be seen with ease. They do not cover a lot of space on the wrist, and one can easily hide them whenever they feel like.

Two very simple matching heart tattoos


The tattoos are very simple and come in black color which is highly visible with a light skin. The tattoos are unique and ideal for partners as the heart symbol represent love. They are a great tattoo idea to keep reminding you of the love you share with your partner when things go wrong.

Full stop and comma tattoos


Well, if you are out of idea and want a tattoo that is unique. The full stop and comma tattoos are great on your wrist. The tattoos are not that visible but a good mark to identify yourself with something. They are good for authors to show their love for writing.

Simple matching kites tattoos


We all played with kites at some stage in our lives. These are great for children and a great way to show the world the simple things in life. They are a good reminder of who we were so that we don’t get lost in the world of fame.

Two matching sunflower tattoo on the wrist


The sunflower is a unique flower that opens up every morning when the sun appears. They are ideal for twin sisters, brother or just siblings in general. They are simple but a great way to remind yourself of how beautiful you look every time you wake up.

Cool matching triangle tattoo on the foot


The tattoos are very similar to two triangles intertwined together. The triangles are face upwards and are a great way to show off your pretty legs without adding too much color. They are also perfectly located on the inner side of the leg where they are not so visible.

Matching cross tattoos with triangles at the edges


These cross tattoos are a great way for family members or group of friends as a show of unity and togetherness. The have been perfectly located on the arm where they fit nicely with the various sides of the cross fitting the arm properly.

Two butterfly tattoos with skull in the middle


Butterflies are known for their beautiful colors and having one matching tattoo of butterflies on your leg or hand will enhance your looks. The tattoos have been nicely drawn with different colors and the middle part nicely filled with an image of a skull. They are a great tattoo idea for both men and women.

Two matching arrow tattoos


The arrow tattoos are a great pick with the arrow seeming to end like a line that is fading. They are a perfect match on the hand with the words, “R and K” written on the sides of the arrows.

Two small matching arrow tattoos on the wrist


These tattoos are ideal for people who love something small without many decorations. If you want to have a tattoo not too big to attract a lot of attention, then this is a pretty awesome idea.

A plant in a pot tattoo


We all have various plants in pots in our homes. Well, it is never a bad idea to have one of those images on your body as a tattoo idea. The two matching tattoos have been designed from a cactus plant and fit the arm properly.

A cool protection tattoo on the back


These are cool matching tattoos ideal for family members. The tattoos have what looks like a shield with the words of protection to the person with the matching tattoos. They are a great way to show love to your siblings or other family members.

Two cool knot tattoos on the wrist


The knot tattoos are a great way to show your commitment to each other if you are a couple. The knot tattoos complement the words tying a knot together and shows you are meant for each other.

Two little-matching snail tattoos


Snails can also form a good idea for a tattoo on the foot. The tattoos are different in colors but look similar in every way possible. They are a great idea where each person gets to choose their preferred colors.

A buffalo head and weighing machine tattoo


The tattoos do not look that similar but the shape of the buffalo head looks very similar to the shape of the weight machine. They appear great on the leg and form a great tattoo design.