Foot tattoo ideas

60 Best Foot Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Elegant Sandal Style Foot Tattoo


A black and white ink foot tattoo, that is sleek and elegant. It gives off the illusion of the person wearing floral-design sandals in the tattoo. There is particularly nice design in the combination of flowing leaves and then solid detailed lining.

Hope Script


An incredibly simple, but very impactful tattoo. With one word, written in understated, simple, handwritten, font. It all combines to give off the simple impression of pure hope without the need for embellishments or overcomplicated accessories. Pure class.

Male & Female Skeletons


A great foot tattoo idea is to utilise both feet to create additional impact. In the case, the use of symmetry with two skeletal figures facing each other, but with the little iconic details to distinguish gender creates a very unique image.

Compass & Message


Simple tattoos work best on feet, and thus instantly recognisable icons or pictures are best. The compass design used here is one such image, and then coupled with a meaningful piece of prose combines to create a tattoo that has true purpose.

Deer Foot Tattoo


A black and white image focussing on a single thing always makes an impression. The detail on this tattoo to replicate the complexity of the deer fur and antlers is exceptional. The design chosen also has maximum impact due to its clean and symmetrical nature.

Feminine Skull


Those looking for a new and different foot tattoo idea could do worse than follow this example. Taking an image that traditionally either has a strong presence or is inherently masculine and making it feminine (through simple touches like flowers) sends a powerful message, executing brilliantly here.

Joined Anchor


Perhaps the most impressive foot tattoo design is those that incorporate both feet for one image like this one. The feet join to create a single image of an anchor and rope that has style and impact. A very clever, and well executed tattoo.

Delicate Feather Anklet


A feather is always a popular foot tattoo idea as it demonstrates a delicate softness by its very nature. It symbolises nature, and is light and airy. The detail on the feather itself is good, but what sets this apart is the additional beading detail to give the impression of a feather anklet.

Crescent Moon


Another understated and simple tattoo, this time of a faced crescent moon. Again instantly recognisable, meaning no explanation is needed. Heavily linked to relaxation and rest, this simple and clean tattoo is well drawn, and intricate with the facial detail very well done.

Peacock Feather


A nice foot tattoo idea for those wanting the elegance and softness of a feather but also want to make a bold colour statement is to go for a peacock feather similar to this tattoo. In order to fully do them justice, there needs to intricate feather detailing and colouring, like that on display here.

Summer Pairing Across Feet


Another interesting way to do tattoos using both feet is to have two complimenting images, one on each foot. In this example, there are two simply line-drawn images of instantly-recognisable icons. The use of the anchor and palm tree here give off a summer, fun-loving vibe. The heart on top of the anchor only stands to reinforce this.

Soft Swirl Arrow


Arrows also are another popular foot tattoo design that can be executed in a variety of different ways. This example feels more like a cupid’s arrow, with its soft and sleek design, and flowing ribbon-like swirl surrounding it. The use of leaves for the fletch of the arrow further soften the image.

Rigid Arrow Design


An example now of how an arrow foot tattoo can be more rigid and strong, but still remain simplistic and effective. This tattoo consisting entirely of short straight lines to form an arrow makes for an interesting design that is more about power than softness of light arrow designs.

Dual Monochrome Feathers


Another feather design, this time two feather together. With feathers of any kind, the detailing is of utmost importance, and can make all the difference to the impact of the design. In this example, the intricacies are clear for all to see, culminating in very stylish tattoo.

Floral Design on Both Feet


A floral design is a great foot tattoo idea as it perfectly conveys the femininity of the wearer. The more detailed the design, the more original and impact the outcome has. What this tattoo perfectly demonstrates is that you don’t need colour on a floral design to create a truly stunning finish.

Roman Numerals


A great way to mark a special date in your heart, is to have a tattoo done in roman numerals. In this tattoo’s case the date 2/2/82. It’s a very stylish and (ironically) modern way to tattoo a date on your foot, as it’s not instantly recognisable, but is still personal to you. The addition of a heart adds more meaning to the date in a simple but effective way.

Curved Sandal Messages


A very quirky foot tattoo idea is to design it around your clothing, in this case, a pair of sandals. Of course when worn together, this has the maximum effect you intend. The scripted paired messages are delicate and lovely. The only issue will be it loses its effect with different footwear!

God is Greater


A very simple tattoo that has a very powerful meaning – making it one of the best. These four symbols are interpreted as “God is greater than the high and the lows”. A basic concept with great meaning, assuming people are aware of it’s message.

Floral Swirls


A different dynamic to foot tattoos could also be the use of the ankle and heel as well as the top of the foot. This delicate floral design with accompanying tiny birds extends the gentle swirls across the whole foot demonstrating that this can be a great way to convey an image.

Copyright 1981


Incredibly unique and incredibly quirky, marking the date of your birth and a copyright image is a unique statement of the self. It’s comical and simple, and a very modern take on committing a date to tattoo ink. Simple and very, very effective and creating a talking point.

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