Elephant tattoo ideas

60 Best Elephant Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

A cool crowned elephant tattoo on the stomach


The elephant tattoo seems to have all forms of decoration making it an attraction on the stomach. Everything about the elephant seems different with the ears looking similar to a dog’s ear. There are bangles and chains all over with a turtle shell on its back. It is a great tattoo ideal that incorporates many designs.

A very simple elephant tattoo on the wrist


If you don’t like something too big on your body, this tattoo idea is the trick. The tattoo has been nicely drawn with disjointed marks but brings out a good image of an elephant on the wrist.

A bluish feeding elephant on the stomach


If you love the blue color, then this is a great way to show it off with the nicely drawn elephant on the stomach. The elephant has raised its trunk high in the air and seems to be feeding. It is nicely decorated with what appear to twig to match with its habitat. Another great tattoo designs if you love elephants.

A dark simple running tattoo elephant on the stomach


The design of this tattoo is unique with the elephant appearing as if running. It has taken a great dedication to bringing such a unique tattoo design and one of the best ways to show what nature has to offer. It perfectly fits on the left side of the stomach and doesn’t have to cover much of space on the stomach.

A small, simple elephant tattoos on a ladies back


If you don’t want to fill your body with a lot of paint, then this small elephant tattoo on the back is a great option. It is strategically located where one can show it off or just hide it. It is quite simple but appears great on the back.

Two lovely elephant tattoos on the back


If in love, these two elephant tattoos can be a great match for you and your partners back. The tattoos are nicely decorated with the symbol of love in between to show what the two partners share. They have also been perfectly placed where they can be hidden with ease.

A beautiful elephant tattoo on a lady’s back


The tattoo is a huge one and takes to combine the elephant image with the butterfly image. If you love these two animals, then having the tattoo of both on your back will look great. The elephant ears seem to appear like the butterfly wings leaving people guessing.

A huge elephant tattoo on the shoulder


This one is another great tattoo design as it perfectly fits on the arm. The shape of the elephant has been made to fit nicely on the shoulder as if they are a fit in the jigsaw.

A beautifully decorated elephant tattoo on the leg


The tattoo seems to be walking while eating branches from trees. It is a great idea as the elephant trunk has been made to fit the leg nicely and can be seen from a distance.

A clothed elephant tattoo on the arm


These are the elephants you see in movies carrying people around. The elephant has been nicely clothed and seems to walk around, but it is just an impression on the arm. It is a great tattoo idea and one to try if you have ever been carried by an elephant.

A small elephant tattoo on the belly of a lady


The tattoo is strategically located and will leave people staring at your beautiful skin. The tattoo is small but can be seen from a distance as there are no other marking on the skin. It is a great way for ladies to show off their beautiful bellies.

A small elephant tattoo behind the ear


The tattoo brings in another great tattoo idea. It appears as if hanging from the ear just like earing hang from the ear. It is a great design and one that will suit ladies well.

Creative elephant tattoos on the leg and hand


The tattoos are not just drawn but appear to be made out of paper. They appear as if the elephant was drawn on paper and then imprinted on the leg but it is another great tattoo design. They have combined art and tattoo design to bring out something different than what people are always used to.

A small beautiful elephant tattoo on the ankle


The tattoo is very small but pretty cool and a great pick for ladies. It nicely shows off their beautiful legs and a great way to have a tattoo without too many painting on your body.

A beautiful dark tattoo on the hand


The elephant might be big, but the image has been nicely drawn to fit the hand leaving enough space around it. It is easily visible from a distance and a great way to show off your love for elephants.

Beautiful images of elephant tattoo on the arm


These are images of beautiful elephants nicely drawn on the arm. They seem to be a family and walking around led by the mother. They are a great way to fill the arm with cool animal tattoos of your choice.

A small elephant tattoo on the ankle


This is another great way to have a tattoo if you are not a big fan of colors all over your body. A simple image of the elephant o your ankle appears cool and can be hidden well when socks and closed shoes are worn.

A elephant lovely tattoo on a lady’s back


There is no better way to show love is in the air with this lovely elephant tattoo on the back of a lady’s back. The tattoo shows a simple elephant with a dove on top. The tattoo has been created to bring out the cool image of love on the lady’s back.

A cool elephant head on the arm


The image is a simple one but a cool way to have a tattoo on the arm without too much ink. The tattoo appears faded but then that is its design. Another great tattoo design for men.

Simple clean lines tattoo on the wrist


The tattoo is nicely drawn with cool, smooth lines and a great way to show the smoothness of the skin. The tattoo does not have any marking or scratches and a great way to show how beautiful your skin feels.

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