Anchor tattoo ideas

60 Best Anchor Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Simple Lines

This tattoo embraces the beauty of lines. The work required here was very skilled to pull off such detail and line work. Though looking simple, this tattoo really embodies the tattoo artist’s proficiency. From the fraying of the end of the ropes to the shading using lines again, this anchor tattoo is a testament to expertise.

Palm Leaf Anchor

This palm leaf wrapped anchor evokes a feeling of peace and harmony. The shading of both the anchor and leaf complement each other while letting each object shine in its own right.

Lucky Anchor

The placement of this anchor adds to the boldness of the design. The dark coloring of the anchor is perfect against the paleness of the canvass. The exquisiteness of the design is sure to make a statement whenever it is allowed to be seen.

Delicate Flowers

The sweetness of this tattoo is held in the delectate flowers and baby breath surrounding the sturdiness and strength of the anchor. A beautiful way to commemorate a special person in their life designated by the initials found on the anchor itself.

Anchor on Ankle

An ankle found on the ankle has traditionally meant to symbolize faith. Here it can be either hidden or shown easily. This all depending on the wishes of the client.

Colorful Anchor

This colorful tattoo is sure to get attention. The amazing vibrant colors bring a whole new life to the anchor tattoo. The colors make this tattoo a bit untraditional while holding true to the solidity of the anchor meaning itself.

Initial Anchor

The client here chose to have the initials boldly beside the anchor. There is no mistaken that the person has contributed significantly to their life. The care given to the initials and the script used brings more impact to this tribute tattoo.

Neck Anchor

This is an excellent idea for placement. When placed on the neck, that tattoo can easily be hidden by wearing the hair down. When the hair is up, it’s because the client wants the tattoo to be noticed. This tattoo is kept to a simple and clean design.

Chest Tattoo

The anchor seems almost comforted and supported in the soft embrace of the roses. A feeling of calm assurance is found in this design. Strategically placed on the chest, this tattoo makes a statement of peacefulness amongst any storm of life.

Tattoo Side of Neck

This daring placement on the side of the neck shows the self assurance of the client. Firm in who she is, she boldly wears the anchor tattoo.

Pink Roses

The vibrant pink in this tattoo draws attention right away. Both the bold colors of the flowers and the softness they imply is in stark contrast to the line work of the anchor. Yet the tattoo goes together like a beautiful symphony.

3 Tattoos

This canvass spans across three different clients. Not only is it an impressive tattoo singularly, when shown together, the masterpiece is seen. This tattoo bonds the clients forever and is a bold statement of brotherhood and solidarity.