Anchor tattoo ideas

60 Best Anchor Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

Honor and Pride

Such a tattoo is the perfect example to exemplify the skills of a tattoo artist. Here the anchor is just one of the key elements that are used to build a tattoo for a man that is proud of the United States Marine Corps – definitely a very precious body art.

Around the Globe

Though the colors stand out here, the three main elements of this tattoo impress as well. This is a perfect choice for a globetrotter. Whether you dream of being one or you are always on the road, this alternative will suit you nicely. It’s intense and it expresses a traveler’s feelings.

Anchored Pieces

Such a tattoo has an abstract touch and it can allows the owners to mark their body with a tattoo that has a profound meaning for them without revealing their emotions to everyone. It can leave most people wondering and guessing, while you share the truth only with a few.

You’re My Inspiration Not My Owner

You can’t get more obvious than that. This sharp anchor tattoo idea is one of those that set boundaries and define life rules. Whether they are particularly referring to someone or they just make a general statement, they declare freedom better than anything: respect me or suffer the consequences.

Sailing Away

A ship’s wheel and the anchor are usually never found together. But when they include one another in a tattoo, you can bet that the person wants independence. You can express your desire to be free and to go on your own path using this cool tattoo.

Split Matching Symbols

When you get a new tattoo, it’s not necessary to get all its elements together. You can split matching symbols like in this case, especially if you don’t have many tattoos. The ship’s wheel refers to control, while the anchor might refer to stability and certainty.

Smooth Sailing

This tattoo is nothing short of impressive. Despite the fact that it doesn’t use a multitude of colors, it is bold, striking and downright unforgettable due to the artistry used to create it. Whether you feel adventurous or you just want an amazing tattoo, this one will do just fine.

Journey’s Beauty

Things get personal when you look at such anchor tattoo ideas. It can have a different meaning for any viewer. But one thing is certain: it might not be a highly sophisticated one, but it can carry a lot of meaning for the owner. You can decide that for yourself.

Elegant Tattoo On The Thigh

This is a cool tattoo that is ideal for a lady since it is applied on the front thigh. The tattoo has a standard metallic anchor design, with a wooden stock that makes it unique and extra stylish. It also comes with some flower details and an encouraging quote saying, “Don’t Let Yourself Sink.”

3D Feminine Anchor Design

This one wraps around the left or right waist, with elegant 3D flower designs to make it more feminine. The flowers cover up the anchor on the stock and around the hooks. You can choose a top that flashes some details of the tattoo or wear one that will hide it.

Tiny Anchor On The Wrist

This is one of the small anchor tattoos that look elegant on the palm-side wrist. It has some beads that rotate the wrist, and the anchor hangs on to the beads like a cross. The beads are in red, and there is a tiny love sign at the intersection of the shank and the stock.

Anchor Design With Birds

This is a classy anchor tattoo idea that is not very colorful but has more details. It has a basic design that is slightly above the right breast. A rope connects from the top of the anchor and extends towards the cleavage, then spreads out into little birds that reach out to the left shoulder.

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