Elephant tattoo ideas

60 Best Elephant Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Mandala Wrist-Hand-Finger Tattoo


Elephants are some of the most amazing animals, but not as majestic as this tattoo. The elephant form is filled with exquisite artistry and the finest details, with its front legs raised and trunk extending to the side of the hand. The image is enhanced with tiny dots and finger tats.

Elephant with Flowers Shoulder Tattoo


Elephants are known to be affectionate and gentle creatures, and is perfectly depicted by this tattoo featuring the animal adorned with beautiful accents. The elephant is seen wearing a graceful head gear with its trunk gracefully raised, surrounded by beads of jewelry dangling in loops and yellow orange flowers in full bloom.

Elephant and Calf Nape Tattoo


An awe-inspiring tattoo showing the image of two elephants, a mother and its small calf following right behind as they trot along towards a single direction. The image is in black and white which gives off a classic appearance and makes it a beautiful sight to watch the elephants walk.

Attractive Elephant Rib Tattoo


A striking elephant tattoo with black and white tones that looks remarkable across the human rib. The animal displays elegance as it walks and carries its huge body that’s draped in various patterns, shapes, fills, and designs, all the way from its trunk to the tip of the tail.

Unique Sitting Elephant Hand-Finger Tattoo


This design is one of the coolest tattoos ideas with the queer sitting position of the elephant covering the side of the hand and thumb. Its trunk is gracefully long having adapted to the form of the index finger and you can only imaging the fascinating positions this elephant can do.

Watercolor Elephant with Heart Balloon


A lively and colorful elephant tattoo design that’s artistically inked in a majestic watercolor effect. The largest mammal on earth is really a gentle giant with this baby attempting to stand while holding a cute and tiny heart balloon with its trunk.

Geometric Elephant Tattoo


Elephant graphic tattoos arrive in a myriad of styles, and this geometric pattern inked on the forearm makes a striking impression. The various lines, curves, specks, and vibrant colors embedded in it altogether yield the bold and strong image of the elephant.

Nature Elephant Upper Arm Tattoo


One of the most remarkable elephant tattoo ideas that allows you to embrace nature through a fantastic work of art at its finest. A beautifully outlined realistic-looking elephant and a calf walk side by side, about face, amidst lush green fields and blue skies above.

Elephant with Headdress Arm Tattoo


This cool arm tattoo features an elephant wearing a huge red headdress lined with blue and white-shaded feathers. The elephant tattoo appears so simple but a closer look will give you finely detailed aspects comprised of lines, curves, shades, and color highlights.

Ornate Elephant Nape Tattoo


The face of an elephant is outlined at the back of the neck, wherein its big ears, tusks and long trunk that extend downward and curl towards the tip are prominent. Every inch is elaborately filled with patterns, shapes, lines, curves, and designs, with each of the round eyes laden with lovely flowers.

Lovely Elephant with Flowers and Prized Gem


Strong and striking with its massive size, this elephant manages to elicit a lovely ambiance. Its tribal body is beautiful in itself, turned into a breathtaking view with flower embellishments, a pretty headdress, and an exquisite, shiny purple gem centered on its head.

Baby Elephant with Hearts Tattoo


Perhaps the cutest elephant tattoo ideas of all is this baby animal sitting pretty and carefree. Its full cartoony body is lined in shades of blue and red that produce a watercolor effect. This little calf is playing with three tiny hearts with its cute trunk.

Beautiful Buddha Elephant


Artistic, highly attractive, captivating, elegant, and simply beautiful. This elephant tattoo design displays a sophisticated elephant’s face with a glamorous, towering and rounded head gear. Its ornate ears are filled with symmetrical drawings, and its trunk is delicately detailed with tiny patterns throughout the entire length.

Elephant with Flowers Thigh Tattoo


The daintiest of elephant tattoos that is simple yet alluring and a breathtaking view that’s pleasing to the eye. The face of the elephant rests on the thigh featuring big ears, eyes with long lashes, long tusks, and a curled trunk. Soft pink flowers line its head which give a feminine touch.

Elephant Watercolor Art Tattoo


Colors have been splashed majestically across the center of the back to create an astounding masterpiece. The figure takes on the shape of an elephant with large ears, tusks, long trunk, and sturdy feet which are quite prominent. The tattoo design extends with a couple of birds fluttering and hovering above.

Big Elephant Thigh Tattoo


Bold and strong. Unmistakably the elephant. This picture ranks among the most striking tattoos idea with its creative tribal patterns and style. Every nook and corner of the animal’s figure is filled with the most elaborate elephant tattoo designs and illustrations, except for the highly valuable, shiny tusks.

Cute Elephant Holding Flower Tattoo


Cartoony and modern-looking, this tattoo shows a rounded and plump form of a cute baby elephant. The calf is comfortably seated on its hind legs and supports itself with its front legs while holding the stem of a pretty flower with its little trunk.

Elephant with Umbrella Black Tattoo


The silhouette of an elephant is inked in solid black, and filled all throughout its body from the tip of its trunk, to the tip of its tusks, down to the tip of its tail. It gracefully stands up to hold a boldly outlined umbrella firmly with its trunk.

Elephant Thigh Tattoo Masterpiece


A unique elephant tattoos idea that presents a magnificent work of art with a finely detailed elephant at the center. Its huge facial illustration is surrounded by tons of different designs, shapes, and patterns that have been filled with very attractive, vibrant colors.

Elephant WaterFun Tattoo


Lively and spirited, this calf is one of the best elephant tattoos that encourage a lot of fun. The baby animal is drawn in such a cute way, with its trunk curled towards itself, to spray off water that’s been splashed with a burst of colors!