Couple Tattoo Ideas

60 Best Couple Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Her and Him Inner Forearm


This couples tattoo is perfect for anyone looking for a design that’s both discreet and personal. Placed at the top of the inner forearm gives it just enough visibility and the bold font, gives it prominence, but the small size and simplicity suggests a greater sense of intimacy.

Heart Lock and Key on Inner Wrists


On the inner wrist of one partner is a heart shaped lock with a key hole in the center with shading and curly designs accompanying the image. The partner’s inner wrist has a large antique key with detailed shading and textural designs.

Girl Skull Guy Skull on Inner Wrists


Matching skull tattoos adorn this couples inner wrists. The woman’s design is feminine, showing a female skull decorated with a vintage looking red polka-dotted bow. The man’s skull is bigger, more masculine, and sports a vintage-inspired top hat, mustache and bow tie.

Always Matching Inner Forearm


Matching tattoos saying “always” are placed right below the fold in the inner forearm. The font is italicized and cursive, suggesting a romantic meaning. The tattoo is simple and doesn’t call a lot of attention. The font is large enough to read but small enough to stay relatively concealed.

Filled Hearts At Base of Thumb


Both partners sport a bold, black filled heart at the base of their thumb on their left hands. When the hands are placed over one another the hearts appear to sync up. The design is crisp and simple, with an image that is very straight forward in its meaning.

You and Me Infinity Wrist


These matching black tattoos are on the inner wrist and read “You” and “Me.” The words are connected via an infinity symbol suggesting an eternal relationship. This design can signify a romantic relationship or even a very close friendship.

Stars at the Top of the Spine


The couple has matching black star tattoos positioned at the top of their spine, centered between the shoulder blades. The woman’s star is smaller, filled like the man’s but more feminine. The star on the man’s back is quite large and distressed, giving it a more rustic feel.

Flora Forearm Designs


This couples inner forearms depict a very detailed design of flowers. One arm shows a egg shaped vase holding blue flowers, surrounded by a thin, leafy garland and bow. The other forearm shows a large and intricate rose with deep bold hues of red, green and yellow which contrasts with the light pastels in the other design.

Overlapping Geometric Circles


The design this couple is sharing is a trio of different colored circles overlapping one another and changing colors. This type of design is reminiscent of geometry and the science behind mixing primary colors. The matching images suggests a a shared interest and deeper knowledge.

I Heart Him/Her


Along the side of the forearms read “I love him” and “I love her” on both persons. The word “love” is replaced with a symbolic heart that has a bold outline and shading on the inside. The font is very thick and in cursive.

Birds Heart Design Wrist


On the inner wrists of the couple is a design of silhouetted birds flying with a piece of colored yarn they are holding the ends to. The woman’s yarn color is pink and the man’s is blue. The birds appear to fly in a formation that make the yarn curve in the shape of a heart at the very center.

Winged Heart on Base of Thumb


The woman’s left hand at the base of the thumb has design in black of a wing and half a heart. The man’s right hand has the same design on the base of his thumb. When left and right hand are placed together, their hand seem to form wings and the image is that of a complete heart with wings.

Wispy Birds on Branch Inner Arm


The inner forearm of this couple has a continuous scene of birds. One arm depicts in silhouetted fashion a couple of birds resting on a branch with one flying off. The other arm follows the scene and shows two other birds flying. The tattoo looks like it’s been painted onto the skin with brush strokes.

Maple Leaves on Inner Arm


Both inner forearms here have matching Maple leaf designs in black. The illustrations are intricate and simple, suggesting maybe a common love of nature or Autumn. The design looks like a sketch drawing, which makes it appear lighthearted.

Nautical Tattoos on Inner Arm


The inner forearms in this picture depict a simple black compass centered in the middle of the arm. The arm beside it shows a bold and black anchor following the same nautical theme as its partner.

Butterfly Friendship Tattoo


This colorful design depicts a half design on either forearm, that when placed together creates a complete image. The complete image shows a vibrant pink, monarch butterfly surrounded by a sentimental phrase about friendship and partnership.

Deer Couple Upper Arms


This adjoining design on two people depicts a deer couple. Separately, one deer with a human right arm holds up an antler, and the arm of the other person has their deer holding a bouquet o flowers. Surrounding the deer are billowy ribbons.

Tiny Tree and Owl on Knuckle


This miniature design is displayed on the ring fingers of both figures and is cartoonish in nature. The man’s hand has a leafless tree with a hollow in its trunk and the woman’s knuckle has the missing piece to this image: an owl.

Matching Braided Charm Bracelets


The woman’s inner wrist displays a braided leather yellow bracelet with colorful beads. Dangling from it is a red heart shaped charm that reads the name “Jeff.” The man’s matching design is placed on his bicep, although his charm reads “Holly.”

Lions on Ring Fingers


This couple’s hands illustrate lions on the knuckles of their ring fingers. The man’s hand depicts a fairly detailed male lion with full mane in black ink. The woman’s hand shows a female lion in the same style.

Final call

Demonstrate your love to your significant other in the simplest but most classic way. Let the world know about your love. Get a symbol that will make you remember the great experiences you will have with your other half. The best way to get there is to get couple tattoos, and you will fulfill your romantic happiness.