Anchor tattoo ideas

60 Best Anchor Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Simple Wrist Anchor Design

This tattoo is basic and unique, which doesn’t need much work. It entails a simple rope-like design that rotates all around the wrist, and then a small anchor is attached to the end and sits on the palm-side of the wrist.

Stencil Anchor Design

When it comes to uniqueness, this is one of the anchor tattoo design that comes with sophistication. It appears like a solid tattoo was placed on the arm, then black ink splashed on it. It spreads towards the top part of the inner arm in drops to make it extra art-like.

Floral Anchor On The Ankle

This anchor tattoo design is simple, but it comes with a spiral design that makes it basic and stylish. It goes well with a lady that desires the high heels. Ensure that you choose low-cut shoes to expose the elegant tattoo.

Musical Anchor Design

This anchor design tattoo comes with a basic design that is combined with the standard musical note. It is perfect for a guy since it doesn’t have a lot of details and coloring. It is a great choice if you need a special anchor tattoo design.

Splashed Anchor Design on Arm

The splashing ink that surrounds the blank design of an anchor makes this tattoo worth applying. At the biceps, the ink appears to splash in dots, but towards the wrist, the ink appears to spill. This is one tattoo that will look classy on a guy’s arm.

Simple Anchor On The Thumb

This is a simple anchor design with a rope that is applied on the thumb. The tattoo is unique and simple to have if you want to enjoy the significance of the anchor tattoos. It is also among the simplest anchor tattoos ideas to apply.

Anchor At The Back Of The Ear

This tattoo is classy and applied at the back of the ear. It has a ring at the top of the anchor, with petal-like design on the hooks. The stock is wooden-brown, with a black shank, but it has hooks and base that are colored.

Anchor In The Flesh Tattoo

This is another unique anchor design that appears to have its hook dig through the flesh. It is a simple tattoo that is applied in black ink, but the left hook appears to dig through the skin. The tattoo has some red color at the section of the hook to look like blood.

Weed Design Courage Tattoo

This tattoo has the weed design at the top, and then it has the words, Sink or Swim, along the shank. The hooks and base are simply designed with a stylish color system. The weed and the text are meant to encourage the wearer to be ever-confident.

3D Arm Tattoo

This tattoo comes with a 3D design, with a wooden stock, and a metallic shank and hooks. It is applied with an ink blend that makes it look like a shiny anchor, looking classy on the inner arm section.

Sin In The Anchor Design

This tattoo has an elegant blue shank that extends towards the hooks. The stock is a solid wooden design, and there is a rope that circulates the anchor. The text, Sin In The Anchor, is applied with an elegant calligraphy.

HN Basic Anchor Design

This is yet another basic anchor that comes with a simple design and color theme. The black ink appears to have some fading effects all around the anchor to look like a shiny metallic anchor. It looks elegant on the inner arm section.

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