Flower tattoo ideas

60 Best Flower Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Monochrome Flower Trail


A flower tattoo can look equally as impressive in colour or black and white ink, as this design shows. Adding in floral stem swirls to link multiple flowers makes this an elegant twist on the normal floral tattoo. It is also incredibly detailed given its large size.

Rose on Blue with Thorn Detail


With so many rose flower tattoos around, it is important when you select yours to stand out from the crowd. In this example, opting for a distinctive blue background gives the perfect contrast to the red of the rose. The focus on the thorn detail also separates it from those tattoos that purely focus on the flower head.

3D Effect Rose


A great flower tattoo idea is to try and give the impression of a 3D flower on your skin. Careful shading, shadowing and light effects can be used to create this illusion as demonstrated in this tattoo. The focus on the stem as well as the flower head helps with this distinction.

Sentimental Flower Tattoo


Some people get flowers as tattoo because they look pretty and impactful, but for other it’s a much more personal reason. Commemorating a loved one, living or dead like this tattoo is a great example of this, and the use of a trowel in the middle further symbolises the loved ones’ love for gardening.

Yellow Shoulder Rose


Roses aren’t always red, and so if you’re looking for a bit of originality, a great flower tattoo idea is to opt for a different colour like this yellow design. It’s instantly eye-catching as it is unexpected, and can look equally as beautiful as its red counterpart. Try and go for a colour that works well with the green of the leaves like this example.

White Ink Shoulder Flower


Most tattoos are based around black ink – if even just for outlines. White ink however if used correctly can form an excellent flower tattoo design as demonstrated by this example. It’s a softer tattoo that emanates the softness of the flower it is detailing unlike bolder traditional tattoos.

Double Pink Rose


Pink is another great colour choice as it remains feminine and also contrasts well with the bold green leaves colour. The fine details around the smaller stamen of other flowers at the base of the tattoo also keep the eyes wandering across the whole of the design.

Rigid Rose Design


This tattoo looks very different from normal flower tattoos as its background is full of sharp lines that contrast the smooth lines of the flower. It emphasises the softness of the flower, and the decision to surround the design with the pink design perfectly complements and completes the picture.

Tempus Fugit


Tempus Fugit – literally translated from Latin means “Time Flies”, and so it’s unsurprising to see a timepiece within the flowers of this tattoo. It’s an incredibly elegant tattoo packed full of meaning and purpose. It’s also another great example of detailed black and white flowers.

Rose with Eye


Adding additional elements to your tattoo is a sure-fire way of making it unique. The use of an eye in the centre of the flower draws the attention and the inclusion of a butterfly and its shadow makes the eye appreciate the entire design. The swirls at the bottom are also a nice finishing touch.

Rose, Butterflies & Swirls


A large back tattoo needs a lot of content and detail and this flower tattoo is no exception. Combining a large central flower with paisley-type swirls to the left and lines underneath give the tattoo an unusual element. This is nicely finished off with the use of butterflies in the top left.

Flower with Water Detail

Another nice flower tattoo idea is to not only accurately depict the flower itself but also add additional detail to make your tattoo unique. What this design does is uses water droplets expertly drawn onto the flower to make you notice the tattoo and appreciate it more.

Red Rose, Black Leaves


To make your tattoo have the most impact you could opt for a flower tattoo design similar to this. The rose as expected is coloured red, but then the surrounding foliage is kept monochrome. What this achieves is pure focus on the flower head itself, drawing maximum attention.

Yellow Rose on Blue


Another rose design opting for a blue background for contrast. However the style adopted in this one is a yellower flower, with darker contrast, making for a subtler result. It means the tattoo is less likely to jump out at you, but the detail on here still leaves an exceptional outcome.

Flower with Metal


Most of the time flowers are used to describe softness or vulnerability. So when placed within a design that incorporates something at the opposite end of the scale to this – like metal – it creates a powerful image. And the monochrome palette of the metal makes the colour in the flower greater.

Key & Flower


Flowers are great symbols of femininity, delicacy and grace. As such they work well with other objects that also symbolise things. As in this tattoo and a key, symbolising the future, security or the future works great. Entwining them like this tattoo has done is a great way of combining two symbols.

Timepiece & Two Roses


Flowers often serve as a symbol of remembrance, and so linking them with a timepiece can make for an elegant complete image. In this tattoo, with the two flowers either side of a central timepiece that is of a darker colour, the contrast slight symmetry is pleasing to the eye.

Rose with Leaves In & Out of Focus


A method used in this tattoo is to replicate how the eye works by focussing on exactly what it needs to and blurring the surrounding area. Hence why some of the leaves remain blurry. It’s a tricky effect to get right but if done well – like this – creates a very realistic-looking effect.

Bright Pink Shaded Flowers


A lot of flower tattoos that are trying to replicate the detail of petals do so with accurate shading. Another method is to use distinctive light and dark colours to over-emphasise these changes in light. What results is almost a cartoon-like effect, but when combined with the detail as shown here, the result is mesmerising.

Black & White Lily


It doesn’t always have to be roses or similar style of flower. There are many to choose from, and here is a great example of how to display the delicacy of lilies, right from their petals to their stamen and pollen – all characteristic features – without the need for colour.

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