Matching tattoo ideas

60 Best Matching Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

King and Queen Matching Tattoo for a couple


A king and queen matching tattoo in the style of playing cards on the middle fingers of the couple. These kinds of matching tattoos are a very beautiful and sweet declaration of love between a couple and is a constant reminder of their playful commitment.

Salami Pizza matching couple’s Tattoo


Colourful matching pizza tattoos on a couple’s forearms. The beautiful colour of these pizza slices truly capture the true colour combination of a real pizza and the tattoos even include bite marks. This is a matching tattoos idea for any fun loving couple who love pizza together.

Beautiful Key matching Tattoo on two women’s Arms


A set of identical key matching tattoos on the fore-arms of two women. These two women are definitely best friends who have chosen to symbolize their friendship forever using a set of identical keys as matching tattoo design. Also, the keys may have a special meaning for them.

Rocket and Saturn matching tattoos on a woman’s hands


This set of matching tattoos are on the left and right hands of the same person. This woman is definitely a science or space lover. The tattoos are very simple and are lovely matching tattoo ideas. With Saturn and a rocket on her fingers, this chic is quite geeky.

X and O couple Love Matching Tattoo on the Forearms


This couple’s matching tattoo is simply a heart and an initial of the loved one. While many other couples will choose bright or vibrant colours, this couple has chosen the colour black to use in symbolizing their love. A cool and discreet way to show your love.

Matching Yin Yang Tattoos on the Feet


These matching tattoos are on the feet of an esoteric loving person. The right leg is the yin here with its darkness and stars symbolizing femininity and contraction, while on the left leg is yang with it’s brightness, expansion and masculinity. Together, the left and right form a whole.

Palm tree Matching Tattoos on a couple’s Forearms


This couple is celebrating their love with matching palm-tree tattoos, which is a wonderful matching tattoos idea. The couple is on the beach and have drawn a heart symbolizing love on the sand, they then held hands while the photos were taken, a quite committed couple.

A compass with Feather matching Tattoos on two Women


These two women share a matching tattoo style on their sides. The tattoo is a compass with the four cardinal points and two feathers hanging down from the positions of SW and SE. This particular design of the compass tattoo shared by these two women has a meaning for them.

Matching dove Tattoos on the wrists of two Lovers


These two matching tattoos are some of the finest matching tattoo ideas for lovers. The design of the tattoo is quite simple, a black painted dove with a red painted heart in its beak. Simple, yet elegant, this is a way to eternally remember a very good friendship.


Origami Swan Matching Tattoos on the Legs


Here the matching tattoos are a depiction of origami swans with a crown on their heads. Obviously, both the origami swans and the crowns on their heads mean something private and special to these two people. The ink dripping design is also quite cool.

Two Star wars Fans with Light Saber Matching Tattoos


Here, a star wars loving couple have tattooed light sabers on their little fingers. The man has a red coloured light saber tattoo while the woman has a blue coloured one. It is not everyday that you meet a man and a woman that share a love for star wars.

Two Women with Matching Anchor Tattoos on their Ankles


A black and green tattoo on one person and a brown and pink tattoo on the next make these matching anchor tattoos one of the finest matching tattoo ideas. Whether the choice of an anchor and the specific colours mean anything special to them is not obvious.


A Sun and Moon Matching tattoos on two Women’s sides


These two women share a sun and moon matching tattoo which can also be one of the signifying tattoos ideas between two lesbians. In this case, the woman with the sun is the more masculine of the two, while the woman with the moon tattoo is the more feminine.

Cool glass of Wine Matching Tattoos on the Forearms


Whatever the glass of wine means for this two people is unclear. What’s clear though is the bond of friendship between this two people and the light-heartedness with which they carry on their relationship. Maybe friends forever, maybe not, but the matching tattoo concept is cool.

Very sweet Matching Black Heart Tattoos


These two women have chosen a simple, yet very lovely matching tattoo design. They both tattooed a small black heart on their left shoulders, and the hearts look very perfect and sweet. The reason for their choice is unclear, whether they have a romantic relationship or just best friends.

A pair of Abstract Four Lines Tattoos on the Wrists of two Friends


These two friends chose a very abstract tattoo that definitely has its own secret meaning for them. Three simple parallel lines with the fourth line at 90 degrees angle to the other three. All the lines have been tattooed in black and at their wrists.

Two colourful Unicorns Matching Tattoos


These two women have unicorns tattooed on their fingers. The unicorns are colourful and look really nice as a pair of matching tattoos, but they also remind of the other possible meaning of two women who consider themselves unicorns, maybe it’s a sexuality statement.

Two Women with matching Reindeer Tattoos


This is a lovely pair of matching tattoos on the arms of these two friends depicting a reindeer. The reindeer may have been chosen out of fun, most probably, or they may have had a special reason for choosing the reindeer, whatever their reasons, it is beautiful.

Girl almighty – She’s not Afraid – Matching Tattoos on two Arms


This is a straightforward declaration with this pair of matching tattoos. “Girl Almighty, she’s not afraid.” The message is clear. Obviously the arm on the left is the arm of a girl, but it’s rather not very clear if the arm on the right is that of a male or female.

Two Eyes on the back of Neck Matching Tattoos


The two girls here are definitely the best friends forever type. They share a lot in common, not just their tattoo. The tattoo is simple and straight to the point, no extra touches, just a simple black outline of an eye. Combine the two, and it’s a lovely effect.

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