butterfly tattoo designs

60 Best Butterfly Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Colored butterfly tattoo


The butterfly tattoo is nicely imprinted on the shoulder with the wings looking up. The butterfly appears as if it is landing on the shoulder. The wings have been creatively imprinted to appear as if they are raised. It is a great choice appearing beautifully on the shoulder.

Beautiful butterfly tattoos on a lady’s neck


This is another beautiful butterfly tattoo on the neck of a lady with beautiful colors. The tattoo has dotted lines all-round the wings of the butterfly. It is perfectly located on the neck and can be seen from a distance if no clothes are worn around the neck.

A leg butterfly tattoo


If you love a butterfly tattoo on the leg, then this is a great choice for ladies. The tattoo is nicely printed in the upper feet of the leg with wings appearing to fly. This is a good option for those who love wearing open shoes or shoes that do not cover the whole feet.

A large dark butterfly tattoos on the arm


Well, this is a large dark butterfly tattoo on the arm. The tattoo has been added some decorations all round and covers the entire region around the ankle. It is conspicuous, but one can choose different colors on the hand. It is a great tattoo idea for those who want to show off the beauty of butterflies.

A beautifully decorated butterfly tattoo on the back


This tattoo is a great design for ladies who want to look beautiful. It is a large butterfly tattoo with decorations all around that makes the back appear beautiful. The tattoo is an ideal choice for ladies who love wearing tops that do not cover the back and will be a great way to show beauty to the world.

A bluish butterfly tattoo on the arm


This is another beautiful butterfly tattoo on the arm with nice color all around its wings. Butterflies are well known for their colors, and this is a good example of the arm. It is an ideal choice both for ladies and men.

A cool orange tattoo on the back


If your favorite color is orange, then this tattoo will be a good fit on the back. It is not so conspicuous and a great design for those who do not want to attract too much attention. Its wings also appear looking upwards as if the butterfly is resting on the back.

A bluish butterfly tattoo on the chest


This is a great tattoo design, especially for ladies. The tattoo has been perfectly drawn at the chest to symbolize love and beauty. It makes one look stunning and a great pick for young ladies who want to show off their chest. This will obviously attract a lot of attention from men.

Dark butterfly tattoo on the wrist


The dark tattoo on the wrist is another great tattoo idea and looks great on the wrist. It is not one of those butterfly tattoos that you will see from a distance but cool enough a good impression on the wrist.

Dark blue butterfly tattoo on a guy’s wrist


The tattoo is a great idea for those who love too much color. The tattoo has been greatly painted on the wrist with too much ink being used to bring out the dark blue colors. It looks great from far and one to attract a lot of attention.

Dark butterfly tattoos with flowers around it


The tattoo brings in the idea of a butterfly on a flower. A flower has been imprinted on the lower side of the arm to go well with the butterfly. We all know butterflies love flowers, and this is a good match.

A young butterfly tattoo on the leg


The tattoo is beautifully colored and one that will attract a lot of attention. It has what appear to flowers stemming from it and a great way to show the beauty nature has to offer. It is nicely printed with colored dots all around it.

A triplet butterfly tattoo on the leg


The tattoo fills most of the leg a great way to show your designs. The three butterflies have been joined all the way up appearing as if to rest on the leg.

A large colorful butterfly tattoo


The tattoo is a great design for tattoo fanatic as it will leave your body looking beautiful. It is a great choice for ladies covering much of their back with huge butterfly drawing stemming all the way down from the shoulder region. The wings of the butterfly seem to cover much of the body.

Several nicely painted butterfly tattoos on the back


The tattoo takes one beautiful butterfly that is drawn several times at the back. The butterfly tattoo is pure beauty and a great choice on the back of ladies who want to show their beautiful bodies.

Several flying butterfly tattoo


The tattoos have been uniquely designed to appear as if the butterflies are flying towards the flowers. The tattoo idea is a great one on the back of ladies where the hair hangs down to match well with the design of the tattoo.

A hugely painted butterfly tattoo on the back of a lady


This is one of the largest butterfly tattoos you can find with the wings covering the whole back and stemming all the way to the front. The tattoo is a great idea if looking for something to cover your back without having other drawings.

Beautifully colored tattoos on the leg


This is one of the most beautiful butterfly tattoos where several colors have been used. The tattoo has flowers around it making the foot appear as a natural habitat for the butterflies.

Headshot Butterfly Tattoo


This butterfly tattoo design for men makes a striking impression with such a wicked cool appeal. The person is seen pointing a gun right on his head, only to explode into vividly glowing red butterflies that flutter skywards across the back.

Dark and pink butterfly tattoo on the back


This is a very simple butterfly tattoo with two butterfly tattoos painted on the back with black and orange colors. The tattoo is a great pick for those who want to keep it hidden away from the public eye.

A large dark blue butterfly tattoo on the back


The tattoo is a great design where a large butterfly has been painted with blue and dark black colors. The dark tattoo is a great choice for ladies and will appear nicely when a blue top has been worn.